【Touken Ranbu】8th Anniversary! ‘That Special Project’ is Finally on the Move......!?

Konnichiwa everyone. My favorite character is Hasebe. It’s cute that he’s got a good-heart but has an attitude toward the other characters. It’s Boss from Otaku Republic.
Heshikiri Hasebe
Konnichiwa everyone~ My favorite character is Sayo-Chan. I want to feed him a lot of good food, it’s Saori from Otaku Republic!
Sayo Samonji
Now! These 2 characters’ commonality is that...... they are both characters from a work called Touken Ranbu! I think you have also heard of the work Touken Ranbu...... but! Believe it or not, it has celebrated a very happy anniversary in January of 2023!

【Touken Ranbu】Celebrating 8th Year Anniversary! ‘That Special Project’ is Finally on the Move......!? Celebrate by reviewing the Newest Details and the Newly Added Characters!

And so, Touken Ranbu celebrated its 8th year anniversary on January 14th, 2023! 8th year! How amazing~!!
It’s quite impressive that a social game reaches an 8th-year anniversary! Its content has been not only animated, but been spread widely through various media like musicals as well as manga. It’s supported by many fans to this day!
Today’s article will summarize new aspects that was added for the 8th-year-anniversary, as well as the ‘follow up detail’ that can’t be missed, all in 1 article! Touken Ranbu continues to evolve with new elements! What are the new additions?

Various Elements Added & Renewed to Game to Commemorate 8th-year Anniversary!
Characters Power Up Corresponding to the Walked Distance in Reality!

First, to celebrate its 8th-year anniversary, they added new features and settings to make the game easier to play! To look out for especially is its ‘walk’ function! This is a function just for smartphones, but the game’s characters level up based on the distance that the player walks!
Wow~! That’s nice that there are different ways to raise the characters! I like the walking together idea too as opposed to just tapping on laptops or smartphones! I wonder if my favorite, Hasebe would walk with me......?
Hasebe would most definitely walk with you. It seems that they’ve also incorporated other improvements to make the game easier to play!

Number of Characters Now Exceeds 100!
Hand-picked to Introduce the Popular Characters among the Recently Added!

When we think of Touken Ranbu...... of course, its biggest appeal is its unique characters! Believe it or not, its number now exceed...... 100! Who are the characters that were implemented this time around? We briefly picked some out, here they are!

●七星剣 / Shichiseiken

A handsome Touken Ranbu character that manifests as a Tsurugi rather than Katana. Characters that that manifests in Tsurugi have special abilities unlike other characters, and Shichiseiken has “Power of Learning” (Ability to increase the experience points of its teammates).
Shichiseiken refers to a Tsurugi that’s engraved with the Big Dipper on its blade.
Big Dipper is often associated with episodes related to death, and that fragility also reflects in Shichiseiken’s personality manifesting in such Tsurugi. His personality is very dispassionate, but this does not mean he is heartless.

●稲葉江 / Inaba Gou

Inaba Gou
He has been mentioned already in the musical version, and he was implemented in the game version later. Nicknamed Gou, he belongs to the same Kanata-group of mature characters like Kotegiri Gou and Buzen Gou.
He has a very calm personality, not just among the Gou-group but even compared to all other characters. He has a stereotypical warrior like personality: stoic and communicates only the necessary things concisely. The previous owners of him as a Katana are all great individuals who managed to unify Japan, but Gou is slightly resentful that all the unification occurred ‘after’ they had him (the Katana) go.
In fact, he’s a celebration-worth character since he is the 100th character implemented in Touken Ranbu.

●笹貫 / Sasanuki

The legend says this character manifests in a Katana that was tossed into the bamboo woods after deemed a failure only to be found out later that its blade had cut through the bamboo leaf. Like waves on a seashore, he has a very mellow personality just so if he is ever tossed out again, he will be able to return on his own. (He also bitterly thinks back at his abandoned past to this day).
His usual energy level is rather low, but his personality itself is bright.
Once a battle begins, his low energy level skyrockets immediately, and he shows a very militant side. He likes to use wave metaphors (like the illustration above) and does a surfer pose. A bit of a joker.

●抜丸 / Nukemaru

This character manifests in a Kanata with an incredible anecdote from the Heian Period: His owner is attacked by a giant serpent while napping; Nukemaru escapes from the sheath all by himself and fights the serpent.
It is a Kanata that was created (passed down) in the ancient past, so his personality is very mature despite his young looks. Toward the player as well, he acts caring like a parent, nurturing and with guidance as opposed to one of obedience.
His frequently used term, ‘Kamuro’ refers to Heike spies. They have an appearance of a child or childishness, and their main job was to lurk in a city to collect gossip and information. Nukemaru has many attributes that uses this Kamuro as a motif.
8 full years and more than 100 characters implemented. This is a game where even though it’s a social game, the pace of character addition is not very fast, so this means a lot!
True! The number of characters has increased, and the game also has new components or battle system, and there is so much more possible after this 8th-year-anniversary! And a new detail that can’t be missed is...... check this out!

Potentially a new move in 2023!? (I hope so!)
Second New Key Visual for ‘Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu’ for Theaters is Available!

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!Theater version!!
Yes. 5 years have passed since the production of Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu for theaters was announced...... But finally, the other day, they’ve released a new key visual!
Do you know the opening day?
No, they didn’t release the details. But, many fans were relieved that ‘it hasn’t been forgotten’.
Well, it’s understandable to worry after not hearing anything about it for 5 years. I hope that there will be more news about it in 2023!

Touken Ranbu Doujinshi exceeds 120,000 in numbers!
A must-check for both current and new game players!!

Touken Ranbu
And so that’s Touken Ranbu for you with its major 8th-year-anniversary renewal! For both the people who’s about to play it as well as who haven’t played it for some time, take this opportunity to give it a play!
Alrighty, that’s about it for now! Let’s meet at the next article!

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