【Collar×Malice】Movie out on 5/26! Bracing Both Appeals of Suspense and Otome-Game, Now’s the Time to play Collar×Malice!

Konnichiwa everyone~!I’m Saori from Otaku Republic!
Konnichiwa everyone! I’m Boss from Otaku Republic.
Boss! Today, I want to introduce an otome-game that’s trending recently!
Oh, right now!? Sure, sounds great! What kind of work is it????

【Collar×Malice】Movie out on 5/26! Bracing both Appeals of Suspense and Otome-Game, if you want to play Collar×Malice, Now’s a Good Time!

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ooh~ it’s been a while since we introduced an otome-game.
That’s right! Collar×Malice is an otome-game that’s trending so much and is worthy of an article, and they have a big move in May too! If you are recently looking to find a good otome-game~, please check out today’s feature, Collar×Malice!

To begin with, what’s Collar×Malice?

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Otome-game x Suspense Game Released in 2016!
Collar×Malice is a popular otome-game released in 2016 by Otomate, who developed otome-games like Hakuouki and DIABOLIK LOVERS! It is a product with especially rising sale numbers among all of Otomate’s recently released games. It had a theatrical adaptation in 2019 too, and its popularity and trend keeps rising!
By the way, the game releases are both a main version, Collar×Malice and a fan disc (sequel to the main story), Collar×Malice -Unlimited-, so if you try it and like it, we recommend buying both! Be careful not to purchase the Unlimited first!

Now, so what is this Collar×Malice story like?

Main character is a newbie police officer girl.
She challenges a serial crime happening at Shinjuku where the story takes place but......!?
First of all, genre of Collar×Malice is Suspense x Otome-game! The main character is a newbie police girl (you can freely change her name), and she goes on to solve a serial crime, called X-Day Incident, happening in Shinjuku, Japan!
What kind of incident is X-Day incident?
Every 1st of the month in Shinjuku, some large scale incident occurs. There is an advance notice before each incident, and at the same time, it reveals 1 police force misdemeanor...... so it’s series of crazy incidents that seem to also revenge the police force as well.
Scary...... Can’t go to Shinjuku on the 1st of the months......
And to solve such incidents, the main character starts to investigate...... but! She gets captured by someone, and when she wakes up...... she has a poisonous collar around her neck!
When the main character is feeling utterly hopeless, some mysterious men appear in front of her. They seem to all be ex-police affiliates but all individually chasing after X-Day culprit. Will the main character be able to collaborate with these men and solve the crime......?

●Yanagi Aiji

Yanagi Aiji
Originally worked for the police force, but he left his job for a reason, and began investigating the X-Day incident independently. Because he’s an ex-police officer, his personality is calm and has a very strong sense of justice. He is a good facilitator among the X-Day investigating members, but he’s also the one to suffer most from other members’ actions.

●Okazaki Kei

Okazaki Kei
An SP (Security Police) who is monitoring and protecting Aiji and others that quit the police together right after X-Day incident. He acts at his own pace and has a gentle vibe, but he is peerless in his battle-ability among the gathered members. He is an excellent SP, and he “prioritizes protecting his client even if his personal friends are in an emergency,” and has high mental strength and decision-making skills.

●Enomoto Mineo

Enomoto Mineo
An ex-member of mobile investigative unit (unit who goes to crime scenes and investigates by inquiring witnesses and such).
He has a very straightforward personality, and he decided to pursue being a police officer with TV and drama influence. He has a cheerful and bright personality, but his bandaged right eye is apparently from an injury from an incident from the past.

●Sasazuka Takeru

Sasazuka Takeru
A young man who used to work for the Cyber Crime Countermeasures Division.
He is so brilliant that he was scouted by the police in the past, but he is very foul-mouthed and self-centered. He overall doesn’t trust others, but he genuinely compliments when time is right. He usually acts very cool, but he also has a cute side like being a huge fan of sweets.

●Shiraishi Kageyuki

A young man who used to be in the police’s forensics department.
He is a professional in the forensics field, and he’s a very rare character who can do both forensics while being an analyst. He is very curious and at the same time honest about his curiosity. When something piques his interest, he will have no hesitance to approach any situation or people, and he strings others along. He is also super curious about the poisonous collar around the main character’s neck.
Looks like a very capable gang. It’s consisting of professionals from various fields, so it’s possible they’d catch the culprit quickly but......

What is the ‘truth’ that awaits after splitting scenarios?
From 5/26, the movie that shows the X-Day Incident’s “back side” will be available in 2 Parts!

With Collar×Malice, player can enjoy not just the otome-game scenario appeal but also the joy of finding the culprit as a suspenseful mystery, so it’s getting high ratings for 2 aspects! Of course, as an otome-game, there are routes to get in a relationship with each character, and there are many truths that only gets revealed beyond that choice......! There are so many sweet moments to play all out in this awesome otome game!
It seems that after May, they will do a movie version of Collar×Malice, but does it have the same scenario as the game?
No, I think probably different! So regarding the Collar×Malice story’s crucial component, ‘X-Day incident,’ I think the movie version will have spotlights on different incident that was happening behind that X-Day incident......!
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Does that mean...... it’s better to do the game version before?
Let me see~~Currently, they haven’t released more info about the story so I can’t say, but because it’s supposed to be about the game version story’s ‘backside,’ it may be better to play the game! (Saori’s personal opinion) Because Collar×Malice itself is a good work, this movie release may be a good reason to try playing it!
Alrighty, that’s about it for now! See you in the next article~!!

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