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※This Coupling Column is written under the author’s preference. We know all the Couplings in the world have full of freedom and love, and anybody has his/her own preference.

※For character description, this article includes information from episodes not yet animated. Serious plot spoilage is not included.

Hayakawa Aki x Denji

Relationship between the two:colleague, teammates, and ‘family’

●Who is Denji?

Denji (Chainsaw Man)
This story’s main character, a young man who fights with the devil as a devil hunter.
At the beginning of the story, he signs a contract with an important friend, Pochita, and as a result, can turn into a monster-like form with chainsaw all over his body. He has high battle ability and can fight with Devils on equal grounds.
His language is little foul, but personality-wise he is cheerful, straight-forward, and stupid. Because he lost his parents at an early age, he lacks agreeableness and common sense a bit.

●Who is Hayakawa Aki?

A young man who fights with Devil as Denji’s co-worker.
His entire family was killed by Devil when he was young, and he hates Devil from the bottom of his heart. Personality-wise, he is calm, has common sense and caring. But sometimes that kindness can be a weakness during a battle with the Devil. Unlike Denji who is endowed by the Devil’s strength, he ‘borrows’ Devil-on-his-team’s strength by contract.
The anime first chapter is full of these two’s action, so I think there are a lot of people who like them not just as coupling but as a combo too! A very daring Denji and calm Aki, the way these two collaborate to defeat the devil was illustrated in both the early stage and the final stage too!
In the beginning, when Aki and Denji became colleagues, Aki treated Denji coldly on purpose thinking “this joking-around personality, he will be killed by the devil immediately.” But as he finds out that Denji actually has nerves, they share commonalities, he starts to worry for Denji’s ignorance, and the two gradually start to understand and trust each other.
Aki is living with Denji who has special powers, and Power-Chan for surveillance, but fans say that the way the story progresses and the 3 start to get along is “like family”! In this stark environment, the 3’s relationship is just so precious......
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But! Probably, the one super important episode that created many Aki and Denji fans has not been animated yet. (on top of it, it would be a big plot-spoiler so we can’t give details). We think it will be in the 2nd chapter but...... if anyone is very curious, please check it out in advance with manga!

Hayakawa Aki x Angel Devil

Relationship between the two:human and devil, new buddies with different values.

●Who is Angel Devil?

Angel Devil
A man who is referred to as ‘Angel Devil.’
A devil who ended up pairing with Aki as a buddy toward the middle of the story. Even though he is a devil, he is pretty friendly toward humans, and he helps fight against devils that cause harm to humans. But his personality is very devil-like, and he believes that humans are not enemies but should experience as much pain as possible. His personality is laid-back and free-spirited.
These two included, I think Chainsaw Man is really good at showing how two people on completely bad terms gradually start to trust each other. And so, these two also really don’t get along in the beginning. To begin with, Aki hates devils, and Angel Devil is cold toward humans even though it’s part of his work.
These 2 on bad terms end up helping each other because of a certain incident. When Angel Devil complains that he would rather die than to work at the expense of getting attacked, Aki protects Angel Devil from the enemy’s attack saying ‘if you want to die, go die on your own somewhere far away. I can’t stand seeing someone die anymore’.
A human and a devil, these two are different species and have different value systems, but this scene shows a beginning of a true bond. This is a really good scene because it shows Aki’s stern but undeniable kindness.
I’m also hoping for this scene to be animated soon. The way these 2 interact is shown in the already-finished first chapter, so you can check it out in advance! Err~ I can’t wait until anime 2nd season! It’s a little scary but I’m looking forward!

Yoshida Hirofumi x Denji

The relationship between the two:Seriously not understandable. Yoshida is too mysterious, not sure if he’s enemy or a peer, but the two seem to be getting along ok after all.

●Who is Yoshida Hirofumi?

Yoshida Hirofumi
2nd Chapter’s key character.
He was actually in the 1st chapter too, but his real involvement starts in the 2nd chapter.
He is a common-rank devil hunter who doesn’t belong to the government’s anti-devil organization. He is highly skilled. He takes on an assignment and steps up to be Denji’s ‘guard.’
Personality-wise, he’s generally kind but he’s kind of creepy and his eyes are always dead-looking.
In the currently ongoing 2nd chapter, Denji ends up attending a school. There, he meets Yoshida Hirofumi but...... Yoshida finds out that Denji is Chainsaw man in the first chapter, so he asks to ‘guard’ him, so others don’t find out.
Yoshida volunteers to guard Denji (to have Denji live in peace without others finding out that he’s Chainsaw man) claiming that it’s part of an assignment for the organization Yoshida belongs to, but Denji goes to do the exact opposite because he ‘wants the world to find out that he’s Chainsaw man so he can get popular with the girls.
That act ends up giving Yoshida so much trouble every time, but Yoshida always ends up taking care of Denji at the end of the day. At the same time, he gets in the way of Denji disclosing that he’s Chainsaw man. These two look very close.
But, this Yoshida. He has way too many unknowns, we have no idea if he’s really part of an organization, and if he’s really trying to guard Denji.(Too many self-claims)so seeing Yoshida and Denji getting along makes me nervous...... nervous whether it’s really ok to be friends, and his looks and outer personality is really too good to be true while his battle ability is too high. This dangerous, too-mysterious and weird relationship might be the reason why people are attracted to these two’s combination!
Is he an enemy...... or on the same team...... How much of Yoshida’s kindness toward Denji real......?I have a feeling that this 2’s relationship will be an important part of the 2nd chapter too~!!It will probably be far in the future (few years from now?) to see that illustrated in the anime, so if people want to find out about these 2’s relationship! Please check out the highly-rated and currently ongoing manga version!

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Chainsaw Man
By the way, I keep saying I’m looking forward to the 2nd chapter!, but they haven’t announced the production of the 2nd chapter yet! Waahhh! well, but the first was such a huge hit, and it’s such a good work so I really want the 2nd chapter to come...... those of you reading this too, please look forward to the news of anime 2nd chapter’s production confirmation!
Alrighty, that’s about it for today! See you in the next newsletter!

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