“Isekai Tensei” in BL World! Featuring FIVE Recommended Manga! 【Isekai×BL】

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Here Comes the Genre of “Isekai Tensei” (reincarnated in a different world) in BL World!
Featuring FIVE Recommended Original BL Series!

In the previous article, I featured the most featured and popular ‘zombie’ series in BL world aaand……
【Zombie×BL】Now Going Viral! Must Check Zombie BL Manga!
Today, I’ll be featuring now-hot genre, which has now been featured most in BL world, just like the previous one!
Here we go! Let me share some of the original BL series whose theme is the ‘Isekai (tensei),’ which has been becoming one of the most staple popular genres in the recent anime industry too!
What is the ‘Isekai (tensei)’? Here’s a quick description: ‘It’s a Japanese genre of novels, manga or anime, where a character living in the modern world is transported to and has to survive in another world, such as fantasy world or the past, through being killed or summoned.’
It’s recently been recognized as a genre, where ‘a character plays an active role in another world with the knowledge that he/she used to have in the modern world’!
Oki-doki! Here are FIVE original BL series whose theme is the ‘Isekai (tensei)’! They all are awesome with interesting storylines or beautiful illustrations!!

Kyojinzoku no Hanayome
The Titan's Bride


One of the representatives of the Isekai BL, also adapted into a television anime series in 2020!
Now three volumes have been released!

One day, the main protagonist, Koichi, a normal high school boy, is summoned to another world all of a sudden!
In the world he is sent to, the prince of Tildant, Caius, is waiting for Koichi so he can propose, saying ‘I want you to be my bride to save the world,’ but……!?
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Not Equal


Transported to the “past”!?
And saw his 14-year-old father!?

The main protagonist, Ryo’s parents got separated when he was just a little child.
However, when he turns 17 years old, he meets his father, who is 37 years old! But then, Ryo is transported to the “past.” There, he sees his 14-year-old father……!?
Three volumes have been released. It’s been popular with a serious storyline!

Fudanshi Shokan
腐男子召喚 ~異世界で神獣にハメられました~


BL-lover boy will be summoned to another world!
Who’s waiting there?
A super good-looking serpent……!

The main protagonist, Kotone, is a boy who loves BL manga. He loves them so much that he has read various kinds of BL series…… One day, when he wakes up, he finds himself in another world and a super good-looking serpent named Nagi proposes to him “I want you to be my partner”! That was exactly the storyline of BL manga, which he loves so much! He would never have dreamed of becoming the one……!
It’s easy to read with a gag taste and a great pacing! For those who want to enjoy Isekai BL, give it a try! Now five volumes have been released!
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Ai wo Ataeru Kemonotachi


A popular BL novel is now comicalized!
Welcome to the beast world, where only men exist!

The original is a BL novel, posted in the Japanese user-generated novel publishing website, “Let’s Become a Novelist.”
The main protagonist is a 40-year-old doctor in the modern world. One day, he is transported to a different world and finds out that his body has become young again when he was still 16-year-old!? What’s more? That world is a unique place full of beast-‘men’ such as the ones with animal’s ears or tails……!?
The original is such a popular BL novel so it’s already highly anticipated and rated! The manga artist, Matsumoto Yoh-Sensei is a popular BL author too so check it out!

Heibon na Ore Dakedo Isekai de Dekiai saretemasu


Five BL authors write manga series with the “Isekai BL”!
For those who want to enjoy various BL series! Try this anthology!

Various authors created the typical “Isekai tensei” situations with their own worldviews, where a character brings back the past life’s memory when feeling a labor pain, a character is reborn as a chara in otome game, or a character is transported to the BL manga world……!
All these authors’ illustrations are so beautiful and almost all the stories complete with happy end! It’s easy to read and highly rated!
How did you like them!? I’ll keep you updated with more popular genres’ series in BL world! Stay tune~!
Already! This is all for today! I’ll see you all at the next article!
Bye now~!

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