【BL AWARD 2023】Here are HOTTEST BL/Yaoi Manga!


【BL AWARD】Featuring the 1st Place Winners for each 2023 BL Award Category! The 7 Amazing Works that Won Most Votes from Fans!

“BL Award” is Japanese BL magazine’s own ranking where fans vote to decide on the best BL works out of all released commercial BL works from that year.
It began in 2009, this year’s “BL Award 2023” will be the 14th year. This is an award with a history!
Works eligible for nomination are paperback BL related works released (published date) during January 1st, 2022 to December 31st, 2022, and electronic BL related works released between January 1st, 2022 to December 31st, 2022. Now, let’s go ahead and feature which works were awarded this year!

●Best Comics Category 1st Place
Taikan Yohou

Coupling:Self-centered handsome weather forecaster× Timid and troubled manga artist
Winning Best Comics 1st Place is Taikan Yohou!
Segasaki is a handsome and popular weather forecaster.
Watching Segasaki’s performance with a complex expression is a failing manga-artist, You.
But only You knows. Segasaki actually lives with You, and his personality is not handsome but super selfish and...... that the two are “lovers.”
The manga was recognized for its storyline that neatly and dramatically illustrates the two characters’ feelings! It’s appealing as a love story that makes you want to keep reading because the gradual change in the relationship between these two characters, who have different personalities and statuses, is so good! Please check out this excellent work that won Best BL Award of 2023!
Author: Taino Nikke

●Best Series Category 1st Place
25Ji, Akasaka De Volume 4

Coupling:Super Popular Actor× Newcomer Actor Same-sex love drama co-stars
Winning 1st Place in the Series Category is 25Ji, Akasaka De!
Hayama is Shirasaki’s college and acting upperclassman.
A newcomer actor Shirasaki wins an opportunity to co-start with Hayama, who he secretly adored.
But, the co-staring drama was a work themed around ‘same-sex love”......!
Completely inexperienced in same-sex relationships, but committed to succeeding in the role, Shirasaki becomes desperate. Then, Hayama who sees such Shirasaki asks,
“Just for the duration of the filming, be my lover?”
This category award is given to the series especially high in sales or with good reviews of all published series works. With no surprise, the featured point is that readers ‘can’t take eyes off of how the two’s relationship and crush changes within the limited amount of time’! When the drama filming ends, what will the two decide...... The encore from the fans that want to follow the story to the end pushed ‘25Ji, Akasaka De’ to first place!
Author:Natsuno Hiroko

●Best Erotic BL Category 1st Place
Oni Joushi Gokudera-San Wa Abakaretai.

※Manga’s front cover and sample pages are too erotic, so we selected an image that’s not erotic for the article. Thank you for understanding.
Coupling: New guy & subordinate employee × Strict and scary boss with a horrendous hobby
A company employee, Shouji was spending each day slaving away for a capable but extremely high-pressure and scary looking Boss, Gokudera.
But one day, Shouji witnesses a shocking scene. Gokudera enters a lingerie shop for women and purchases something......!! Never having heard of Gokudera with a partner, Shouji starts to have impossible imaginations......!!
A convincing quality chosen for 1st place in the erotic category!
A work with a story showing the two’s relationship as well as plenty of pretty extreme illustrations too! If you are looking for a highly stimulating (other than violent expressions) BL manga, we recommend this Oni Joushi -San Wa Abakaretai.!
Author: Arata Licca

●Best Next Generation Category 1st Place
Kono Te Wo Hanasanai De

Coupling:aring and capable α× super independent Ω
A work that incorporates the setting currently trending in the BL field, “Omegaverse”!
An α, Haruto creates a problem and transfers from a prestigious high school to a regular high school. Giving off an elite-vibe from his looks, Haruto is receiving a lot of positive attention in addition to simply being an α.
Among them, there was one student who was acting disinterested to Haruto.
This is the Ω and class president, Miyabi.
Here’s a work that many people voted knowing that it’s a Next Generation category and it will soon get very popular! It’s well liked for the beauty of the illustration of course, but also for the story that incorporates the “Omegaverse” element, hence chosen as number 1! This is a work that’s recommended for anyone who likes classic love stories, and the people who like “Omegaverse”!
YouTube Player
Author:Sakimoto Saki

●Best Deep BL Category 1st Place
Aware Na Beta wa Koi wo Shiranai

Coupling:Bohemian minded α heir to a fortune× the heir’s private butler β
α and the eldest in a privileged family, Ryosuke was living a free and Bohemian lifestyle.
Seno who is Ryosuke’s own butler was sick of Ryosuke’s out-of-control behavior from the bottom of his heart.
But at the same time, Seno was secretly admiring.
Special since the day they are born, the α and Ω are attracted to each other like destiny. For Seno who was born as a β, this was a glow that will never be his.
While it’s a spin-off work of a different BL manga, it’s so popular that it was voted as No. 1! When we think of “Omegaverse,” most works write about the relationship between elements α and Ω, but this time the focus is on α and β!Awarena Beta wa Koi wo Shiranai focuses on the lesser-drawn relationship in the “Omegaverse” setting, but won Deep BL category number 1!
Author:Yashiki Shima

●Best BLCDs Category 1st Place
25Ji, Akasaka De Volume 2

Introduced earlier as the Best Series Category, 25Ji, Akasaka De’s drama CD Vol. 2 has been voted as Drama CD Category’s number 1! If you’re interested in the manga, how about checking out the Drama CD version too?
YouTube Player

●Best Cover Designs Category 1st Place
Aketemo Kuretemo

Coupling:A Spoiling pro × Easily persuaded Tsundere
The two have been childhood friends and had decided to date each other to find out about “love,” “lovers,” and about “adult relationships.” When they were young, they had no inhibitions but now that they are grown up, they start to seriously wonder if this relationship is really okay......
A fan-awaited sequel that tells the story after “Itsuka Koi ni Narumade”! The fact that this won 1st place in the Cover Design category means it’s satisfying to read, and it made readers want to root for this work! And to push for it! (I think). Both are short works, and very easy to read so we recommend it!
Itsuka Koi ni Narumade
Author: Kurahashi Tomo

The popular 2nd and 3rd place winners for each category can be checked out from here! Jump to BL Award Recipients view page!

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