Happy Birthday!! Saori & Boss!!

Hello everyone! It’s Saori from Otaku Republic! Thank you! Congrats!!
Wow. What a direct spoiler.
Aaand, hello everyone. I’m Otaku Republic’s Boss. Oh, yeah! Me too! Thank you! Congrats!! Yep! September is such a happy month!!

【Happy Birthday!!】Saori & Boss!!
Congratulations on Your Birthdays!

Yep! So today, we’ll do a mini column!! Here’s what! My birthday is Sep 12th!
Aaand my birthday is Sep 15th! So we had a little birthday party together.
It was a blast, full of cakes and presents, huh? Look! Such a gorgeous cake, right?? Tada~~~!!
Aww!! Lovely!!! Everybody’s my favorite characters!!
It looks white mostly…… Who are they?
Alright! Nyanko Sensei from Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume's Book of Friends)!!
Cyacya maru (Dom) from Animal Crossing New Horizons!!!
Aaand Vil Schoenheit-Sama from Twisted Wonderland, who I’ve been really into recently!!!
I understand that you like Nyanko Sensei and cyacyamaru (Dom) because they’re kind of white and round but why do you Vil Schoenheit-Sama from Twisted Wonderland so much?
Vil-Sama is a well-known influencer, with over 5,000,000 followers on social media (in the different world, Twisted Wonderland) but he never be satisfied with his beautiful figure by nature but instead, he keeps trying to pursue ‘beauty’ even more every day! Such an awesome chara!
Saori is into THIS too!
Check HERE for the article, featuring a mobile game Twisted Wonderland whose theme is the Disney Villains!
I see. He has a great personality, huh?
Alright now, let’s dig in the cake!
Yahoo~!! Yeah~~!!! Itadakima~~~su!!!
And here we go! What’s special on birthdays? Yeah! It’s a present! The one for you this year is THIS, Saori!!
Wowow~~~!!! They are Animal Crossing’s Amibo cards~!!! It’s super precious because every place in Japan is running out of these items!!! And more……!?
It’s the Animal Crossing-like eye mask!!
I think I’ve seen a killer like this somewhere……
Oh, by the way, what did YOU get, Boss?
I got THIS!! Tada~~~~!!!
It’s an aloha shirt of Shima Rin-Chan from Yuru Camp!!
Aloha shirt - Yuru Camp / Shima Rin Size-M
It looks perfect for your pj, huh?
You know what? I’ll try to wear this to work! (It’s almost fall, though!)
And I got such a cute macaron set too!! You see the illustrations of manga and anime, which I’m now into, printed on them! How can I eat them……??
It was a little smaller birthday party compared to every year, huh?
I know…… we really wanted to give a present to all of you, who always come visit us at Otaku Republic with our appreciation, just like every year but…… actually, we’re already busy shipping your packages on time.
So for our birthdays next year!! If we get over this difficult time, we’ll plan various projects which make all of you smile!!
So you guys! Please stay safe and have a lovely year! Now we got such a delicious cake, we’ll try hard, staying healthy and cheerful too!!
Already now! This is all for today! We’ll see you all at the next article!!
Have a lovely year! Bye now~!

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