【Coupling Column】Vol.29 Yu-Gi-Oh!

Hello everyone! It’s Saori from Otaku Republic! The【Coupling Column】I’ll feature today is…… Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS, now on air as one of the 2020 Spring Anime!

【Coupling Column】Vol.29 Yu-Gi-Oh!

This series, Yu-Gi-Oh (Duel Monster Series) is worldly famous as the card game too! So for today’s【Coupling Column】, I’ll feature some of the characters who appear in the original!

Yami Yugi x Muto Yugi【Puzzleshipping】

The relationship of the two: The “partners” bonded through the spirits

What is 武藤遊戯(Muto Yugi)like?

He is the main character of Yu-Gi-Oh! He is 10th grader at high school.
He likes various games, influenced by his grandfather who owns the game shop.
One day, his grandfather accidentally got the “Millennium Puzzle”, which is a hidden treasure in Egypt. And he gave away to Yugi. Even though they say the puzzle can never be solved…… Yugi somehow ended up solving it. In there, he saw the soul of the “Pharaoh”, ancient Egyptian King. The soul now resides in his body and he will eventually be in charge of “judging the criminals in the Games of Darkness”.
Muto Yugi is originally a timid boy who is frequently bullied. However, he is actually mentally strong to overcome such bullying. When it comes to the skills of playing the games, it’s not as good as Yami Yugi but he usually ends up winning, never giving up no matter how desperate the situation is.

What is 闇遊戯(Yami Yugi)like?

Yami Yugi is known as “King’s Soul”, who resides in Muto Yugi’s body, which is mentioned above. In the original, he has never been called “Yami Yugi” but this can be frequently seen in other media such as games.
He has quite a high sense of playing any kinds of games and never loses any games. What’s more, he mercilessly punishes the losers, tricking the game of the “Dark Game”. His true color is the ancient Egyptian King but the existence was “erased.”
So their relationship is when Muto Yugi is in a pinch, their minds trade places and punish those who commit crimes, huh? In the beginning of the story, they both were not recognized with each other but they will get to know each other once the game starts.
They are both such good partners with each other. They can make up for what’s missing each other! Muto Yugi’s game’s skills are not as good as Yami Yugi’s but his mental strength is so strong that he never gives up until he wins, believing in himself!
On the contrary, since Yami Yugi is skillful of playing the game, most of the time he tends to give up when he realizes that he can never win. He can never deal with such unexpected things because of how he normally plays the game……!
Actually, this title, Yu-Gi-Oh, depicts their fighting in the last scene. Since they know everything about each other, the game is extremely tough. For those who love these two, you should watch the episodes around the final episode……!! It was so good that they care about each other even in the game!!

Kaiba Seto x Yami Yugi【Prideshipping】

The relationship of the two: Fateful rivals that last since the previous life

What is海馬瀬人(Kaiba Seto)like?

Kaiba, a high school student, is CEO of the world largest multi-national gaming conglomerate, Kaiba Corporation (KC). His affection towards the game is so strong that he is known to be the best player.
His personality is bold and bossy.
He appeared in the beginning of the original as the villain who got involved with the fraud when he met Yugi. He did it because “he didn’t want to show his weakness=he has to keep winning” but he ended up being ruined mentally after he got beat by Yami Yugi in the Games of Darkness. He finally got out of his previous way of thinking a half year after that when he finally was recovered. He showed up in front of Yami Yugi again with the strength that can beat the opponent overwhelmingly and fairly. He sticks to the fact that he was beat by Yami Yugi and he thinks of himself as his rival since then.
“Speaking of Yu-Gi-Oh, the best part of it is the battle of these two (Yami Yugi and Kaiba), huh? Even though Kaiba’s personality in the end differed compared to the beginning, both of them are always depicted as the proud “Duelist”! In the original, the battle of Kaiba vs Yami Yugi and the one fought by both of them are so popular, huh……? Yami Yugi, himself, admits Kaiba as his rival and sometimes encourages him not to give up!”
The relationship of these two is…… guess what? They found out that they knew each other even in the previous life. Kaiba has never believed in occult but……?

Kaiba Seto x Jonouchi Katsuya【Puppyshipping】

Kaiba Seto x Jonouchi Katsuya
open otakurepublic.com
The relationship of the two: sarcastic one and “ordinary” one

What is 城之内克也(Jonouchi Katsuya)like?

He is the best friend of Muto Yugi. He is righteous and would do anything to protect his friends and innocent people being taken advantage of. Even though he is not that smart, he has good luck and quick-wittedness when it comes to fighting the battle. Even though his sense of playing game is not as good as Yugi or Kaiba, he sometimes wins the battle with his courage and luck. He never gives up on victory, which is one of his charms too. When asked “Why don’t you give up?” by the enemy, he said “I’m the fighter!” Then he actually did a comeback victory with the card he drew, which is one of his famous scenes.
So. what does Kaiba think about Jonouchi? Maybe to him…… ‘Jonouchi is a little extra who’s always beside Yugi’?
Basically, Kaiba admits only Yugi as his rival, so he really doesn’t care about Jonouchi. While Jonouchi remembers that Kaiba has challenged him making use of fraud, so he doesn’t like him, either. Moreover, even though Kaiba has called Jonouchi a ‘loser’ only one time in the original, Jonouchi somehow sticks to the fact that he was called like that and that he was made fun of. (The facial expressions are different at all too) There’s no way they get along.
But…… actually, Kaiba admitted how Jonouchi has grown up. At first, he recognized him as someone who can never go beyond him but as Jonouchi experienced so many battles and victories as a fighter, he admitted him. Even though he is not a talkative person, Kaiba admits Jonouchi as a fighter. …… I don’t see them trying to get along with each other, though.
Alright! This is all for today! I’ll see you all at the next Coupling Column!
Bye now~!

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