【Twisted Wonderland】A Masquerade for This Halloween!? Japan Version’s New Event, and New Characters Identified!

※This article contains light plot revealment and description about new characters and the first chapter of Japan ver. Glorious Masquerade’s new event “Crimson Flowers and Bells of Salvation.”
It is not an excessive plot spoiler because it is intended to enhance the playing experience.
Konnichiwa everyone. I’ve never been to a masquerade. This is Boss from Otaku Republic.
Konnichiwa everyone~! I have not ever been to a masquerade either...... but I’ve put on a mask before for an article, this is Saori from Otaku Republic!
That’s creepy!!!!! This pic brings back memories......
Yes! Featured today is, related to this picture too, a Halloween event for one specific game! You may think of Halloween of an event of the past since it’s 10/31...... but there is a hybrid event of masquerade and Halloween currently going on! The event is quite full-scale, with an appearance of a new character who was inspired by a specific “Disney movie” too, so here we go with the details of the event!

Twisted Wonderland】A Masquerade This Halloween!? Japan Version’s New Event, Glorious Masquerade’s Plot Summary and New Characters Identified!

Ooh! So the Halloween theme for Twisted Wonderland this year is a masquerade.
Yes! Twisted Wonderland is a social game with various Disney ‘villain’-inspired characters! For the settings and detailed plot for the game itself, please check out this article!
【Twisted Wonderland】Worldwide streaming started!
Let’s review the world of Twisted Wonderland!
First, before I go into the event plot, I’ll introduce 11 characters who were implemented as special-event limited-edition character cards!

The 3 characters implemented as SSR cards for the new event!

Malleus Draconia
Azul Ashengrotto
Idia Shroud

SR card implementations are these 4!

Epel Felmier
Sebek Zigvolt
Jamil Viper

Implemented as R card are these 4!

Ruggie Bucchi
※The following 3 are not yet implemented in the game, so their images are not yet available.
Riddle Rosehearts
Deuce Spade
Rook Hunt

I see I see. So for this event, these 11 are going to participate in the masquerade.
Yes, but the masquerade will be held not at their school, Night Raven College......, but at ‘Noble Bell College,’ an academy in a faraway place called ‘City of Flowers’!

A peak of the storyline of the new event, Glorious Masquerade - Crimson Flowers and Bells of Salvation-!

Rollo Flamm
The Halloween season approaches Twisted Wonderland.
Night Raven College preparing for its annual celebration of Halloween receives an invitation to a social event from “Noble Bell College,” a wizardry academy located in “City of Flowers.”
“Noble Bell College” is small in scale but a prestigious school with a long history. On top of it, it is a very rare school where visitors cannot enter without a special opportunity. It turns out that the 2night/3day social event overlaps with the dates of City of Flower’s traditional festival.
Only up to 10 students can attend the social event.
An all-campus meeting was held at the academy to choose the participating 10 members by lottery.
Apparently having seen the list of the selected 10, Noble Bell College makes a request.
”Please extend the invitation to Mr. Malleus Draconia as wel.”
Hearing that, Malleus gladly accepts.
“Oh, I see that I was “invited.” I will gladly participate.”
Hence now 11 members for the social event. When they arrive at Noble Bell College......
They were greeted by Noble Bell College’s student council president, Rollo Hmph. He politely and respectfully greets them and explains about Noble Bell College’s history and traditions.
Noble Bell College’s students respect “The Righteous Judge,” who once was a hero in the area. The judge saved the city through fair and correct trial when it was almost conquered by villains. This fairness and honesty are passed down to and held up by Noble Bell College’s student body.
Also, there is a beautiful golden bell as a symbol at Noble Bell College.
The bell has magical powers, and it rings in the morning, noon, and evening, and resonates the power of magic to the city. As a result, the city is filled with magical powers, and is a beautiful city filled with rare and unique flowers blossoming. The residents wake up to, work to, and sleeps to the sound of this bell. It is a symbol that protects not only Noble Bell College, but the entire city.
After hearing the introductory explanations, the 11 members decided to go on a field work into the City of Flowers. In the event, they are gifted costumes for the soon-to-happen “festival”. The 11 are happy for the elegant and classic costumes. When the 11 guests comment on how nice it is for a festivity to be loved and continued throughout history, Rollo whispers in almost inaudible voice.
“Yes...... How very tragic.”
Without knowing Rollo’s true intentions, the 11 decide to go out to the crowded-city busy with festival preparations. 2nights/3days of socialization, what exactly awaits them......!?
It’s an event that shows obvious inspirations from ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame,’ not only for the characters but the setting too.
Yes true. On top of it, Rollo even has character voice implemented, and you really get an impression that this is an elaborate event! Why did Malleus get ‘invited’ despite not being selected with the lottery, and what is Rollo’s true intentions......? And how does it all end? This is so exciting!

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Twisted Wonderland
Okie dokes, that’s it for today! See you at the next article!

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