【Given’s Movie】Releasing Soon! The Story Focuses on These THREE!

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All the titles which were scheduled to release in spring, have now been starting to release, huh?
So today! We’ll feature the movie of the BL title, Given, whose anime has released in 2019, and will release as a movie TOMORROW! Let’s review it together!

BL Title, Given’s Movie Is Releasing This Week! The Story Focuses on These THREE!

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What Is Given?
It’s the story depicting a love story of four boys in the band, whose anime aired in summer, 2019!
All the attractions of their singing or band performances, which couldn’t be expressed in the original manga, could beautifully be seen in anime, with a sad storyline, making us want to watch over them. All these elements made this title go viral!

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【Given Episode1】The Anime, Given, “Attracts” You 100 Times MORE.
Before watching the movie, should we check on Given’s anime?
Yes, you should! The movie version features the sequel of anime’s final episode!! In other words, for those who have watched the whole episodes of anime, you should watch it!!
Who’s is the key person in the movie?
There are two…… I mean…… THREE! First, let me share these two!

Nakayama Haruki
中山 春樹

He is one of the members of the band, along with Mafuyu and Ritsuka, who appeared in anime.
He is the leader of the band and majors in the movie at college. He is such a nice guy that he really cannot refuse anything asked, and usually organizes everything about the band. He has had a crush on Akihiko for a long time but……

Kaji Akihiko
梶 秋彦

He is one of members of the band, a drummer, who is also a college student.
He has been learning karate and violin since little and is able to play other musical instruments too. He looks a little intimidating but is very popular among girls. He often gives Mafuyu and Ritsuka advice regarding love.
Haruki and Akihiko are both familiar because they have appeared a lot in anime but in the movie, the other chara will be involved in them……!

Murata Ugetsu
村田 雨月

Being young, he is a world-renowned violinist.
He used to date with Akihiko but they broke up. However, they do have a “halfway” relationship, still living together.
Ugetsu, who appeared in episode 8 and final episode, will be involved with the movie too! The changeable relationship of Haruki, Akihiko and Ugetsu will be depicted!
Four members of the band finally achieve the very first concert since Mafuyu has newly joined. While they all start to focus on working on music, Ritsuka and Mafuyu start dating, being certain about their love. In the meantime, something happens to Haruki too. Even though he has had a crush on Akihiko for a long time, Akihiko is still having a “halfway” relationship with the violinist, Ugetsu, living together……
The movie will depict the scenario of vol.5 of the original comics! Since the movie focuses on the relationship of the three, Haruki, Akihiko and Ugetsu, you should watch it in case Season 2 might air later on!
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