【Doujinshi Review】Illustration Doujinshi without the LINES!


【Doujinshi Review】Yuri!!! on Ice, Fate/Grand Order… A Special Number for Cute and Beautiful Doujinshi・Illustration Books that You Can Read without the LINES!



Hello everybody! I’m a staff of Otaku Republic!

(●ω●;) It’s been (about) fifth time since we started this segment, I’ve forgotten something important!!




(●ω●;) Isn’t Japanese difficult!!!????



We can never read Japanese Doujinshi without understanding Japanese...

I love anime or manga and I’m also interested in Doujinshi but I cannot read Japanese...



(σゝ∀・)σ For such people, we recommend “Illustration book”!!





It’s one of the wonderful items which we can feel the world view only with illustrations with almost no lines or explanations!

One of the characteristics is that they include not only fine arts but also original works! So! Today, we’ll pick out some Illustration books!




Doujinshi - Illustration book – Tsuno to Mimi to Kazokusei / KEGARI





This is an original Doujinshi with the themes, “tsuno (=horns)”, “mimi (=ears)” and “kazokusei (=fire) as the title shows.


I thought the girl on the cover was so lovely and jumped over to the trial reading page and guess what I did? I read it through, being attracted by its wonderful world view and the theme...!






Doujinshi - Illustration book - Kemono Friends / Jaguar & Fennec (JAPARI RAINBOW) / Migite Teisoku





Congrats! : Made into PLAY & NEW APP!!



Here’s an illustration book of Kemono Friends, which have currently been bringing over many friends to the zoos in Japan!


With a little 3D-Animation, this illustration book fully expresses “Anime-like” feature! So cute... I would definitely play it when the new app is released!




Doujinshi - Fate/Grand Order / Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) & Jeanne d'Arc & Saber Alter (THE TOWER) / En-Sof





Congrats! : 1st place! China-Version Sales Ranking


North-America-Version Coming-up in JULY!


A collaboration event, “ate/EXTRA CCC x Fate/Grand Order” is now being held in Japan!





This is an Illustration book of Fate/Grand Order whose themes are “black” and “red”, which has now been attracting people most from all over the world! The servants, who are drawn with a little dark impression, are just so beautiful...!!





Doujinshi - Illustration book – Yoroi-dori / Torikagoya (Torikago-ya)





It’s a Doujinshi whose themes are a “bird (=dori [tori])” and a “yoroi (=armor).


As you can see the cover shown above, the image is super beautiful.


This work actually made me want to feature the Illustration books on this special number. I feel that we don’t even need words to describe this world view.







Doujinshi - Illustration book - Yuri!!! on Ice / Katsuki Yuuri (Color) / iro





The theme is, of course, “Katsuki Yuuri”!!


I guarantee that you will enjoy all kinds of Yuuri with various outfits and situations by this Doujinshi! Plus, you are also able to check what kind of illustrations there will be on the detailed page!


If you are a Yuri!!! on Ice-lover, I strongly recommend this Illustration book!





Only the cover will even satisfy you!

Here’s an exclusive page for the Illustration book!



★Illustration book★



Alright then, this is all for today!




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