【Announcement of the Results】Which Is the Most Popular Hypnosismic Group? (In Otaku Republic!!!)


【Announcement of the Results】Which Is the Most Popular Hypnosismic Group? (In Otaku Republic!!!)



Boss(  'ω') “Hello everyone! I’m Otaku Republic’s Boss! Thank you all for your votes and passionate comments for ‘【Mini Questionnaire】What’s Your Favorite Hypnosismic Group?’!”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Hello everyone! It’s Saori from Otaku Republic! Alright then, let me announce it!”



Announcement of the ResultsWhich Is the Most Popular Hypnosismic Group? (In Otaku Republic!!!


1st place Matenrou





【Passionate Comments from Everyone】

・Ill doc.


・Mainly I love everyones music vut Matenrou's characters are so appealing, and somewhat relatable lol Doppo hahahaa I feel him on a spiritual level, Hifumi is cute and their relationship is adorable as bffs and Jakurai is so chill like yes I hang with these 2 weirdos, plus his voice and rsp style is really nice and refreshing I love them

・Their music is my taste

・The drama CD story of how they met was great, I love their interactions!

・The most relatable characters

・Good dynamic and I like their songs.

・Characters design and backgrounds

・Coz why not?

・I love Doppo. He is extremely relatable.

・I love their relathionship! They're really close togheter and it makes me love the unit so much more! Feels like a family kinda. And their music is my favorite I love how they rap especially Doppo who's my favorite rapper in Hypmic!

・Good boys supporting good boys

・Charming and supportive

・Because of Doppo lol

・their darker aesthetic appeals to me the most!

・They're pretty cool!

・Gay and into older men


・I'm in my thirties and I enjoy seeing characters in my age group!

・Not sure

・Jakurai voice

・Hifumi and Doppo are cute together

・bc jakurai voice is everything & also i live for doppo & hifumi <3

・doppo x hifumi !

・Their image/sound is perhaps "darker" than the other divisions, so they held the strongest fascination for me. I think everyone in Matenrou has some regrets, but they keep advancing toward the future in spite of that. It makes me want to do the same!

・I love this groups craziness, each member is completely different from the other, and I absolutely love Hifumi and Doppo’s relationship and how weird but loving it is? Doppo really cares for Hifumi and it shows with how he always gets angry at him. I love all their character designs and their songs are different from the other units too which is really refreshing. The members designs are also my favorite and I love how diverse their music is for each solo, specially Doppo’s with his broad vocals and his insanity in general. They all seem like the big bad dogs of Shinjuku but in reality they are just these really cat-like guys who are just really cute overall.

・Chemistry of the group is just so much better than the other groups. I might also be biased because Doppo and Jakurai are my favorites lol

・Doppo 👌



2nd place Fling Posse





【Passionate Comments from Everyone】

・I like their aesthetic

・I love its song's style

・All the shade they send out to other groups... Plus, they fit in with my idea of “beautiful.” They also have a nice balance between each other, and it makes them unpredictable. Overall, Fling Posse is the most exciting division in my opinion.

・I love their deceptive appearance and the surprising friendship between them!

・i love their voices and dynamics

・Their songs are really nice and catchy. It feels as if I'm taking a stroll through a park or I am somewhere lively.

・Because I like the music and the crew members

・I feel that fling posse is my favorite because of the dynamic between them all and how well all of them fit together. I also feel that their voices are my favorite out of the 4.

・They literally hit all the marks of what I consider cute.

・I want Ramuda and Gentaro to raw my

・i like their interactions and character dynamics! matenrou is a close second but i only really like them because of hifumi and doppo, but i love fling posse for all of them

・Their songs are catchy and I love Ramuda!

・I really like their rapping style plus all of the potential outcomes that can happen with the group later on in the drama tracks

・I like FP because their music/style are more to my style! Ofc, obvious reason gonna be because I love Gentaro. Also, the interaction between the members are priceless. The members look very close yet are not actually close? Because sometimes there this kind of tense atmosphere among them like they mystery past self but still they manage to be funny, cheerful and just enjoy themselves. I think that’s why I love FP out of the 4.

・I like the twink with pink hair :)

・I really love their group song and their characters

・Their songs are fun to listen to! Also, Gentaro is super hot and gay for Dice~

・Their voices sounds the best to me ♥

・Their music is my style, it's really nice and I love the characters so much. Considering how the story is progressing and who knows what will happen to the group, but either way, they will remain as my number 1 favourite group. FLING POSSE ALL THE WAY!!

・Their song very discintive and I liked the beat more than the rapping who were getting repeatitive .

・I love Gentarou and Dice so much. SO MUCH.



3rd place Buster Bros!!!





【Passionate Comments from Everyone】

・sweet family dynamics and jiro is my favorite character! i love how ichiro changes his method of protecting his family~

・they are good boys

・Brotherly love!

・theyre fun boys

・I love Kimura subaru and Amasaki Kouhei


・Their sibling dynamic greatly reminds me of the one my siblings and I have with one another, and the relationship between their seiyuus is cute! They're beautiful nerds who I can relate to a lot and they rap amazingly well!

・I feel a connection with the group of siblings, me being both an older and middle child. Also, understand doing everything for the younger siblings like Ichiro does

・Amazing characters!

・I just love Yamada Jiro xD The brothers are lovely!

・I really love the Buster Bros because they’re all so loveable and their songs are my favourite!

・Ichiro Yamada

・Ichiro is bae

・Ichiro is 一番!!


・Their youthfulness and brotherly bond. Their style is also more classic hip hop.


・Kimura Subaru is my favourite voice actor and he voices one of the characters.

・I love seeing the younger brothers working hard to support and impress their idol!

・I like their different type of personality. Its just make my day with their own conversation








【Passionate Comments from Everyone】

・Gap Moe

・Best songs

・Their music sounds cool.

・Love the dynamics between the characters and all of their songs! ♡


・Badass members


・they have the most diverse style out of all divisions. they represent yokohama's swagger really well, particularly samatoki who is capable of bringing chill raps onto the table.


・Characters are interesting and they turned one of the least enjoyable forms of rap for me into something nice to listen to

・samatoki is too cool!



Boss(  'ω') “So! The first and brilliant champion of Hypnosismic Group Popularity Vote in Otaku Republic, Ver. 1, went to Matenrou!! Congrats!!!”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “By the way, the breakdown of the whole voting is this! We see no overwhelming number… instead, each group was well-balanced!”





Boss(  'ω') “I’ve heard that Matenrou got 1st place for the official popularity vote as well, huh?”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Yes! When the result was announced in Japan, that topic got in the top ranked in the Twitter trend!”





【「Buster Bros!!! VS MAD TRIGGER CREW」/Buster Bros!!!・MAD TRIGGER CREW】








Boss(  'ω') “So Matenrou again got 1st place in Otaku Republic too, huh?”


Saori(゜∇ ゜) “Yep! Also, commemorating such an honorable 1st place, even the music called【The Champion】was released too! The jacket is so luxurious as well, huh…? The music itself sounds powerful like a king too.”






Boss(  'ω') “Speaking of such popular Hypnosismic, there was an announcement saying an official rhythm game for the smartphone will be released in 2019 too! Since it’s a rap music, it will be perfect for the rhythm game, huh?”



Saori(゜∇ ゜) “The story of each four story has been updating too! And the music by the leaders of each four group, called The Dirty Dawg, was announced too…”



【The Dirty Dawg「T.D.D LEGEND」】




Saori(゜∇ ゜) “The official newly announced the gimmick called 【Hypnosis SPEAKER】as well… We cannot take our eyes off from them, huh?”




Boss(  'ω') “So again, the brilliant 1st place went to Matenrou for Hypnosismic Popularity Vote in Otaku Republic Vol. 1! Congratulations!!!”


Alright now, we’ll see you all at the next! Bye~!


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