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★Get the Gist in 5 minutes! The story of Blue Lock!

【Fall Anime Review】"Blue Lock" First Episode Released! Good Presentation with More Intensity than the Manga Version!

Nagi Seishirou x Isagi Yoichi【Nagisagi】

Relationship between the 2: An awakened Genius and a hard worker who showed him the joy of soccer. The main characters’ combination.

Who is Isagi Yoichi?

Isagi Yoichi
Blue Lock’s main character.
Since Blue Lock is mainly written from Yoichi’s point of view, he is the story’s key character. When he joined the Blue Lock project, he knew that it was a cruel plan, but he was the first to show a response because he wanted to change his life. His true personality is a kind and gentle one, but during examinations and games, he shows intense commitment to finding opportunities in any tough positions.

Who is Nagi Seishirou?

Nagi Seishirou
A character in Blue Lock, and the main character to the spin-off, ‘-EPISODE Nagi-.’
He actually has only been playing soccer for half a year, but he has extremely high potential, and he is not any inferior to other members who have been playing for decades.
His personality is very lazy and does everything at his own pace. He loves playing games so much that if he starts playing, he can flake out on other promised plans. In the beginning, he showed his laidback side unlike the other participants who are desperate to survive, but he eventually learns the joy of playing soccer and ends up getting really into it.
These two are precisely the ‘genius’ and ‘hardworker’ pair! Since they are the main characters to Blue Lock’s original and spin-off respectively, they often are seen together or teamed up in manga and anime!
By the way, for these two, they had kind of bad impressions of eachother. Seishirou said ‘What a drag that weak guys can’t win without trying hard,’ and Yoichi hears that and feels angry.
This battle of genius vs. hard worker has a significant meaning to the anime 1st season’s first half! As a result, the tenacity and teamwork of Yoichi’s team beats Seishirou’s team that was boasting of utmost strength with technique. For Seishirou’s team, this defeat ends up teaching them the joy of soccer and curiosity toward Yoichi!
If you are curious about these 2’s relationship, we recommend watching from around episode 8 of the anime! By the way, the spin off work where Seishirou is the main character is confirmed to become a movie production too, so keep an eye out!
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Itoshi Rin x Isagi Yoichi【Rinsagi】

Relationship between the 2:Orthodox rivals, and Blue Lock’s most-ever pair that directs ‘intense’ emotions toward each other.

●Who is Itoshi Rin?

Itoshi Rin
A top ranker scoring especially high among all Blue Lock participants.
His brother is a world class soccer player, and due to his influence, he’s been playing soccer from early age. Personality wise, he’s very bossy, the perfect example of an egoist. But his skills are legit, he practices with any existing free time, and he gives his teammates accurate directions and evaluations.
These two’s conflict and relationship is crucial, and is described in detail at the wrap up of the anime’s first season climax! (Around the 23rd episode).
Rin accurately acknowledges Yoichi within a short game for having positive skills that betrayed his expectations. The game ended with Rin’s victory, and when he was able to pick one player to invite from the losing team, Rin cuts off other members’ opinions and immediately calls on Yoichi.
Rin ends up explaining the reason for that later but...... After this event, Yoichi starts to see Rin as ‘the ultimate rival who has something he doesn’t have.’ He starts to really want to defeat Rin, and that’s when anime first season ends!
By the way these 2’s relationship turns into a ridiculous situation in the anime second season! (Most likely the animation will include the scene.) We expect the anime second season to be around 2024, so if you can’t wait, we recommend checking ahead in the manga version!

Nagi Seishirou x Mikage Reo【NagiReo】

Relationship between the 2:Friends from the same high school, buddies, and......

●Mikage Reo

Mikage Reo
An heir to a company.
Good looks, smart, good at sports, having immense expectation and trust from both parents, the term ‘young master’ is perfect for him. Personality wise, he is social, detail oriented and caring. His fighting style is more about turning the game into his ideal set up as opposed to overwhelming the opponent with high technique.
These 2...... have a really...... good relationship. Seriously. They are from the same high school, and Reo is the one that invited Seishirou (who’s illustrated as an utmost genius in this work) to play soccer together. The relationship between these two is so important that it shows up in not just the anime main series but also in the spin-off manga and spin-off novel.
And these two started soccer around the same time too, joined Blue Lock together, and because they complete seriously...... they start to have a discrepancy in their growth speeds.
Within all the Blue Lock participants, it’s rare to find players who know each other prior to the game. Because they started soccer at the same time, this relationship is one that shows most cruelly shifts like getting left behind, improving, and changes.
There is a moment when these 2’s relationship really shines, but that’s around the most up-to-date publication, and it might not be until anime 3rd season or so to see it...... But on the other hand, they have big roles in the spin-off where Seishirou is the main character, so if you can’t wait, it may be good to watch that, or to find out more about their relationship through the short anime available on the website!
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Kunigami Rensuke x Chigiri Hyouma【Kunigiri】

Relationship between the 2:Good teammate where they’re good rivals but also have mutual trust.

●Who is Kunigami Rensuke?

Kunigami Rensuke
A young boy who boasts “I will be a superhero with soccer.”
He is extremely straight forward, and his dream is to become a hero through being a soccer player. He is so pure that he can be considered “the ‘good heart’ of this work,” and he is strongly trusted by Yoichi even among Blue Lock participants full of rivals.}

●Who is Chigiri Hyouma?

Chigiri Hyouma
Very beautiful but male. (He’s handsome)
Just like his cool looks, his personality is dry, and he really pursues passion and curiosity for what he wants to do. He is slightly selfish. Some event in the past traumatized him, and he confesses that “he joined Blue Lock in order to give up his dream.”
These 2 show up as members in the main character’s (Yoichi’s) team Z in the early stages of Blue Lock! Occasionally, Yoichi goes on different teams as the story progresses, but these 2 are basically always together.
The characters in Blue Lock are basically all rivals, but these 2 are usually always teamed up, so they give off a strange sense of comfort~! To be honest, I think it’s largely influenced by Rensuke’s kind and straight forward personality too, but it’s relaxing to watch. These two give a different strong feeling unlike the other harshly competitive relationship! It’s also cute that these 2 get along pretty well in short anime too.
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Their personality is totally opposite, and how do we say...... it’s just right! These 2 make just the right relationship as a combination! The straightforward and passionate Kunigami with cool but selfish Chigiri! In the anime first season, the perfect combination of these 2 are all over, so we recommend the anime main series of course, but also the short anime available on the website too!

●Anime, web short anime, spin-off......, so many things to check out, but don’t forget to check Blue Lock Doujinshi too!

Blue Lock
Alrighty, that’s it for today! See you in the next article~!

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