Anime-Collabo Hidden in Our Daily Life.


Anime-Collabo Hidden in Our Daily Life.  One Step forward to the Town, and You’ll See Anime!


Mafuyu(^q^): Hi, our friends. It’s Mafuyu from Otaku Republic!


Season 2 of anime “Shingeki no Kyojin began to air in April.


The news that they will do an extraordinary collaboration with a Japanese bank ATM (only limited in NakanoNiko-Niko Cho Committee / ニコニコ超会議) became a popular topic of conversation already.


Take a picture of that black wall with flash...

... and you’ll see a trick in which a Kyoin emerges so you can enjoy being there even after you withdraw your money from this ATM.

I was so surprised to see this kind of fresh and unusual collaboration of the bank ATM and anime but I thought it would be so much fun for us to see such an exciting trick in our daily spots. (*´ω`*)


Not only in the bank ATM but we also see more collaborations with anime in our every-day-places.


So today, we are going to share such familiar anime-collabo in Japan with you guys.


1. Convenience Store×Anime


A collaboration that we often see is the one of convenience stores and anime.


For instance, if we buy designated items, we can get giveaway anime goods.



Buy some snacks or drinks, then we can get limited items! What a happy system, huh?



What’s more? We can make a point card with some anime-pictures on and can also buy some items only available at convenience stores.



Isn’t it awesome that we can buy anime goods or even just feel anime in our every-day-places? ☆


And guess what? Here’s a character wearing uniform of the convenience store...


So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Looks cool!!!!


2 .Snacks or Drinks×Anime


The packages of snacks or drinks can be anime-versions during only limited period of time.


There’s no way I can eat it since I cannot ruin this fantastic package!!!!!!!!!!!!


I remember thinking a little weird when one of the Japanese popular ice cream ‘PARM’ and Toraware no Paruma (Imprisoned Palm) were collaborated just because their names resembled...


Once we find it, we feel like actually buying it... that’s a collabo of Anime × Snacks and Drinks!


3 .Sports×Anime


We see some collaborating projects of actual sports teams and anime as well.

On the very day of actual collaboration, they invite the casts or the authors of the anime as special guests and we can even buy limited goods available there.


It’s a special project where we can enjoying watching games, cheering up anime at the same time.


For those who never watch sports games, why don’t you join it in this great opportunity?

I’m one of them so I’ll go watch the game when it collaborates with my favorite anime☆


4 .Café, Restaurants×Anime


This is one of the collaborations we often see as well.


They usually hold giveaway campaigns where we can draw lots with the receipt (total amount has to be over 〇〇yen) or order designated menus and get original goods!


It’s a great opportunity when you can get the special goods which are only available there!!

Actually, I’ve won a giveaway present when Gyudon Restaurant and Yowamushi Pedal collaborated before!


What’s more? We get so excited just to see how they display anime’s panels in the café or restaurants!


5. Trains×Anime


You will see some trains running, wrapped with anime only during the limited time period and at the limited regions. You will also see some ads in the train like the picture above!


But! We can never know when that wrapped trains run so sometimes we might have to wait for about an hour just to see and ride it.

You will be able to know when they run if you check the twitter, so I always check it when my favorite anime’s wrapped trains run.




How did you like all the familiar collaborations?


We can see these collaborations in our every-day-places! We don’t even have to actually go to the event or concept café!

When you have a chance to come to Japan, don’t miss them out!



Let me finish around here then! See you soon~



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