【Halloween!】Limited Edition Event In Twisted Wonderland, Scary Monsters!

Hello everyone! Happy Halloween!! It’s Saori from Otaku Republic!
Well well, Boss!! Give me some yummy treats and an extra bonus!
Aaand, hello everyone. Happy Halloween! I’m Otaku Republic’s Boss.
Well, I can’t give you the extra bonus but here are some Halloween treats for you.
Yeah~!! Yep! It’s a little too early but October 31st is Halloween! Here in Japan, so many limited edition Halloween events have been underway in various anime, manga or games!
So today! We’ll be sharing one of the most featured Halloween events with you! The name of the game is…… Twisted Wonderland!

【Halloween!】In Twisted Wonderland, a Limited Edition Event, Scary Monsters! ~Screaming Halloween Show~ Is Now Underway!

Wow! Speaking of the Disney Halloween, we have a super gorgeous image, huh?
This year, though, we don’t see any special decorations for Halloween to avoid congestion and limit the numbers of the visitors in Disneyland…… But usually, at this time of the year, it’s full of Halloween decorations!
Right! Just like that, NIGHT RAVEN COLLEGE, where all the characters go to, are now having a lot of Halloween decorations! Let’s take a look at how it looks and what kind of event they’re holding!

Outline of the limited edition event, Scary Monsters!
~Screaming Halloween Show~!!

Halloween season has come to Twisted Wonderland.
Halloween…… it’s a special day, when both humans and ghosts enjoy together. Everybody at NIGHT RAVEN COLLEGE seems so exciting, getting ready for the flurry of festivity.
Everybody’s excited about dressing up in the ghost-like costumes, enjoying the gorgeous decorations and lots of treats! They all seem to be happy to welcome such enjoyable Halloween, and……
It looks like in NIGHT RAVEN COLLEGE, they are inviting people in town to school and perform their achievement such as magic or studying in front of them!
They are offering hospitality, showing them their costumes and decorations with a specific theme by each dorm and giving away some treats!
Wow~! That sounds fun! They can visit and see the school around too, huh? It’s like a festival!! I wanna go there too~!
On 31st, they have a party, where the students, who work hard, can eat tons of delicious sweets and dishes, made by a famous chef, who will be invited just for the party! So all the students really look forward to Halloween! Okay, let’s take a look at how each dorm decorated school!

Heartslabyul Dormitory
Botanical Garden

The themes are the “cemetery” and the “skeleton.”
They are dressed up in the costumes of skeletons, which are revived from the cemetery, with the white ribbons, making them look like their ribs, and the red rose, making them look like their hearts. Cater, who always follows the latest trends, advised everybody about their costumes and decorations so they “look fantastic” in pictures even on various social media.
With the theme of the skeleton, which is revived from the cemetery, they elaborated the plan so everything will look elegant and mysterious, incorporating Queen’s hearts’ dignity, which Heartslabyul Dormitory aims at.
The students even made the tombstones which usually don’t exist in the botanical garden.

Deuce Spade


Cater Diamond


Savanaclaw Dormitory

The themes are the “ship” and the “pirate.”
They set it up dynamically so it would associate with the sea, which is far away from the original Coliseum. This is set perfectly, reminding us of the children’s book about the pirates’ adventure. The students welcome visitors with the costumes, whose theme are the “ghosts, who still protect the treasures even after they died.”
By the way, they made the sunken ship set from scratch. It’s usually so tough to carry all the huge woods and shave them off neatly but it’s not that hard for the students at Savanaclaw Dormitory since they usually work out in their everyday life.

Jack Howl


Octavinelle Dormitory
Chemical Storage

Most of the students at Octavinelle Dormitory are mermaids so they have wanted to dress up in a “dry-up mummy,” which they can never wear in the sea. Not only are they wearing the dry-up mummy’s costumes but they are also incorporating the modern fashion element such as the bandage wrapping around them too.
What’s more? The head of the dorm, Azul, made it successful, setting up the high quality set with an incredibly low cost, managing their budgets and negotiating with each company. By the way, the café, Mostro Lounge which the Octavinelle Dormitory owns, will offer a special menu during the Halloween period too.

Azul Ashengrotto


Jade Leech


Scarabia Dormitory
Mystery Shop

The themes are the “sustainability” and the “wolf man.”
They created the ruins-like atmosphere around the mystery shop, by putting the cloth which were made from the recycled pet bottles and plastics. They elaborated this plan, thinking about happiness of both humans and natures so they can co-exist with limited resources and natural environment, aiming at a gorgeous Halloween decorations at the same time.
…… Actually, this idea was proposed by Jamil. Kalim seems to want to happily brag about him, saying “Jamil is cool that he’s come up the idea which is both nature-friendly and stylish decorations!”

Kalim Al-Asim


Pomefiore Dormitory
Mirror Chamber

The themes are the “harmony” and the “vampire.”
This mirror chamber symbolized this NIGHT RAVEN COLLEGE and the spirit of those who reflects on the mirror is the very important magical tool to distinguish which dorm is suitable for that. Originally, outsiders are prohibited to come into this room, but they are allowed to come in only during the Halloween week. (They are not allowed to take pictures, though.)
Pomefiore Dormitory cherishes school’s history and tradition, so they decided not to decorate anything in the mirror chamber. Instead of doing a Halloween-like decoration, they decided to dress up in costumes which perfectly suits for the mirror chamber’s tradition and history, which leads to the perfect “harmony” of both, entertaining the Halloween.
They ended up choosing the vampire’s costume. The vampires are older than any other ghosts and they are beautiful, looking attractive and mysterious at the same time. That’s how they want to express themselves.

Vil Schoenheit


Epel Felmier

Ignihyde Dormitory

The themes are the “projection mapping” and the “pumpkin knight.”
The students who are assigned in the Ignihyde Dormitory are good at the skill called “sorcery”, which is a mixture of magic and science, therefore, they performs the horror, taking advantage of the latest science and technology, along with the magic itself.
Making use of the sound and the movie, the visitors are able to experience as if they were in the forest in the middle of the night, while being at the library. Then the students, who are dressed up as the “pumpkin knight,” who is “a ghost, which couldn’t become a Jack-o’-lantern,” will scare them. Idia, who came up this idea, loves this horror movie from the bottom of his heart, however, it looks like many students at this dorm don’t even know it because it’s popular only among maniac fans.
By the way, the armor, which they are wearing, is made from the super light material and it makes a heavy sound, unique to the iron, when it moves and catches the sensor.

Idia Shroud


Diasomnia Dormitory
Ramshackle Dorm

The themes are the “practical magic” and the “dragon.”
They say they dressed up as a normal ghost last year but this year, as Malleus joined the Halloween committee, he came up the unique idea. While most images of Halloween are from western culture, he came up the colorful and unexpected idea, picking out the ghost of the “dragon,” which is from East Asian culture.
Referring to the local festival that has the legend of the dragon, which Lilia has traveled and visited, he set up some decorations such as floated lanterns and the dragon’s paper decoration to move automatically with magic. It’s going to be such a massive amount of magic that the normal students would use up all their magic power but as for Diasomnia Dormitory, they are able to produce the horror with their magic power without any difficulties.
…… By the way, the reason why they picked out the ramshackle dorm, where the main protagonist lives in, is because it has the perfect “ruins-like atmosphere,” according to Malleus, who is a ruins freak……

Malleus Draconia


Lilia Vanrouge

Wowww~ it really seems fun……! Each dorm has its own special decoration and costume, and it’s just like the Disneyland, really……!
Well…… there’s no way nothing is going to happen…… What’s gonna happen to this exciting and thrilling school……? You guys! Why don’t you enjoy Halloween at Twisted Wonderland too?
Already! This is all for today! We’ll see you all at the next article! Bye now~!

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