【Detective Conan】Congrats! Now OVER 100 Volumes! Featuring “Police Academy Arc”!

※Please note that this article contains some deep spoilers regarding the past of some characters who appear in Detective Conan.
Hello, everyone. Speaking of the manga series which have over 100 volumes...... The only thing I think of is Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo...... I’m Otaku Republic’s Boss.
Hello, everyone~! The recent one I think of is ONE PIECE! It’s Saori from Otaku Republic!
The record of over 100 volumes of serialization is just so incredible, huh?
Yep! And the one we’ll be featuring today has got over 100 volumes too! Its movie is coming out in 2022 too! Here we go!!

【Meitantei Conan】
Congrats! Now OVER 100 Volumes!
Here Comes a FIVE-Minute Commentary of “Police Academy Arc”!
The Movie Is Coming Up in 2022 Too!

Wow, Conan has got over 100 volumes, huh? That’s awesome!
I know, right? And the theme of the movie coming out in 2022 is...... ‘Police Academy Arc’! It contains a really serious secret that originates from the past of one character...... so let’s review the story real quick!

What is “Police Academy Arc” in the first place?

It’s a spin-off series of manga, Detective Conan, (irregularly) serialized since 2019. It focuses on the past where Amuro Tooru, who appeared in the main story, was attending the Police Academy. All the main protagonists appearing in this series are 22 years old. Some of them appeared in the main story too.
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Speaking of Amuro Tooru, he works at the café as a part time job, which is the first floor of the detective office, where Conan lives. He is a member of the Black Organization, who is also a part of the police department. What an incredible setting.
Right. During this long-term serialization, more and more secrets about Amuro-San have been revealed, however, he is still mysterious with unknown things remain! So! In the movie, you will see the past of such a mysterious character! You might want to review some before the movie ‘Police Academy Arc’ releases, right?

FIVE Main Characters, Appearing in the Police Academy Arc!

In this movie, ‘Police Academy Arc’, Amuro-San is 22 years old (he is currently 29 years old, so it’s seven years earlier from now)! It focuses on an everyday-life of Amuro-San who just entered the Police Academy and four other characters that solve various incidents with him!

Furuya Rei
降谷 零

He plays as Amuro Tooru in the main story.
He is a talented student who got the unprecedentedly high score on the admission exam and entered the Police Academy Arc. Although he is serious, he doesn’t get along well with other students because of that. Morofushi (mentioned below) is his childhood friend.

Matsuda Jinpei
松田 陣平

Although his interview was awful, the scores on the practical skills and the specialized knowledge were extremely higher than other students. He has black hair. Although he has a short temper and is not cooperative with others, he has spirit of justice, where he never forgives evils.

Date Wataru
伊達 航

His score on the admission exam was high next to Rei.
With high physical strength, he has leadership and is full of wit. He used to look up to his father who is also a police officer, however, he has become trauma for him due to one incident. He used to train Takagi Wataru, who appeared in the main story. He is depended upon by many police officers.
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Hagiwara Kenji
萩原 研二

He is Matsuda’s best friend.
He has a high ability to be insightful and high communication skills. He is very popular among women. He is basically gentle and kind, where he never lies and fails to reach out to the elderly in need. His parents used to own a car repair shop, which made him skillful with his fingers.
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Morofushi Hiromitsu
諸伏 景光

He is a childhood friend of Furuya Rei.
He is very close to Rei and often supports Rei. He has strong sense of justice. However, he sometimes cannot take actions due to trauma he has, where his parents got murdered when he was little. Actually, he appeared in the main story. He was hidden as a code name, Scotch, in the Black Organization. However......
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Mmm......? I believe Matsuda-San and Scotch appeared in the main story, no?
Yep, they did.
Well...... it’s hard to say but...... They both are already......
So this spin-off series, ‘Detective Conan: Police Academy Arc – Wild Police Story’, focuses on the past of these five characters. Now the first and the second volumes have been released! It’s written by the same author as another spin-off series, Zero’s Tea Time, where Amuro-San appears as a main protagonist. Why don’t you check it out?
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By the way, as for the content of Detective Conan: Police Academy Arc – Wild Police Story’s manga, it will be made in to an anime series too! Before its movie releases, why don’t you check out Detective Conan: Police Academy Arc – Wild Police Story, revealing the past of Amuro-San?
Meitantei Conan
Case Closed
Already now! This is all for today! We’ll see you all at the next article~!!
Bye now~!

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