【Comiket100】The Largest Fan Convention in the World, Comiket, Is Taking Place on Aug 13th and 14th. What’s More Special? It’s 100th Anniversary!

Hello, everyone! I’m Otaku Republic’s Boss!! Here’s a question for you!! What’s going to be held on Aug 13th and 14th!?
The hint is...... see the title!!!
Hello, everyone. Yeah, it’s funny that I see the whole answer there. It’s Saori from Otaku Republic. The answer is......!!
Yes! The answer is...... Comiket100 is kicking off soon! Speaking of Comiket, it’s the largest fan convention in the world and the largest Doujinshi sales event!

【Comiket100】The Largest Fan Convention in the World, Comiket, Is Taking Place on Aug 13th and 14th What’s More Special? It’s 100th Anniversary!

Wow, it’s already 100th anniversary?
Yep. Actually, the first Comiket was held in one of the tenants of a building. With many more people joining the event, it now turns out to be the largest event in the world, held in multiple huge buildings, huh? But...... what is Comiket?

What is the largest Doujinshi festival in the world, Comiket?

Comiket 100 (Summer 2022)
Comiket, “Comic Market,” is the largest fan convention.
The first Comiket was held in 1975 and has been held twice per year, in summer and winter (for the past few years). Not only do fans interact together in this event, but some other fun and exciting events, such as a cosplaying section and pre-selling goods by companies, are also held.
This event has become so big with over 600,000 people joining every time it takes place, huh?
Right! But unfortunately, for this particular one held this summer, they’ve been working on something different than before such as visitors are chosen by lot or various measures are taken to prevent infection of the Covid-19!
Right. That’s something they should do to keep this precious event on going every year, huh?
Right! Unfortunately, I can’t go to Comiket100 this year but I want to actually see all the pre-sale goods with my eyes in the near future~. I’ve heard that there will be tons of goods from various titles being available......!

Twisted Wonderland


Identity V




Check out the cover of Comiket100’s catalog! The author of Fate Series, Takeuchi Takachi-Sensei, drew it! Cute & Cool~!!

Preorder period is soon closed! Check out over 2000 Comiket 100 (Summer 2022)’s Doujinshi! Don’t Miss Out!

So! Comiket100 is just around the corner! Doujinshi releasing at Comiket100 are now available to preorder!
Wow~ more and more Doujinshi are coming out, huh~? Since all-genre Doujinshi are available, you will see nostalgic genre or the latest genre, as well as now-hot genre releasing~!

Now-HOT Genre of the BEST-releasing NEW Doujinshi!

Fate Series
Genshin Impact
Jujutsu Kaisen (Sorcery Fight)
Best Sellers in Comiket 100
So, you guys! Why don’t you check out Doujinshi, releasing at Comiket100 too?
Already now! This is all for today! We’ll see in in the next article!
Bye now~!

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