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※ This Coupling Column is written under the author’s preference. We know all the Couplings in the world have full of freedom and love, and anybody has his/her own preference.
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Zhongli x Tartaglia



Contrary to his young and handsome looks, he carries himself in a way that’s somehow old-fashioned.
He is knowledgeable about various topics and spends his days leisurely. However, he also works as an undertaker. Because he is so detail-oriented, he is well-respected and people call him ‘teacher.’
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A bright and energetic young man with a trained body as a soldier.
He is a member of ‘an organization,’ and first appears as the traveler (main character)’s enemy...... but......?
He is famous as a soldier and is feared, but he shows a brother-like side of him in front of his siblings at home.
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★The secret to this pair’s popularity?

It seems that these two’s relationship is best described as business partners!
Zhongli has a lot of knowledge about so many things, and he gives advice to many people that come to him. In the story, the main character have to do a divine funeral. Zhongli is the advisor as an undertaker, and Tartaglia is the financial provider for the funeral!Tartaglia appreciates all the advice from Zhongli......, he also sometimes pays for the funds that Zhongli ends up overspending because of his lack of financial awareness!
But the real reason why these two’s pairing is so popular is...... apparently one event that’s in the main story!

Zhongli x Xiao



A hermit ‘wizard’ who is over 2000 years old.
Age-wise he doesn’t look all that older than the main character, but he is in books from the ancient times.
Personality wise, he is cool and reserved. To put it negatively, he is slightly cold. He doesn’t intend on getting too close with humans, and he has been protecting a land to ‘return a favor.’
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★The secret to this two’s pairing popularity?

It seems that these two’s relationship is......
Ah I’m so close to spoiling the main story’s plot......!!!!!
What I’m trying to say is, the main story is supposed to have an event that describes these two’s relationship! If I were to say anything while avoiding plot spoilage, Zhongli seems to be very worried about Xiao who’s been protecting a certain land for a long period of time to return a favor.
But! It seems like the 2 haven’t even met...... Why is Zhongli so worried about Xiao? Both care about details and are somehow worrisome, have much in common, and it looks like this is a pairing of a very mature young boy and an innocent but a vulnerable young man who lives to fulfill his destiny......!!

Diluc Ragnvindr x Kaeya Alberich


●Diluc Ragnvindr

Diluc Ragnvindr
A young man who is an owner of a country’s largest sake brewery.
He is said to be connected to wines throughout the world as well. He took a small sake brewery and rebuilt it with his decision-making skills, knowledge, and tactical sense.
Aside from his job as a sake brewery owner, he also takes on gigs to get rid of monsters.
Personality-wise, he acts with pride as ‘a large sake-brewery owner,’ but he shows his true side once you get to know him better.
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●Kaeya Alberich

Kaeya Alberich
When various trouble arises, this young man’s job is to take care of everything smoothly as a ‘clean-up guy.’
He is almost reckless because he prioritizes getting the desired outcome at whatever cost.
He tends to make decisions based on whether it’s ‘fun’ or ‘not fun,’ and when he takes interest in someone, he will observe carefully, gets them involved, or passes on jobs.
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★The secret to this two’s pairing popularity?

These two seem to be brothers-in-laws, and know each other’s childhood days!
When Kaeya was young, his parents left him. Kaeya was then picked up by Diluc’s father. Various events followed, and the two ended up going different ways.
Diluc takes after his father and becomes a sake-brewery owner, and Kaeya decides to live as a ‘clean-up’ guy...... but it seems that the two still work together occasionally as adults. Kaeya sees Diluc as a ‘child with too many emotions bottled up inside,’ and Diluc sees Kaeya as ‘partially same as me (villain),’ and he often ends up giving into each other’s requests!

Kamisato Ayato x Thoma


●Kamisato Ayato

Kamisato Ayato
He is a young family head who is responsible for his country’s ceremonies, festivals and celebrations.
His younger sister Kamisato Ayaka is responsible for external communication and administrative work. As the older brother, Kamisato Ayato works as the representative of various events as the ‘family head.’
Personality-wise, he is humble and elegant. He is extremely kind in personality, but he is a skilled man who revived Kamisato family that almost fell once. For this reason, he is respected by many. He believes in ‘getting the results regardless of the method,’ but this doesn’t mean he is brutal, but rather valuing everyone’s happiness in the end even if his family experiences minor losses.
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An associate that serves Kamisato Ayato and Kamisato Ayaka.
He investigates and resolves various accidents or requests in place of the other two who are often unavailable to make moves due to their daily job tasks.
His personality is very bright and energetic. He can easily become friends with anyone, including with the main character.
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★The secret to this two’s pairing popularity?

I wrote in the profile too, but it seems that these two are of a master – subordinate relationship!
Master-subordinate relationship, but rather than a vertical relationship, it’s more of a good friendship......! Thoma was wandering looking for his father in the past, Kamisato Ayato protected him. That’s how Thoma began to help the sibling’s work!
Kamisato Ayato also likes Thoma, and he plays pranks on him like tricking him into eating weird food, or seeing how he reacts to difficult situations. He’s rather sadistic......, no! maybe just good......friends? The people who like these two seem to like this master-subordinate but comfortable relationship too!

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