Comiket92!! Don’t Miss out Doujinshi Available to Pre-Order!!


Comiket92 Page Is HOT!! Don’t Miss out Over 200 Doujinshi Available to Pre-Order!!



(゜д゜) Hello everybody!!! I’m a staff of Otaku Republic!!!


It’s July finally!!! Speaking of Otaku Republic in July????

Yep!!!! Comiket!!!! Here’s the exclusive page for the Comiket this year too!!!



★★What’s Comiket 92 (Summer 2017)???



It’s the biggest-scale all-genre Doujinshi sales event which takes place from Friday, August 11 to Sunday, August 13, 2017 in Japan!!!


The number of the visitors at Comiket91, which took place in December last year, was 550,000 in total!! It’s a big festival for Otaku in the world where more than 200,000 anime fans visit per a day!


At Comiket91, which took place a half year ago, there were over 35,000 circles and more and more items which are available to pre-order will be updated on a daily basis until the middle of August when it actually takes place! It’s so attractive, isn’t it?


Of course, most of the releases will be the new-editions or the ones that used to be sold out before, so please check out your favorite genres every single day in July and August!


Not only Doujinshi sales event but the cosplaying space is also set up in the venue! Fun to Watch, Fun to Join… It’s the Otaku festival for Otaku!!!!




(σゝ∀・)σ I check it out every day and have noticed that there are currently over 250 items even though there were only 50 two weeks ago!!! Since 30,000~40,000 circles will join it, it’s been a serious new-edition rush, having only less than a month to kick off!!!


So! I picked out some of the Doujinshi with wonderful covers among the ones which are currently available to pre-order!! I’m so sorry that I can only share some of them, out of over 250 items!!! Now, go check them out!!



★Doujinshi - Ensemble Stars! / All Characters & Knights (Manatu no Kishi Tachi) / azurite*



★Doujinshi - Kantai Collection / Hoppou Seiki (Kan Colle) x Harbour Princess (Kouwansei-Ki) (ほっぽちゃんの日常13) / スタジオナデシコ



★Doujinshi - Illustration book - Code Geass / Lelouch Lamperouge x C.C. (Noise Pollution Vol.3) / CREAYUS



★Doujinshi - Touhou Project / Sakuya & Reimu (人間してる?) / Atkinson




★Doujinshi - Yuri!!! on Ice / Victor x Katsuki Yuuri (See you, next Life.) / 海底



★Doujinshi - Touken Ranbu / Ookanehira & Saniwa & Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki (とある審神者の初期刀と豊葦原を駆ける龍) / 8kg



Doujinshi - Love Live! Sunshine!! / Tsushima Yoshiko & Kunikida Hanamaru & Watanabe You & Takami Chika (もしAqoursが野球部なら) / るんば走塁



★[Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - Novel - Compilation - Shingeki no Kyojin / Levi x Eren (広げた翼は飛ぶために) / Reppan



★Doujinshi - Fist Of The North Star / Goku (ジャ〇プ オールスターズバトル!) / SaiPin



(σゝ∀・)σ At Comiket91, which took place a half year ago, 12,807 items became available at the end! We currently have over 250 items and the number of the items available to pre-order will be increased by 50 times in a month!!! Please do not miss it out!!!


Comiket 91 (Winter 2016)



(゜д゜) Everybody! Don’t miss it out!!! Alright then, we’ll see you all at the next update!!!


Bye for now~!!!!



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