【Comiket97】TOP10 Doujinshi!! FGO or Final Fantasy Are Ranked In!


Boss(  'ω') “Hi, everyone~!! Happy New Year! I’m Otaku Republic’s Boss!!”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Hi, everyone from me too~!! Happy New Year! It’s Saori from Otaku Republic!!”


 (  'ω') (゜∇ ゜) ““Please stay with us at Otaku Republic in 2020 too~!””




【Comiket97】Here is the TOP10 of Comiket97 Doujinshi!! Popular Series’ Doujinshi such as FGO or Final Fantasy Are Ranked In!





Saori(゜∇ ゜) “So! The very first article in 2020 is… we’ll feature and review the biggest and the last Doujinshi event in 2019, Comiket97!!”




●In Comiket97 (for four days), 550,000 people in total visited!! We had a blast, huh??





Boss(  'ω') “So now! Let’s review one by one! Doujinshi which released at Comiket97 were… 7200 in total!!”




●The genre that released most was Fate/Grand Order!! Check HERE for the 7200 Comiket97 Doujinshi!





Saori(゜∇ ゜) “So! Which Comiket97 Doujinshi was the most-selling one (at Otaku Republic)…? Now, let’s get started! Here is the best-selling TOP10 ranking!! The brilliant best-selling Doujinshi was… THIS!!”




1st place Doujinshi - Final Fantasy XIV / Warriors of Light & G'raha Tia (Crystal Exarch) (ほとんど水晶公) / ASM-P






 2nd place Doujinshi - Illustration book - Fate/Grand Order / Gilgamesh & Ozymandias (King of Jewelry 宝石×古代王) / Sakagura 






3rd place Doujinshi - Illustration book - Fate/Grand Order / Ozymandias (Fate Series) (Sphingram) / tkciao






4th place Doujinshi - Illustration book - Final Fantasy XIV / Warriors of Light & Emet-Selch (IDEAL WORLD) / Tomatika






5th place Doujinshi - InuYasha / Sesshomaru x Rin (ビヤクコウカ) / Kasha






 6th place Doujinshi - Illustration book - Fate/Grand Order (ノブ×2ノノブック) / Nambarimasu 






7th place Doujinshi - Fate/Grand Order / Ozymandias (Fate Series) x Gilgamesh (余×我×我 湯けむり編) / Sakagura






8th place Doujinshi - Dragon Ball / Vegeta x Bulma (愛すべき者たちへ) / Drops






9th place Doujinshi - The Legend of Zelda / Link x Princess Zelda (その後のわたしたち) / CURSOR






10th place Doujinshi - Fate/Grand Order / Romani Archaman x Gudako (やがて春が来る) / Kagirinaku Ai.






Boss(  'ω') “Yeah!! The 1st place went to Final Fantasy Series’ Doujinshi, huh??”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “When it comes to the number that ranked in, FGO series was ranked in more, though! Not only Doujinshi but Illustration books are also ranked in in a good balance so why don’t we check the Illustration books, not just your favorite Couplings!?”




●The Illustration Books, released at Comiket97 were 1600!! Check HERE for them too!






Saori(゜∇ ゜) “What’s more? Here is the TOP3 of the most-released Doujinshi’s Couplings!”


1st place Victor Nikiforov x Katsuki Yuuri (140 Doujinshi)



2nd place Akai Shuichi x Amuro Tooru (100 Doujinshi)



3rd place Barnaby Brooks Jr. x Kotetsu Kaburagi (40 Doujinshi)





Boss(  'ω') “There are as many as 7200 Doujinshi but the 1st place shows just that little in number, huh…”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Since it’s the super huge Doujinshi event, various Couplings’ books in a good balance such as the Illustration books or Doujin Items released, huh? You might see the latest Doujinshi of your favorite genre too…!? For those who haven’t checked out Comiket97 Doujinshi yet after the New Year, go check them out!”


Alright now! We’ll see you all at the next article! Bye now~!!

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