★Saori Press Vol.31★Special article about the ‘Ice’ Character!


Is it them that is making winter this cold?!  Here’s a special article about the ‘Ice’ Character!



Hello guys (ノ)´Д'(ヾ)!  I’m Saori from Otaku Republic!!!

Ahhh...it’s cold... it’s cold! 

I just can’t imagine it was so warm a couple days ago, and now we have a complete winter here in Japan...(ノ)´Д'(ヾ)!



Some places like Ikebukuro...









They’re showing some winter twinkling ‘illumination’ in various places!



It sure is cold!

  And this coldness is almost like a pain for us, but it does pick out with various things such as ‘something beautiful to see, or something delicious to eat’ in Japan, doesn’t it?…(^P^≡^P^)!!!!



Of course, not only for the illumination, but...




also... our boss treated us to a delicious ‘nabe’ (hot pot cooking)... (^P^≡^P^), eating vegetables and meats, dipping them in various flavored sauces, which makes me so happy(^P^≡^P^)!



We tend to be tired of being cold, but it also has its good points!  Hello to our ‘cold winter’!



Here we go! ゚+.(ノ*・ω・)ノ*.☆゚・:*☆!



★Cold winter is my friend! A special article about the ‘Ice’ Character!★




What’s the anime about? The ice or snow that attracted attention from people the most!

It’s of course, this!!!!








OMG!  I already got the sign from our boss, saying “Are you crazy?” Σ(`д´/;)/!!

He is looking at me, as if he was asking me, “Do you want to be scattered around just like the snow crystal too?”



I’m so sorry... (´・ω・`)  I (Saori) am also looking forward to the short film which will be released soon.

Ok now, I’ll show you some characters which are related with the ‘Ice’!



★It’s impossible for us human-beings to do that?!  Here are some cute ‘Ice Handlers’★



Cirno Touhou Project Occupation: Fairy





★Pet Shop  Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) Occupation: Stand Handler





★ Glaceon Pokémon Occupation: Poke-Mon




Blue Rose TIGER & BUNNY Occupation: Hero




Horohoro  Shaman King Occupation: Shaman





Cygnus Hyoga Saint Seiya Occupation: Saint





Animals, Fairies, Heroes.... I collected some ‘Ice Handlers’ from various worlds! ヾ( ゚∀゚)ノ゙

We tend to have images such as ‘Cool’, ‘Calm’, and ‘Unfriendly’ for the ‘Ice’... but we can never see those kinds of images from the characters above, can we?  (Especially, Hyoga-San is more beautiful, than cool... (ノ∀\*))



Here’s the ‘Ice’ Character that I recommend the most among them!







“I guess I’m the strongest!!!”



Even if you don’t know anything about Touhou Project, I bet you might have heard of her name at least once!







The strongest!



She is the all-around super cute ‘Icy spirit ghost’, Cirno-Chan. (*´Д*)ノ!!!



...What? (ω・ ) You don’t think so?  You don’t think she’s that kind of girl?

Ok then, I’ll show you what kind of character she is, real quick, ok?



Do you know what kind of game is Touhou Project, in the first place?

It sure is the game where a lot of cute girls appear, though...









Touhou Project is ‘a barrage (beating the enemies, avoiding the slit of extreme battle) -style Shooter game (shooting game)’!



This is the game which programmer, ZUN-San made all by himself. 

It has a good reputation with its BGM play in the game, as well as the shooting game (the original version)!! 

Despite that it’s a Doujin game; it’s been explosively popular outside Japan too.



Seeing is believing - Just check out the actual game. (*`д´)σ=σ






I have to be honest here.  It’s pretty hard for me (Saori), who is rough, to play. (^ω^)。



But at the same time, people say that the difficulty is one of the charms. 

And one of my friends said that ‘the difficulty is proportionate to the pleasant feeling we have when we clear the game’, and also said that ‘even though we have to memorize the patterns, conquering the stages so many times, I never get tired because of the fantastic music.’ 

She murmured that ‘The music always reminds me of the barrage’ in the end.




Ok, I’ll bring this story back.





Cirno-Chan who I just introduced in this article, appears as the boss character.

She tries to beat main characters, making full use of her special fighting method called ‘Spell Card’ but...



There was the secret of her popularity in her another special fighting method called ‘icicle fall’.

Usually, there is the place call, ‘safety zone’ where you can avoid the enemy’s attack safely, but in her place, ‘icicle fall’ (※It differs depends on how hard it is though..),




it’s right in front of her. (^ω^)



Yes, it’s just right in front of her. (^ω^)。



“I guess I’m the strongest(^ω^)!!!!”



And here is the famous arrange of the theme song of her, who is strong, cute and ‘smart’.




By the way, the reason why she is called, ‘⑨’ is because it was written, ‘⑨・Baka (Stupid)’ in the field about herself in the description, which made the equation, Cirno→⑨→Baka’...  But, she’s actually a strong and adorable character! 

If there is anybody who already calls her ‘Baka’ even before playing Touhou Project(*`д´)σ=σ!, you’ve got to play it first, before making fun of her like that...





She is unexpectedly strong. (^ω^)。



★Cutting through everything! Icy Sword Handler Characters!★




Veigue Lungberg Tales of Rebirth Occupation: Swordsman





Hitsugaya Toushirou  Bleach Occupation: Reaper




Cure Beauty Smile PreCure! Occupation: PreCure




Jin Kisaragi  BLAZBLUE Occupation: Hero of Ikaruga Civil War.




Aokiji  ONE PIECE  Occupation: (Former) Navy




Gray Fullbuster  Fairy Tail Occupation: Sorcerer





These characters match the words such as ‘calm’, ‘unfriendly’ and ‘cool’, unlike the characters I introduced earlier. ( *´艸`)!

And most of them seem to be holding high office in their occupation...?



I collected the characters ‘who use the swords which has icy power in them, or who can produce the icy swords by their abilities’!



(To me), the characters which relate with ‘icy swords’ most, are Hitsugaya Toushirou and Jin Kisaragi!



Hitsugaya Toushirou has a sword, called ‘Zanpakutou’, which was made by the owner’s spirit.  The sword’s name is ‘Hyōrinmaru(氷輪丸)’.  This is said to be ‘the strongest icy sword’ in the world of Bleach.  (I personally wanted to introduce Rukia-chan to you too..., but I’ll do that next time!)





‘Hyōrinmaru’ and he are one, more like.. himself, so he always keeps it with him and it is his encouraging partner, fighting together!



‘Hyōrinmaru’ is one of the ‘Zanpakutou’ which can perform various ways of fighting according to the enemy and situation that it has, changing the weather, or producing a dragon that can make everything it touches ice!





Such Hitsugaya Toushirou’s charm is, as you see, ‘a manly personality’? (●>艸<)!!!!!

Even though he is smaller than his subordinates, he is always diligent for his work being in a dignified manner. 

He’s like a model of military people!!







But...actually, he has ‘such a sweet personality’, going back to his hometown to look after his grandmother, never walking out his childhood friends or subordinates. (´,,・ω・,,`)。

Why did he leave his favorite granny all by herself at home and hope to be a reaper...?

 I can never forget the episode.  Because of his love... because of his love..., you know?



Ok now, here’s another one, Jin Kisaragi...




He is a ‘Major’ of the military, which governs the world, and appears in the battle game, called ‘BLAZBLUE’. 

He assumed office as a ‘Major’ when young, praised for the termination of the ‘Ikaruga Civil War’.




He goes to ‘kill’ his older brother who had separated from him a long time ago, who is also a man with the most bounty in the world, named ‘Ragna the Bloodedge’, using one of ‘the strongest weapons which exist in the world’, called, ‘Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa’. 

His is called, ‘Nox Nyctores’.





Looking so pleased.



The reason why he and his favorite sword, ‘Yukianesa’ are so close with each other is... (I might be exposing it here..) because they have the same flesh and can never stay away from each other, in the different sense that Hitsugaya-San has with his sword.




Though I gave you some information about them, but Jin Kisaragi is a man that can be described as ‘Cold’, ‘Heartless’ and ‘Unfriendly’ too.  Since he is one of the characters from the battle game, I can’t tell you guys about his charm only through the words or the pictures!



Check out the gorgeous fighting scene, where he actually uses ‘Yukianesa’!





His best charm... Hmmm... Well if I say it in one word...



He is just way too straight. (´,,・ω・,,`)




He can give up his position or fame without hesitating, if he can kill his brother. 

Even if his subordinates or childhood friends try to stop him, he would ignore it and go kill his brother. 

His brother is everything for him, and the purpose of his act.



Why does he want to kill his brother so bad...?  It has something to do with the deep relationship with his favorite sword, ‘Yukianesa’.



Even though BLAZBLUE is a battle game, it was once animated too. 

So if anybody wants to know about his personality, or his past in a short time, just check out the anime!





Please don’t hate him, even though he is really extremely straight. (´,,・ω・,,`) 

He is unexpectedly a good boy.  (I know you can never trust it by this picture though...)



Ok then, this is all for this article!



This year is almost finished, as we noticed... 

I somehow feel lonely in my heart, even though my belly and eyes are satisfied... 

Please stay healthy, you guys!  Let’s have a great end of year, staying healthy with me!



Ok now, I’ll see you guys later!!

:*:・。,☆゚'・:*:・。,ヽ(・∀・)人(・∀・)ノ ,。・:*:・゚'☆,。・:*:



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