【2022 TOP 5】Best-Selling BL Manga of 2022!!

Several hundred new works are released annually in the Boys Love (Yaoi) Comics genre!
In such genre of comic books released in 2022, what are the 5 highest selling books like?
We will feature them with descriptions! If there is one that you haven’t read yet, it’s a must see~!
Boys Love (Yaoi) Comics

Pink Heart Jam(Vol. 1)

A mellow and friendly freshman, Haiga was strolling around campus looking for a potential club to join. Just as he walked by the music-club, he sees Kanae, a guy with a mysterious vibe. Kanae has an exceptional musical talent, and Haiga enters the music-club hoping to get to know Kanae better.
Even though he enters the club, Haiga can’t find the chance to talk to Kanae.
But one day, an opportunity for a conversation occurs at a club social event, and......?
Pink Heart Jam, popular ever since the series began its publication, are available for purchase in 2 volumes in June 2022! It’s a highly trending work because it’s easy to read, and the characters and story are attractive! Don’t miss the most-sold BL comic of 2022!
Volume 2 is here!

Dragless Sex Tatsumi to Inui 2(Vol. 2)

Story takes place in a world where a disease called pheromone syndrome causes hypersecretion of pheromone to attract other living creatures. Tatsumi with pheromone syndrome was ignoring to take suppression pills and hooking up with women one after another.
One day, a man appears in front of Tatsumi.
This male, Inui seems to have been attracted by Tatsumi’s pheromone but......?
A sequel to a very popular manga Dragless Sex! Tatsumi and Inui met and got close in Vol. 1. Vol. 2 is supposed to be about their relationship after they became a couple...... but?
Part 2, Vol. 1 is here!
Previous part (Part 1) is here!

Kanshakudama no Love Song
(The love song of the Cracker Ball)

Wakou, a student preparing for his entrance exams, is in love with his childhood friend Takeo.
Takeo has always been kind, and the first to rush to help when Wakou’s sick.
Wakou knows that he has romantic feelings for Takeo but doesn’t want to pursue anything.
He’s happy just to be Takeo’s best friend. That was Wakou’s secret wish, but......?
A spin-off work that’s putting the spotlight on 2 popular characters from the famous BL manga “Cupid ni Rakurai (Cupid Is Struck by Lightning)”!
A fantastic book that you can enjoy the popular character Takeo and his kind and masculine charms!
Original work is here! Cupid ni Rakurai (Cupid Is Struck by Lightning)

Kirai de Isasete Vol. 4

In an Omegaverse world where α and Ω exists.
Naoto, an Ω, was raising a daughter without a partner due to his experience in the past.
He will never have a partner, and he will be a good father raising his daughter......!!
Naoto swore this to his heart, but one day at a party (which he was forced to participate from peer pressure) he meets an α young man. It seems that Hazuki (α), fell in love at first sight with Naoto (Ω) as “the love of his life!” but......?
A love story of a curious setting, from the perspective of Omegaverse!
A single-father Ω male and an α male, how would their relationship turn out......?
Check out Kirai de Isasete series from here!

Yankyee Omega wa Juuousama no Mono
(Delinquent Omega Belongs to the Beast King!)

Another world rebirth ×Omegaverse!
Ω and a delinquent, Rintarou one day gets transported to another world!
In the new world, he meets an α and a beast king, Varna! Rintarou gets protected as a special guest from the other world, would Rintarou be able to return to the real-world safely......!?
Another world, Omegaverse, and beasts!
popular BL story with all sorts of factors have made it into 2022’s BL best sellers ranking! If an ordinary BL manga is not enough! This gorgeous work is for you!

2022 also saw an animation of “Sasaki to Miyano”, which is based on a BL comic as well!
The anime was also very popular, and “Sasaki to Miyano” has announced an upcoming film version in 2023!
It’s possible that of the BL comics that we featured today, there can be some that would get animated in 2023 or maybe 2024......!? These 5 works are very popular, so definitely let’s keep our eyes on them! If there are any follow-up news, I’ll let you know in an article!
Alrighty, that’s about it for today! Let’s meet in the next article!
See you~!

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