【Bleach】”The last chapter” was made into anime in October 2022! Let’s get to know more about this legendry manga about soul reaper that was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump!

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Today, I want to talk about anime that will start airing in October 2022! Fall 2022 anime looks like great line up! Especially this legendary manga will be made into anime as its last chapter. We will review the series and learn new things about it!

【Bleach】”The last chapter” was made into anime in October 2022! Let’s get to know more about this legendry manga about soul reaper that was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump!

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Wow!! Bleach!! It has been a while!!
Yes!! If you knew “Bleach” before, you might feel that it has been a long time since you last read/watched Bleach. It was not in the media for a while as well, so not many young readers/anime viewers know about Bleach. So, today I want to introduce/review about this legendry manga/anime, Bleach!!

Started serializing in 2001! “Soul Reaper” themed battle x dark fantasy!!

In 2001, what other manga werBleache serializing in Weekly Shonen Jump
Many major manga were serialized back in 2001 such as ONE PIECE, Shaman King, Hikaru no Go, Jojo Part 6: Stone Ocean, NARUTO, Hunter x Hunter, Prince Of Tennis and so on!
Wow! That is a great line up! They are all still very popular nowadays. I remembered that I could not wait to read JoJo Part 6: Stone Ocean every week!

Ushering souls of the dead from the world of the living to the afterlife realm! Action x dark fantasy manga – Bleach!

Ichigo Kurosaki
The story of Bleach is about a teenager, Kurosaki Ichigo, who can see ghosts and talk to them. His ability led him be a “Soul reaper” and to fight against “Hollow” who eats souls from the dead and can harm both ghosts and humans.
That’s right, but it is just the beginning of the story.
Yes! Then, Ichigo gained an ability to become a “Soul Reaper” from Kuchiki Rukia who was one of the Soul reapers, and was severely wounded defending Ichigo from a Hollow. Due to this injury, she lost her ability as a soul reaper, so she transferred her powers to Ichigo so that he may fight in her stead while she recovered her strength. After that, Ichigo started knowing the existences of the monstrous soul, Hollow, and the afterlife realm,
Kuchiki Rukia
At the beginning of the series, Ichigo works as a Soul reaper. In the middle of the series, he started knowing the secrets of the afterworld where the soul reapers live. Then the story is going into the battle between the soul reapers and the opponents toward the end!
Yes! Bleach has its unique world view, flashy battles with gaudy opponents that come one after another and great illustrations that always make the characters look awesome!! Also, there are many famous quotes in the series, so we can say that Bleach is an influential manga!

If you haven’t read Bleach yet, check it out soon!
This upcoming series will cover the final arc of the manga from volumes 61 to 74 (the last volume of the series)!

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I want to review the main story in the manga version before I watch this last chapter of the anime version. From what volume of the manga version should I start reading? Any recommendations?
Oh I see...... This upcoming anime was made from volumes 61 to 74(the last volume of the series) in the manga version. This anime will be the final season, so the animators will put everything into this season!
I assume that you can see short recap for the whole series at the beginning of this final season, but if you have time and have not read Bleach yet, I recommend that you read the whole series from the beginning. If you have read the whole series before, then you can review from volume 61!
However, Bleach was only made into anime up to volume 54. So it is possible that the contents from volumes 54 to 60 may be made into anime this time. Who knows? You may want to re-read Bleach from 54!
Oh thanks! Then, I may want to read the whole series from volume 1! We still have time until the air date in October. Let’s take time to review it!

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Okay, that is all for today! I will see you in the next article!!
Have a good day!!

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