【Happy Birthday!】Saori and Boss’s Birthday Party! What Did They Receive as Gifts This Year!?

Konnichiwa everyone~!!! I had my birthday on September 15th! This is Boss from Otaku Republic!
Konnichiwa! Konnichiwa!! Konnnichiwa~!!!! My birthday was on September 12th, this is Saori from Otaku Republic!!

【Happy Birthday!】Saori and Boss’s Birthday Party!
What Did They Receive as Gifts This Year!?

Whoo~! This year too, they (the other Otaku Republic members) held the event for me! I’m so grateful!
This year too, we couldn’t hold the party for too long in order to avoid spread of COVID-19, but the fully fall-flavored pastries were very good!
Shine muscat cake...... that was utmost deliciousness.
There was pumpkin pudding cake too and that was good too~. I love pumpkins, sweet potatoes and such, so I’m a fan of the fall-themed cakes, they are the best!!

Gift for Sari from Otaku Republic members!
Who is this character on the T-shirt......!?

Okay! So here is this year’s gift! (though I’m also on the receiving end) Starting with Saori!! Happy birthday!!
This...... Gasp!!!
My super favorite game! MONSTER HUNTER and Japan’s internet meme character. Shigoto Neko’s limited edition collaboration T-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!


MONSTER HUNTER Series is a game where you and your teammates hunt for monsters together! Saori generally is bad at battle games, so she likes games with collaboration with friends.
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What is Shigoto Neko (Genba Neko)?

※Shigoto Neko that’s approving a safety check as “good!” and pointing with his finger.
Shigoto Neko (Genba Neko) is a character that came out of Japanese internet meme.
It depicts a cute kitty that comically works in a brutal construction site while providing safety checks. Up to few years ago, it was a character that was beloved only on the internet, but recently due to his rising popularity, he became a trending character with multiple works and collaboration café hosted.
Collaboration café menu: Parfait spilt by Genba Neko (Actual item)
This super cute T-shirt with Shigoto Neko and MONSTER HUNTER Series collaboration...... I really wanted this. The artwork is just so kawaii. I’m going to use it as my PJs
And also, I heard that you use a small foot stool from 100-yen store at your work desk to rest your foot, so I gave you a proper footrest. Take care of your body. Don’t play games too much.
Thank you so much!!! Will do! I’ll keep my gaming to 8 hours a day!!!
I’m so concerned

Next is a gift for Boss! What is Boss into lately......!?

And so today, we have a gift for Boss too! Please have this!
Hmmm!! This is......!!
Ooo!!! Top Gun: Maverick’s driver license-like cardcase and an acrylic stand from Yama no Susume which I’m totally into right now watching its anime!!!

4th season on air starting October, 2022!
An outdoor comic where girls climb mountains and gradually experience fun times and hardships: Yama no Susume!

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Oh~! I’ve heard of this!
I first watched it expecting it was a slice-of-life comedy like Yuru Camp△? But it’s more straight-forward (meaning not as serious as Yuru Camp) with an actual storyline, and it’s good. I know mountain climbing, but don’t have proper knowledge, so I enjoy watching over the main characters learn about and start to enjoy mountain-climbing. Serious, but it’s not too serious. It’s an easily approachable fun anime!
I see! And the bag to the right......?
It says Sauna Republic!!!!!!!!! (it’s not a new website)
Sauna Republic lol! It’s true, you’ve certainly been into sauna’s recently, Boss!
Wow~! I’m really happy! It’s a good size, I will use this bag next time I go to the sauna. This is such a good gift!!
And so today, we let you in on Boss and my birthday party! How about you all, what kind of events happened on your birthdays this year~!? Please tell us!
Alright, that’s about it for today! Let’s meet at the next article!

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