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Cool?  Intellectual?  A special article for ‘megane-danshi(boys who wear glasses)’ character!




(〇-〇ヽ)!   Oops!  It’s Saori from Otaku republic!  Hello guys!


(。・ω・。) Oh, by the way, I usually don’t wear glasses.



I don’t know why...,

but I’ve recently noticed that all the characters, who I think are ‘cool’ in the manga I read, seem to wear glasses... (。-`ω-)。



That means!  If I write an article about characters who wear glasses, I can see the character I like?! (人´∀`) 

I definitely gotta do that then!





(*´Д`)ノ~~☆:.・*. Cool?  Intellectual?  A special article for ‘megane-danshi(boys who wear glasses)’ character!.:♪・*.:(´Д`*)ノ~~




Free! (Iwatobi Swim Club)  Ryugazaki Rei




The hottest megane danshi in this summer is Ryugazaki Rei, isn’t it!? (O*'v`*)

“Think first, before you act!” is his motto, and he is a theoretical boy!


Speaking of the characters who wear glasses, we all imagine they’re ‘smart, and argumentative’. 

He could definitely apply the rule too(●>艸<)! 

He is the one who first learns thoroughly what kind of swimming he will do, how ‘beautifully’ he could swim, and how fast he could swim, all before he swims!!!


Big Key Chain - Free! (Iwatobi Swim Club) / Ryugazaki Rei



By the way, what will the results of his swimming be like after he’s done all this research BEFORE he swam ... (^ω^)


At the same time, he’s not only smart but also modest, he is twisted around somebody’s little finger, especially by Hazuki Nagisa’s words or acts, who is in the same class as him! 

For instance, he opposes the suggestion he makes first, but ends up with agreeing with it... 

His smile is a worried look furrowing his brow rather than a satisfying look!  ヾ(・∀・`)Don’t call him a loser.


Desk Mat - Free! (Iwatobi Swim Club)


He is the one with glasses but has a silly character..?  But he is so modest that I feel heartwarming seeing him... (●´艸`)! 

As he is neither a handyman nor genius, he puts so much effort towards the goal (behind people’s back)! 

He is a quibbler but a hardworking boy at the same time too. 

He reminds me of a character with green hair, which I’m going to introduce after this... (。-`ω-)





K (K Project)  Fushimi Saruhiko


It’s a good memory, so I thought I could encounter another extreme megane character... (^ω^), watching episode 5 of the anime.


I will now introduce Fushimi Saruhito-Kun to you! ヾ( ゚∀゚)ノ゙ 

He is a cool and calm megane character, and belongs to the police-like organization in the anime, K (K Project).


Illustration Panel - K (K Project) / Fushimi Saruhiko



He usually looks listless and doesn’t try to work positively even though he is competent. 

That’s why I thought he was ‘a frivolous character’... until episode 5.  He finally showed his true color in episode 5...!!



When he reencountered Yata Misaki who became Saruhiko’s enemy as he put himself in the organization which was against him...

(^ω^) Oh.. my god ….!!  The producer made such a daring character!  

I can’t help but think that way. 

He changed suddenly right after he saw Misaki, even though he had been doing so well at his job!  

If I gave you more detail of how he changed, I would be scolded by my boss...so,,



“He loves Misaki(^ω^)!”



That’s all I could say to you for now... (^ω^) 

Just imagine for yourself..  It was just weird because he changed to the character which we could never be able to forget once we saw, even though he is just normal when he talks to other people...  

If there’s anybody who hasn’t watched K yet, please watch it to episode 5!

Life Size Tapestry - K (K Project) / Fushimi Saruhiko


I bet you’ll never be able to forget him smiling lively even though he used to be listless(^ω^).






Haikyuu!!  Tsukishima Kei




“I get irritated with people who are too passionate.”



This makes us understand what kind of man he is. 

It’s sure that his personality is not good, but he’s a good boy(O*'v`*)!... What?  It’s contradictory?  Nope, it’s not!


This boy is also a typical ‘smart and argumentative’ megane-character but he’s also ‘spiteful’ too. 

Even though he likes to make fun of people, and enjoys bothering people, when it comes to volleyball he changes completely and becomes a cool and quick-witted player(・`ω・)!


But because of the lack of his passion and addiction to volleyball, compared to other members, he gets their backing due to his physical strength and ability. 

Still, he can’t try harder.  He always thinks that ‘it’s not cool to make an effort’ from his past experience. 

Who gives a hand to such a miserable boy...?


Our boss used to say, “I don’t like Kei-Kun very much” too.  But after he read the latest episode, he said,



(  'ω') “I like him because he tries to get along well with other people through their communications, especially with his seniors or classmates even though it’s little by little.  I really want to cheer him up because he’s tall and he has so much more potential.”!!



I wonder how he will play because he was smart and avoided communicating with others... 

You can’t miss his good plays from the games, especially in the next game from the latest comics released in August 4th in Japan! (`・∀・´)ノ






Hetalia America (Alfred)



I didn’t know about him very much when I decided to introduce him to you guys in this press, to tell you the truth... (。-`ω-) 

So!  I asked my friend, “What kind of character is he?” ( ・ω・),,



My friend(・∀・) “The way he communicates with people is more than positive and even sweltering.  Though he calls himself ‘HERO’, he’s actually chubby.  His personality is too cheerful and it looks like people around him are twisted around his little finger, or, he even throws them away with a giant swing, grabbing their legs.”



(^ω^) Excuse me.., do you really like America?



My friend(# ゚Д゚) “What are you talking about?!  That’s a good part!  I’m sure if someone like him were here in a real world, he would be a little sweltering, but I definitely like him most in Hetalia!  He’s so cheerful and fun.  I even want to help him with changing his fat to muscle!!  He has the most individual character and it’s so enjoyable to watch him!”



She told me about his attraction passionately! 

She even said to me, “Do you wanna read Hetalia?  I can lend it to you!  Let’s have a drink together!” 

You could think it was her fault if I would be addicted with Hetalia a couple weeks later... (^ω^)


He seems to be a lovely character being loved by all the fans, even though he is ‘too cheerful and positive’, which are quite opposite personalities as the typical megane-character.  Since I haven’t read either anime and the original completely, I’ll read them at this chance(゚Д゚)≡゚д゚)!




Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko's Basketball)  Midorima Shintarou


In addition to ‘being smart and argumentative’, he is a wonderful character being ‘basically bossy’,

which can be said of a typical model of a sadistic megane-character(・`ω・)!



Since his ability of playing basketball is high and he’s strict not only to himself but also to others, he can’t often get along well with other basketball members. 

I don’t know why but I think many megane-characters are surprisingly in that kind of position! 

But he also discovers his own playing style which he didn’t have before ~ clearly being shown to him how unskilled and selfish he was in TEAM play, after defeat...!

Short Split Curtains - Kuroko no Basuke / Takao & Midorima

You might think he is a little cold-hearted person (not like Rei-chan but closer to Tsukishima-Kun) from what I’ve written so far, but he actually has a peculiar hobby unlike other megane-characters have.


That hobby is ‘bringing lucky items that are shown in a daily fortune telling to anywhere he goes’. 

He wishes, even when he has a formal basketball game, he brings the item so that all the efforts will lead to 100%!  Don’t you think it’s a cute hobby...? (*´∀`) 

I have a sense of affinity right away if I find out that anybody has such an unexpected hobby o(´∀`o三o´v`)o!


Of course the perfectly cool megane-characters are good but I like characters like him, who can show us surprisingly unexpected personalities..!  I (Saori) would invite the latter if I wanted my boyfriend! ( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ 

I’m waiting! All the lovely megane danshi!





We still have more megane-characters!  Which one would you prefer?


Danganronpa Togami Byakuya






Yowamushi Pedal Onoda Sakamichi






★ KILL la KILL  Inumuta Hōka



★ Meitantei Conan Edogawa Conan




★ PSYCHO-PASS  Ginoza Nobuchika

Glasses Cleaner - PSYCHO-PASS / Ginoza Nobuchika



★ UtaPri  Shinomiya Natsuki



★ Gintama Shimura Shinpachi




★ TIGER & BUNNY  Barnaby Brooks


Plastic Folder - TIGER & BUNNY / Barnaby & Kotetsu







Maybe I should put on glasses too...?  My eye sight has been getting worse, and plus, I’m scared of putting contact lenses into my eyes...





I seriously chose a pair of glasses I want from Otaku Republic, and this is my favorite! 

They’re good for my eye sight, they’re anime goods, and they’re so cool!  This is the best!



(  'ω')  (〇-〇ヽ) <What?  Is something wrong, boss?



(  'ω')  (〇-〇ヽ)

There are no girl characters at all...



(  'ω')  (〇-〇ヽ)



(  'ω')  (〇-〇ヽ)<Oops, oh well,, I didn’t introduce all the boys just because I wanted a boyfriend...



(  'ω')  (〇-〇ヽ)



(  'ω')  。* ゚ + 。・゚・。・ヽ(*´∀`)ノ



All right!  Look forward to some more wonderful characters or items at the next article!  I’ll see you then!


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