Here’s the results of the【How Do You Store Your Doujinshi?】!!


Here’s the results of the【How Do You Store Your Doujinshi?】!!!!!



Boss(  'ω') “Hello, everyone! I’m Otaku Republic’s Boss! And thank you for waiting for long! Here’s the results of the【How Do You Store Your Doujinshi?】, you voted for!”


The brilliant 1st place goes to…!


1st place 

I store them with regular books without putting them in Doujinshi Covers or a case (No Doujinshi Case No Doujinshi Cover)




※Passionate comments from the voters

・I like to display doujinshi with my anime shrine

・Because I don't have any cases or covers, although I should probably start getting them to cover up my doujins (and books as well) because of the dust.

・I have a normal Box from a paper Store which Stores about 20 doujinshi which was about 5$.

・Space limitations in storage, and I try to treat my doujinshi gently enough to prevent any damage to the covers.

・Until now I didn't realize there were other ways to store them! How cool!

・To why one shall retain such property within a locked cage of plastic is understandable, yet one believes such pieces of modern art ought to be relished in the flesh of hands, for all to enjoy swiftly! What better way is there to possess a collection one shall easily interact with~?

"I didn't even know doujinshi covers and cases were a thing! 😂

・Anyway, I have a shelf with a glass door and I store them there. I removed my books to make place for my doujinshis, though.

・But now that I think about it, doujinshi cases and covers would occupy too much space and draw too much attention to my collection."

・l have space on my bookshelf and dont own cases or covers

・Because I havent been able to get Doujinshi covers or cases.

・I have a floor to ceiling bookshelf built into an entire wall of my bedroom. While I am careful with my doujinshi (never eat or drink around them), I love being able to pull one off the shelf and read it. I used to worry about even opening them to read them but decided life is too short to be worried. I am a serious collector but enjoy my doujinshi without covers or cases. I totally understand and respect those who do use them though.

・I did’t have any plastic box and I also still got spare space on the book shelf so I put all the books there.More over it is easier for me to find the book that way.

・I take good care of my books, I don't need cover or case.

・Well they are just like regular books, aren`t they? You handle them careful and with respect. So a case is not necessarily needed.

・I do not own any doujinshi cases or covers yet, but I would like to. So for now, I store my doujinshi on their own shelf on my bookcase.

・Haven't found the right storing supplies for them.

・I like to see them on my shelf

・They are well organized in my storage box of Mangas

・Easier available to take when I want.

・Limited space.

・The look so nice on a bookshelf. But when I am traveling or transporting them I use a case

・At the end of the day, its still a book. The nature of the content of a book does not matter to me.



2nd place 

I store them in Doujinshi Covers (Only Doujinshi Cover)


※Passionate comments from the voters

・Got to try and look after my doujinshi as well as you do (*^▽^*)

・Storing in doujinshi case will take up space, so I mostly store only in doujinshi covers and keep inside a glass cabinet.

・It takes less space, also it's cheaper and I can see and take my doujinshis easily

・Because Shingo-san once gave those covers to me as a special gift and since then I like using them.

・I normally have them in a cover on a bookshelf to save room and keep them protected.

・When I have covers I absolutely use them! I want to keep doujin in as good of conditon as possible.

・I store each one in a plastic cover to protect them from humidity and dust

・I like keeping my doujinshis in a like new state. And easy to accesses. So they are in a magazine holders



3rd place 

I store them in a case (Only Doujinshi Case)


※Passionate comments from the voters

・I have a 20-liter plastic box I use to store my doujinshi. :D

・It keeps them clean and together in the same place. This way I can find them easily.

・Doujinshi are thin books, so keeping them in a hard case prevents them from being damaged by the thicker books on my bookshelf

・I keep them in cases to help organize them by series or type. I also wrap printed contact paper on my cases to help keep light from facing the covers. I do put covers on some of my more precious or rare ones though for wear and preservation. It a just too expensive to put them on every one.

・It is an easy way to quickly store and find doujinshi.

・Use only doujinshi case to protect from a dust and categorization. Since I likes to touch and feel texture of book as it is, so doujinshi cover is not preferred.

・They’re expensive so I treat them like comic books.



4th place 

I store them in Doujinshi Covers and in a case on top of that (Use Doujinshi Case & Doujinshi Cover)


※Passionate comments from the voters

・I like to protect the covers and organize my doujinshi neatly in one place.

・Doujinshi are a little expensive and I want them to stay in top condition (";—;) (I get wider cases from Daiso, and put multiple doujinshi in one case). I'd love to buy one of those big doujinshi boxes, but I think they'd be expensive to ship to Australia...

・To protect them from fingerprints and the atmosphere. Also bugs.

・I like the thought of protecting with covers from my hand grease, and also protecting the book from major damage with the case when I'm not reading them.

・The case so they don't get damaged and doujinshi covers protecting the printing on the covers of doujiushi as I have some that have sparkly or fancy covers.



Saori(゜∇ ゜) “As for the 1st place, 30% of all responded ‘No Doujinshi Case No Doujinshi Cover’! Thank you so much!”


Boss(  'ω') “I’m not… disappointed at that result..”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Oh? Why not?”


Boss(  'ω') “Look all the comments from everybody… the way they store is【No Doujinshi Case No Doujinshi Cover】for sure… but most people responded that ‘they store with a special care’! It’s impressive!”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Maybe the case or the cover might take too much room for them to store … but most of those people seem to be taking a special care of Doujinshi, huh? Some said they don’t need either the cover or the case because they have a bookshelf, which is only for Doujinshi!!”


Boss(  'ω') “Right. Anyways, I’m just so happy to hear many people in the world saying 【they take a special care of Doujinshi】! We’ll definitely take a special care when we pack and ship to your p lace too, okay? I’m so glad to know that you really take a great care of Doujinshi even after you’ve got it…!”



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Saori(゜∇ ゜) “And the 2nd place goes to…【Only Doujinshi Cover】!”



Boss(  'ω') “Most of the comments from the voters said It’svery cheap and not much room requires!


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “If you want to protect Doujinshi… then the best way is to put the Doujinshi cover on them, which is the easiest way!”


Boss(  'ω') “Plus! As you can see the comments of the 1st place 【No Doujinshi Case No Doujinshi Cover】, most of them said that Doujinshi covers are not available too.”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “At Otaku Republic, we sometimes give away Doujinshi Cover when they buy many Doujinshi, so let’s make use of that! You are able to buy them from HERE too!”



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Boss(  'ω') “Thank you again for all the votes and opinions! We’ll get all the Doujinshi items ready, checking the results from this vote!


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Already now! Have a great Doujinshi life! Bye now~!”



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