【UNDEAD is 1st Place】Ensemble Stars Unit Popularity Vote!


【UNDEAD is 1st Place】Ensemble Stars Unit Popularity Vote! Announcement of the Result!



Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Hello everyone! It’s Saori from Otaku Republic! Thank you for waiting! Here’s the result!”


For those who voted and showed us your passion toward the unit by giving us comments! Thank you so… much…! Okay, then let’s get started! Here’s the announcement of the result of Ensemble Stars Unit Popularity Vote!



1st place UNDEAD



◆Passionate Comments from the Voters

・otogari adonis i have feelings for you

・Koga!!! Rei!!!!!!!!!!!!


・their music! which is huge since my best boy isn’t even in UNDEAD. lol

・The way the group works almost like outsiders to come together and be one speaks to a lot of people, as well as myself, that people can come together and still be as tight-knit as life long friends.

・My favorite member is in this unit and their music is very unique.

・they have the edgiest look but the softest hearts

・Because I love them and Adonis is the most precious boi

・Undeads the punk unit ive been lookin for, + theyre all dumbass bastards nd fun to read about.

・I love every character of this unit and they are pretty funny

・Because they are so cute :3 !!

・i have a lot of emotional attachment to them so they're really important to me and also they are big sexy

・I love goths

・i love adonis otogari a lot and i love men and i have horrible horrible taste and undead fits it since its a unit of three sluts and one innocent bystander who doesnt know how hot he really is


・theyre hot, sexy, big gays, and very soft at that, please love them

・Rei Sakuma is the one and only God.

・i love my boyfriend oogami koga

・They’re like a really close family, even though arguments are often heard between all members 😌💞 They banter a lot, has dislikes about their fellow members but accepted them all and still works as a great unit. Their songs are god tier, each one unique from the other. I love how the members have a story of their own, some are the causes on why they act like that as of now. Still sad that there’s no Koga backstory yet (before he came to yumenosaki, how he got Leon, how he met Rei, etc) but all is honestly good. Everything about them is perfect despite their flaws.

・their voices are so good blended together!

・mm purple

・Because Koga Oogami is a part of Undead and i love the general theme and music from Undead the most!

・Because I love all of the members-

・Their fashion aesthetic and oddball personalities <3

・Best music! Best voice actors 👌


・I'm an edgelord and their aesthetic appeals to me more than any other.

・I love their songs so much!!!

・They are the coolest!

・Best music and I love Adonis!!!!!!!!




2nd place (tie) Eden



◆Passionate Comments from the Voters

・i love their wholesome and healing relationship despite their horrible life stories, and also they have the best music!!

・I love Nagisa. I'd say Knights but I only LOVE Arashi and Ritsu oops.

・Best unit

・Because I love their songs and especially Ibara Saegusa & Jun Sazanami is my fav. character. Also, I'm a big fan of enstars, and I always seemed to be getting attracted to the "Antagonist teams". so yes, this was why I chose this great full unit.




2nd place (tie) 流星隊 (Ryuseitai)



◆Passionate Comments from the Voters

・The boys are like a family and go through many hardships together! I also love sentai and their poses, as well as their songs!

・I love the energy they emit!!! Makes everyone that listens to their songs feel happy!💓

・All five of them are my top five best boys, also they have the cutest dynamic with each other (and my favourite music)

・i love me some dumb kids!!!

・So full of character!! Tetora and Chiaki are my favourites <3

・Ryuseitai is a group of unique characters who liven in any mood and make us inspired in seeing them trying their best to improve and working hard to achieve dreams!

・I love their concept and they are very cute.


・It's my favorite, Midori is in there, same as Kanata, I love the rest soo much and their songs give me motivation (even tho my motivation to do anything is still gone)




4th place Valkyrie



◆Passionate Comments from the Voters

・itsuki shu.

・Their style really speaks to me. Also big fan of Ali Project, it was all meant to be!

・Shu hot

・they have been through so much they deserve happiness they’re boyfriends and if u don’t support them ur homophobic mika n shu i would die for you xoxo

・I like their music best out of the other units, but I also love MaM & Knights! (Honestly love all units except rabbits and akatsuku, music wise lol)

・both their visual and songs are my favorite ones!

・They have the best character arcs! And I love Shu. Also A+ aesthetic.

・Mika and Shu are my best boys and their music is to die for! I love them so much ;A;

・i would die for them.

・I love them

・Mika and Shu look really good and their songs are so nice! The stories about Valkyrie are really deep and nice to read, too.




5th place  Knights



◆Passionate Comments from the Voters

・Loved Ritsu Sakuma since day one I'm so proud of him

・The reason I love Knights is that this group of individualists were able to become close, much like a warm family, despite their troubled pasts and they all love and support each other very much while learning to heal and love themselves

・THEIR SONGS BE BOPPIN.You know the red B block emoji?? Yeah that one

・Ritsu Sakuma

・Leo Tsukinaga. (And their songs are really good.)

・Sakuma Ritsu

・There are two redeads in the unit.

"-There theme is my Fav!!! I'm in love with knights/king stories!

-all of them are my fav characters!

- They are cute beatiful boys who deserve all the love!!





6th place  Trickstar



◆Passionate Comments from the Voters

・Because I love them

・Best boys, best songs and best seiyuus!!

・I like the characters and their songs.




7th place  MaM



◆Passionate Comments from the Voters

・Best boy, best songs

・i love Mama!

・his voice is nice + his songs are good. madara is my fave enstars boy!

・Madara Mikejima is literally the first character I’ve cared so much about he’s honestly brought me so much happiness

・I would die for Mikejima Madara

・I love Toriumi Kousuke's voice and the songs always make me so happy.

・Love his personality and he's voiced by my favourite seiyuu!

・I love Toriumi Kousuke’s singing




8th place (tie)  fine



◆Passionate Comments from the Voters

・Tori Himemiya, he's so evil yet so precious. Plus the rest of fine is really cute too!

・Wataru. I would die for that funky man.

・I want eichi tenshouin to step on me

・i love the characters so much




8th place (tie)  Ra*bits



◆Passionate Comments from the Voters

・mitsuru tenma babey


・They're so cute and they work so hard to become better without giving up! It's inspiring!




8th place (tie)  Switch



◆Passionate Comments from the Voters

・The colors and theme of switch attracted me the most. Their character and personality’s mixing with each other are perfect for each other as well! And their songs are always so upbeat and a blast to listen to

・I love love love love love love love love Natsume Sakasaki!!!

・They are unique, flashy and their songs and lives are fun




11th place  紅月 (Akatsuki)



◆Passionate Comments from the Voters

・souma and kuro were the first characters i got interested in and my love for them sparked my love for the game. akatsuki’s music has gotten me through some rough patches the past few years and i can’t wait to keep loving them in the future

・"Because my love for them is endless and I could just scream how much I love them and want them to be happy. They're not 100% innocent on the story (considering what Keito and Kuro had done during their second hear) but they still have become such a prestigious and respected unit along the way... I just want to keep cheering them on forever !Also their songs are godtier."

・i like their music, the characters, the aesthetic, and the general lore around them




12th place  2wink



◆Passionate Comments from the Voters

・They're literally perfect

・I love their dynamic and it makes me so happy to see them interacting together!




13th place  Eve




14th place  Adam





Boss(  'ω') “Hello everyone, I’m Otaku Republic’s Boss. Thank you so much for those who voted for this! The number of the comments we got was the greatest in history and we felt your love for your favorite units! It was a wonderful voting result ever…!”





Boss(  'ω') “Congrats, a Winner! UNDEAD!! You guys did it!!”





Saori(゜∇ ゜) “The secrets of UNDEAD’s popularity are【Music with dark atmosphere】and【A strong bond which the members have, caring about each other】, huh?”





Boss(  'ω') “They all seem to be aggressive from the first inspiration but they show us unexpected attractions every time an event takes place in the game!”





Saori(゜∇ ゜) “To me, I’m also curious about who’s the most popular among all the members of UNDEAD too! By the way, I like ‘Valentine Eve's Nightmare’ most among all the music in UNDEAD!! The lyric and music are mysterious and I love them…!!”



Boss(  'ω') “And the brilliant 2nd place goes to Eden! Congratulations…!”



Saori(゜∇ ゜) “This unit is comparatively new but it has reached all the way to the 2nd place! It’s incredible…!”







Boss(  'ω') “I know this unit was announced just recently but are they going to appear in Anime airing in July?”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “I don’t know yet but if they do, I’m sure they will get more fans! They are supposed to appear from【Chapter 2】but I’m so looking forward to seeing them…!”





Boss(  'ω') “And this is awesome too!! They’ve got tie 2nd place!! 流星隊 (Ryuseitai)!! They are tie, huh? That’s amazing! Congratulations!!”







Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Since this unit is specialized with a hero squadron, many people said the members are so cheerful and positive that they get energies and smiles in the comments~!! There are five members in the unit and they are all unique too!”





Saori(゜∇ ゜) “I think the best part of Ryuseitai is【Not everybody is positive】! Some have complex or sufferings but they always share with other members and go on to the next step! It’s an awesome unit, huh?”





Saori(゜∇ ゜) “So! How did you like the result of the first Ensemble Star Unit Popularity Vote? Once its Anime air, this ranking might change a lot…? It will air in July! Can’t wait~~~~!!!”





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Alright, then, we’ll see you at the next article! Bye~!


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