【Yaoi Comics】Popular Original BL Comics at Otaku Republic!!!!


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Hello everyone! Sorry for a sudden question but…”


Saori(゜ ) “Have you been reading BL and Yaoi Comics!?!?”




【Yaoi Comics】Pick THIS BL To Read! Here Are Some Popular Original Yaoi Comics at Otaku Republic!!!!





Saori(゜∇ ゜) “I understand… when you read BL, you always pick Doujinshi with your favorite Anime or manga’s characters are on… That’s because you don’t know what the original BL are like!




★About 40000 Boys Love (Yaoi) Comics are coming out! Check them out here!!






Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Those 40000 are the ones which Otaku Republic carries… I’m sure you never know what kind of Boys Love (Yaoi) Comics they are! So today, I’ll pick out some of the popular ones with a popularity ranking!”




★Otaku Republic Boys Love (Yaoi) Comics Popularity Ranking!!




1st place Pet Keiyaku (PET契約 / 座裏屋蘭丸) / Zariya Ranmaru


He chooses to become his childhood friend, PET to earn his younger brother’s medical fee, working in a show business…!






2nd place Canna Comics (MADK 1 (Canna Comics)) / Suzuri Ryou


A boy, who has abnormal proclivities, got a book, where he can make a contract with a devil. After making the contract, he was reborn as a devil and encountered various devils to satisfy himself.






3rd place Yatamomo (やたもも (バンブーコミックス Qpaコレクション)) / Harada


Momo has no ability to live by himself, also being loose, and Yata, who is down-to-earth and takes care of people around him, interact with each other. It’s such a popular work, depicting their precious encounter.







4th place Ganbare! Nakamura-kun!! (ガンバレ!中村くん!!: EDGE COMIX Ganbare!Nakamurakun!!) / Syundei


It’s a survival☆love comedy, where a nagging boy does complete one-sided love!!

What will happen to Nakamura-kun, who fell in love at first sight to someone who is not even his friend…!?







5th place Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki (四代目・大和辰之 (ディアプラス・コミックス)) / Scarlet Beriko


It’s been a HOT title since 2015!

Yamato, who is the fourth leader of mafia, could not get over his broken heart and ended up being kidnapped…







Saori(゜∇ ゜)  “Some of the popular BL can be made into drama CD or Anime too!”




BLCD (Yaoi Drama CD) - Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki






★Check HERE for BLCD! Some of them might be made into Anime…!?






Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Original BL’s Doujinshi events take place too! The name of the event is…【J.GARDEN47】!! Some of the popular title might be made into comics too!”




 ★450 Original BL Doujinshi Are Coming Out!【J.GARDEN47】!! 






Lastly! Here Are the HOTTEST THREE Yaoi Comics in 2019! If you don’t know what to pick, then check these three first!!




 ★Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai (囀る鳥は羽ばたかない(6)) / Yoneda Kou 






★Koi wo suru tsumori wa nakatta (恋をするつもりはなかった) / Suzumaru Minta






★One Room Angel (ワンルームエンジェル) / Harada






Saori(゜∇ ゜) “It’s so exciting to know Doujinshi, which you came to like at Doujinshi event, might be made into comics, drama CD and Anime, huh?”


Already! We’ll see you all at the next article! Bye now~!!

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