Nui-Photo Contest Is Now Underway at Goods Republic!


【Do You Have a Plushie?】Nui-Photo Contest Is Now Underway at GR!

A Special Number for Our Anime Goods Site, Goods Republic!



Boss(  'ω') “Hello everyone! I’m Otaku Republic’s Boss! Thank you for always visiting us at Otaku Republic! Here’s what!”


At our sister site, Goods Republic, a CONTEST is now underway!

Do you have any plushie of Anime chara? Let’s take their pictures!


Here’s the detail for joining the contest! We’ll give away a $70 coupon for the one who gets the best award!


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Hello, everyone! It’s Saori from Otaku Republic! Have you been to our sister site, Goods Republic before? It’s specified with Anime Good, whereas Otaku Republic is specified with Doujinshi!”



The best place for getting your favorite Anime Chara Goods! You’ll get your perfectly packaged items quickly and safely, just like you get Doujinshi!



Boss(  'ω') “Even with one Anime Goods, your room will be filled with lovely atmosphere and you will enjoy going out with it too…! The best part is that it will make you smile, just like Doujinshi gives you the best story of your favorite Chara!”



Boss(  'ω') “Right now at Goods Republic, they’re holding a contest where you can use such Anime Goods, which you can decorate or carry with! The theme is the Nui-Photo Contest! All you do is to compete with a picture which you take while you’re going out with your favorite Anime Chara Plushie!”




Boss(  'ω') “It’s completely free to join! If you wins, you’ll be given a $70 coupon, available at Goods Republic! For those who always buy Doujinshi and have any plushie of Anime Chara with you! Why don’t you join it?!”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “It will close on May 16th! It’s not too late yet! If you know any good place with a lovely scenery around your house, you should join it!”


Already! We’ll see you at the next article! Bye~!


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