★Saori Press Vol.28★ A special article for cats’ characters!


★Saori Press Vol.28★ Smart? Fickle?  A special article for cats’ characters!



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(U・ω・U) < Aren’t dogs cool, right?

★Saori Press Vol.27★A special article of dogs’ characters!

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Wait a minute, meow!!!!





To my dearest readers, I don’t believe that you’ve forgotten about...

A cute and adorable ‘secretary” that Otaku Republic has...!



Yes!  You know one of our staff, Shingo, who checks all your requests and comments, right? (〇-〇ヽ)

She is his loving daughter and my (Saori’s) senior, and the president’s secretary in Otaku Republic...



Yes, and this is her!  She is my senior, Sumi-Chan Senpai(=senior)!!!!




Senpai!!!  We’re still on duty!!!!!




She’s been mysterious as a secretary of Otaku Republic until now...

Since we’re having a special article for cats’ characters, let me introduce her a little bit to you guys.




First of all, Senpai is ecstatically tall and has a seductive slender bady.





I envy her.  She has a fascinating well-proportioned body.




And she always severely watches Shingo so that he won’t blow off his work.






Now we know why Shingo can take care of all your requests quickly!  It’s just like Senpai!!!





But, you have to know that she’s never like an ogre...

She encourages Shingo gently when he gets exhausted from work...





Shingo gets fine as soon as he touches this fluffy hair!

It’s just like Senpai!  Let me stroke it too!

If I can, let me massage those pink paws!!!




Senpai never spoils Shingo normally, which is her character.

So, not only does she disappear quietly and always watches him just like an ornament but also...





she occupies a warm pillow so that he won’t go back to sleep anymore.






Yes, Senpai can always care about everything...!

See? Cats are just as smart and adorable as dogs!







It’s a little too early to have a break yet!!!!



So!  I’ll introduce these characters this time, competing against the ‘special articles for dogs’ characters’ that I introduced last time!



(=^・ω・^=) Smart? Fickle?  A special article for cats’ characters! (=^・ω・^=)



■We’ll support how adorable they are!  Cats’ shaped-characters■



Nyanko Sensei Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume's Book of Friends)








Fairy Tail Happy




Youkai Watch Jibanyan




Sailor Moon Luna




Tales of Xillia2 Lulu





Look how perfectly round it is!

I guess this round shape is the power of easing your rough mind.



Well..., here is the cat character which has been the most popular!




Yes, it’s Jibanyan.



I guess many of you already know that he’s been so popular recently in Japan!

But I don’t think so many people know what kind of character he is yet!



To deliver Japanese latest information to you guys(σ・∀・)σ

That’s Otaku Republic!  That means, it’s our duty, so I’ll introduce him a little bit to you(σ・∀・)σ!



He is a character of the game, who belongs to the company called, 【LEVEL-5】, which produced Inazuma Eleven series, or Professor Layton series, or Danball Senki (Little Battlers eXperience)!!!!



Since it is the same company, they put the parody such as...









...or, put some materials that kids can never understand...






There are so many various parodies that it’s almost become a more dangerous anime than the Gintama.



They are called ‘Yokai’ (monster), just like Nyanko Sensei that I really love.

They are considerate, always being with people, teasing and helping them, even though they’re invisible for people.










The story is a little similar to the one of Natsume Yuujinchou

Youkai Watch, which is also a title of this anime, is ‘a watch-shaped machine’ that can call Youkai which the main character, Amano Keita-Kun wears. 

Amano-Kun can call Youkai whom he has made friends with, and they deal and solve various incidents and worries for him



Why on earth is Jibanyan so popular...



He is just so cute❤.


















...not cute, sometimes.







Fickle but hard to hate.  He is such a sweetheart that can help the main character whenever he needs help. 

Yes, he is the one we all think we need at home! 

He is such an adorable character.  (He’s not helpful at all when he’s not reliable though...)



The anime is unexpectedly interesting too. 

I burst into laughter when I found the parody part which kids can never understand! 

Don’t hesitate to watch it just because it’s an anime for kids. 

Check out Youkai Watch ~ Japanese people are crazy about it!




■A little fickle, but let me off the hook! Human-shaped characters■




Bleach Shihouin Yoruichi




K (K Project) Neko




Suite PreCure Kurokawa Eren




Nekomonogatari Hanekawa Tsubasa




Well..., the four characters I just showed you have something in common, to tell you the truth.




















that they all can transform to cats!!!





What...?  There’s only one who isn’t a cat?  What are you talking about?








See?  It’s a cat! 

She looks more like a human, compared to the other three, but she is perfectly a cat!





Why is only she half-human and half-cat?...

Because she is not a reaper, nor fairy, nor Strain but 100% normal human.



Her name is Hanekawa Tsubasa and she is a heroine of Nekomonogatari in Monogatari Series.







What is Monogatari Series in the first place?

This is a story, which has been so popular among recent light novels, where ‘the main character and heroine in each episode fight with Kaii, which troubles people’.



Kaii is born by human’s beliefs, fears, and rumors and exists in the human’s world. 

Unlike Youkai, Kaii’s existence is like ‘a phenomenon’, not like ‘an individual that has a life and consciousness’. 

They might be visible or invisible but it’s true that ‘they were born because of human’s existence’.



She is one of the heroines and victims which were possessed by Kaii.







Hanekawa Tsubasa is a diligent, good girl with good sense. 

She is exactly like an honor student who has a brilliant mind and kind to people, strict to the rules but never forces people..., and everybody adores her.



Though she didn’t release her stress being literally ‘too kind’ or ‘too smart’, her complicated family matter, such as her violent father or







the main character of this story, Araragi Koyomi-kun, almost made the limit of her stress that she’s kept for a long time, explode. 

He’s been her little strange friend and he made a new girlfriend one day. 

(I can imagine how shocked she was to know that her guy friend got a new girlfriend all the sudden!  Most girls might have felt this way, right?  Even if we didn’t love him, but still we would get shocked, right? ( ;∀;))






One day, she found ‘a dead body of white cat which lost its tail after it got hit by a car’.






She, being kind as usual, buried the cat without any hesitation.






Without knowing the fact that what she did was the condition that could be possessed by Kaii, called ‘Sawarineko’ that can change human to cats...









Will the main character, Borara,…Araragi-Kun ever get Hanekawa San back?






This episode got a high evaluation especially for a battle scene, among many Monogatari Series!

All the fans especially praise this real battle scene, which couldn’t be expressed in the light novel!
















This anime has a proper balance between gags and seriousness.



All the episodes are so deep that they are great recommendations if you want to spend thirty minutes real quick!





Well, how was the special article this time?

Fickle and selfish!  But they’re such adorable cat characters that we can never hate them...!

I put emphasis on how interesting the anime is at the end, instead of talking about cats themselves though....





So, which do you prefer, dog or cat characters?



Me...?  I definitely like...!!






Well then, I’ll see you next Saori Press!  Bye!!



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