★Saori Press Vol.18★ Let’s learn “Comiket?” from Comiket 86!


★Saori Press Vol.18★ Let’s learn “What’s Comiket?” from Comiket 86!



Hi guys!  Summer is almost gone, isn’t it...

Hot summer days really annoy me but I (Saori) just don’t want fall to come yet... (。-`ω-)

It’s just too early for fall to come... (。-`ω-) And it’s not a good time for us to enjoy the final episode of the summer anime yet...



Well!  Some of you might have noticed already from the title above, but the theme of Saori Press this time is this!




“What is Comiket?”




(。-`ω-) Actually, I had been worrying about one thing.

Although I have been announcing, “Comiket!! Comiket is now open o(^O^*=*^O^)o!!” to many people in the recent Newsletters...




Maybe some of you might have wondered, “What’s Comiket?”....



o(`ω´*)o That’s not good!  And I also know that you can’t say that question after such a long time!

Because it’s not exaggerated to say that Comiket is one of the traditional cultures in which  Japanese people are proud of!

For both who have already known and who haven’t, let’s review it by looking back at Comiket 86!





“What is Comiket?”




★The biggest Doujinshi Sales Event ever in Japan



Check all the numbers below out, first.



The first day: 170,000 people

The second day: 170,000 people

The third day: 210,000 people



550,000 people in total.



By the way,

the number of the visitors at the regular Doujinshi Sales Event (usually held once in every three months) held in January 26(Sun), 2014 in COMIC CITY TOKYO 133 was 10,395.



I’ll say it again.

10,395 people(^ω^).



In short, this inverted triangle building is packed with from 17 to 20 times more people than the ones who visit the regular Doujinshi Sales Event.




This is the picture taken above the building.




This is how visitors are gathering.






(^ω^)This is the Comiket.




Here is more information with numbers.



Circles who joined: 35,000 circles.

Cosplayers who joined: About 15,000 people.

The ratio of men and women visitors: Men 43% Women 57%

The ratio of men and women who joined as circles and exhibits: Men 25% Women 75%

The budget of shopping: \10,000~\30,000 ($100~$300)



The ratio of men and women visitors is almost half and half, but mostly women, right? (●ω●;)

There were more women making lines when I visited there before, too.



And, the budget of shopping is a little less than I had expected!



Because, if regretted in Comiket, you’ll regret for your whole life!  You know? (^ω^)



There’ll be some items left, so we can get them later...  You’ll definitely lose right after you thought that way.



Our keyword in Comiket is ‘the Time is Now(^ω^)’





★The event where we can see various cosplays including something new and old



As I mentioned above as numbers, we’re able to see over 10,000 cosplayers in Comiket゚.+(〃ノωノ)゚.+°!!












Ladies were so beautiful!  Gentlemen were so cool! 

They were cosplaying as if they were just like anime characters.o(´∀`o三o´v`)o!!



But, there are not only cosplayers who are beautiful and cool in Comiket(^ω^).

Some of them cosplayed so well using their full talent.











“Wow... (°◇°;)  I really wanna cosplay but I just can’t make these kinds of perfect costumes...”

“I want to join the Japanese cosplay event but they are all Japanese and I just feel uneasy...”

If you guys think that way,



Just feel easy.  Everything you have can be weapons in Comiket. (^ω^)

I’ll show you guys two cosplayers who we thought were ‘the best’ among all the cosplayers taking part in the Comiket this time.








“Cosplaying can be beyond the border(^ω^).”





★Since everybody is too enthusiastic, there will be various legends in there.





“There are no customers in Comiket.”




Like this saying, Comiket is the event that each and every participant creates all together as one. 

(At least, that’s how I’m thinking.)



Participants are serious.  Staff are serious too.



As soon as the shutter is opened, there are some Kishida Meru.  (※) Those staff are threatening participants with Kishida Sensei’s costumes.




※Real Kishida Meru-Sensei

He is responsible for the character design of the Atelier Series






※Kishida Meru Sensei is so happy to know that there are some participants who cosplayed his costumes on the Comiket’s day.







There can’t be zero legends(^ω^)




Especially the words that are said by the staff who guard and manage people or carry sick people, staying up late almost for three days of the whole event, have been getting attention every year as ‘Comiket Staff Quotations’.



● “Is there anyone who visited Comiket for the first time?  Oops, there are unexpectedly a lot.  Welcome to a den.”

● “Get in line and follow the rules!!  Your lives are next to that!!”

● “If there is anybody who hasn’t bought a catalog, you guys can buy it in 20 seconds, which is faster than McDonald’s!!”

● “By the way, I couldn’t buy any Doujinshi, even one of them yesterday.”

● “The announcement is getting weak!!  Don’t get lost!!!”

● “There are some places which are on the different level.  It will take 30 minutes, where you are supposed to go in only five minutes.  There were some people who couldn’t make it and cried in a tiny interval.”



All the staff are trying hard to assist participants who are waiting on such hot days to being relaxed or to get more attention.  You guys are doing great!!!



Especially on the third day, the temperature was so low due to the rain at the previous day, so one of the said,



● “Today will be one of the historical days of Comiket, for sure!  It’s been a long time since we had this cool temperature in Comiket!  I just want to add the weather of last year and divide it with the one this year!” 



Yes, it sure was coldΣ(`д´/;)/ 

If we got in a line, we get hot; and if it got windy, we got cold...  It seemed to be such extreme weather.





By the way, a famous person visited Comiket for the first time on the third day, which became a topic of conversation.



She is a big-name singer whom everybody knows of...!






The line of the people became so long that it stuck out of the event place, wanting her items.





So many people were waiting in line, but only a few ended up getting any items from her...



Since it was the CD that a professional “enka” (like an American Bluegrass music) singer covered the song of VOCALOID, her original fans were gathering, which made the line the longest ever...



Her name is... Kobayashi Sachiko-San!!






Hmmm? She has nothing to do with animes?  Maybe some of you guys thought so.

But nope!  She is the singer that has sung various anime songs with her 50 year singing career!




Crayon Shin-chan





Especially, there are many of the songs that were adopted for anime and movies of Pokémon and I like ‘Kaze to Isshoni’ the best among them!! 

This song is a theme song of the movie, ‘Pokémon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back’, but this song always makes me cry remembering the movie. (´;ω;`) 

She is such a wonderful singer.



You can see her pictures somehow, if you search for ‘last boss’ from Japanese google...



Like this, Comiket is a wonderful summer event which various people can enjoy in various ways.



Thank you for people who felt like joining in it after you read this report I made! (^ω^)



Once again, I’m gonna say good bye to you, remembering the saying by a Comiket staff!



● “Is there anybody who visited Comiket for the first time?  Oops, there are unexpectedly a lot.  Welcome to a den.”




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