【Egypt BL】What is “ENNEAD” like? An International Hit BL also super Popular in Japan!

Konnichiwa everyone~! It’s Saori from Otaku Republic!
Now, everyone...... Have you heard of Egyptian BL that’s trending right now in Japan? I wasn’t aware of the term Egyptian BL either, but I knew about the manga that caused the trend! And so today, we want to briefly answer what this trending-in-Japan Egyptian BL is, as well as its roots!

【Egypt BL】An International BL Hit that also became very Popular in Japan! What is the source manga responsible for this trend like?


What is Egyptian BL anyway?

An (original) BL work with Egyptian Myth as a theme!
To begin with, if you want to know what kind of work (genre) is Egyptian BL, it’s quite simple! It’s referring to (original) BL work where its theme is Egyptian myth!
Egyptian myths is full of mysteries with multiple deities, grand episodes, interpretations, and legends that have been passed down! In Japan in the past, there has been some Egyptian myth related anime or characters here and there...... but it wasn’t to a point where it became a trending term, Egyptian BL.

●Like this work about the Daily Lives of Cutely Deformed Egyptian Myth Deities! Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God

This is the work that started the whole Egyptian BL trend!

The translated version of a trending BL manga from Korea, ENNEAD is a huge hit in Japan!
Responsible for creating this new concept ‘Egyptian BL’ in Japan is...... this work that originally became a huge trend in Korea, ‘ENNEAD,’ by MOJITO-Sensei and its translated version’s distribution in Japan’s online manga site!
By the way, the title ENNEAD means ‘set of nine’ or ‘group of 9 individuals’ in Greek. Alternatively, it also refers the nine gods and goddesses in Egyptian mythology worshipped at Heliopolis!

Why so popular? ENNEAD’s Charms?

Easy to understand, yet beautiful.
Deities’ motives, hatred, and affection intercross in this ultimate love story!

ENNEAD’s main character is Egyptian myth’s Seth, the god of warfare and desert. The story begins from where he murders the previous king, Osiris, and starts to conquer Egypt by force. Other deities are helpless against Seth who has peerless strength. Egyptian land is tainted with blood, and gradually turns into a land of devastation.
Then, a young man appears. This is the son of the previous king Osiris as well as Seth’s nephew, Horus. Although Horus is not considered fully a god yet, he claims that he is Osiris’s true successor and the next king, and challenges Seth.
Seth accepts the challenge, which leads to 3 battles for the conquering rights over Egypt. But...... the two, rather Seth, did not know...... that the other deities were secretly maneuvering the situation behind the scenes of these 3 battles! What will the outcome of the battles be? And what hidden ‘truth’ is behind the victory......?
At the end of the day, the reason why ENNEAD became such a huge hit in Japan is because of the Egyptian myth theme was unfamiliar to Japan. Japan became crazy about ENNEAD which illustrates the love-hate drama among deities with easy-to-understand and beautiful pictures! Because it’s an unordinary theme, many people became interested an decided to ‘find out more’ about the theme from this manga’!
When I first read it, I kept reading thinking there’s a lot of characters~, but after a while, it became focused on Seth, Horus and another deity, and I got really into it and kept reading the manga! The opening is a brief description of the characters and their perspectives, and when that ends...... the story starts moving and becomes much easier to understand! So definitely, I want you to keep on reading until the middle section~!
It seems that translations of ENNEAD is being distributed worldwide on the online manga site! ENNEAD may be on your country’s manga website too! If you see it, please, check out ENNEAD that expresses Egyptian mystique through its beautiful manga!
Alrighty, that’s about it for now! See you at the next article!

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