Must Check? Weekly Otaku News ! ? (Mar.13~20)


 Must Check? Weekly Otaku News ! ? (Mar.13~20)



Boss(  'ω')  “Hey, hey. Don’t copy ‘Must Check ! Weekly Otaku News !’ which Aoi writes every Thursday. It’s so confusing. I’m Otaku Republic’s Boss.”


Saori∩(´∀`)∩  “Yeahhhh! Hello everyone! The real ‘Must Check ! Weekly Otaku News !’ is updated every Thursday! Today, I’ll feature a parody article by Saori!”


★Must Check ! Weekly Otaku News ! (Mar.2~8)★



Saori(σゝ∀・)σ “But! Even if it’s a parody, the contents are real! I’m gonna share some of the recent news which Saori selected! Are you guys ready? Let’s go!!”



(  'ω')Must Check ? Weekly Otaku News ! ? (Mar.1320) (´)∩



★Welcome back!! Sheryl Nome is reborn & announced the new song “Gorrrgeous(ゴ~~ジャス)”!



Saori∩(´∀`)∩  “The other day, the new song by Sheryl Nome, who is a character from Macross Frontier and is also a galactic diva, was announced! The tile is ‘Gorrrgeous’!! Sheryl is back, being sexy and dressed in Arabian costume! Many fans got together in front of ‘Big Vision’ in Akihabara and Shibuya, just to watch her limited-version PV!”




Boss(  'ω')  “Look at those crowds in Akihabara! Those who cannot get on the crossover bridge are looking up at the vision... I bet so many fans had been waiting for her ‘come-back’, huh?”


Saori∩(´∀`)∩  “PV was broadcasted for about 1 minutes and a half! We don’t know when it’s gonna be released but I’m already expecting that another character’s new song might be released soon as well.....!”



★It’s burning so hard! Season 2 of Hoozuki no Reitetsu will be produced!!



Saori∩(´∀`)∩  “As you know, they have announced that Season 2 of the hell-version everyday anime, ‘Hoozuki no Reitetsu’ will be produced! It starts airing in October, 2017! We can watch a sadistic avatar ‘Hoozuki-Sama’s incredible performance on TV again!”


Boss(  'ω')  “By the way, what character do you like?”



Saori∩(´)∩  “No doubt, it’s Shiro-Kun.”



★A movie-version of “Sound! Euphonium 2(Hibike! Euphonium (響け! ユーフォニアム))” will be produced! Even though it’s gonna be a highlight-version, we can watch it in the theater!



Saori∩(´∀`)∩  “Guess what? They announced that ‘Hibike! Euphonium2, whose final episode was over in December, 2016, will be made into a movie-version! Even though we only found out that it will be a ‘highlight-version’... we might be able to see other scenes that will newly be drawn as well! Probably, this will come out this fall as well!”


Boss(  'ω')  “By the way, what instrument are you good at playing, Saori?”



Saori∩(´)∩  “It’s whistle!”



★A movie version of No Game, No Life, “No Game, No Life Zero” will be released in 2017!



Saori∩(´∀`)∩  “This one is the information about the movie-version! A movie-version of ‘No Game, No Life’, which was broadcasted in 2014, will be released in 2017! It’s a story about a brother and his sisters, who were involved with battle in which they decide human’s destiny by a ‘game’... I’ve heard that this one will be a story about the ‘past’!”


Boss(  'ω')  “By the way, what game are you good at playing, Saori?”


Saori∩(´∀`)∩  “......Let me see..... I have no idea.”


Boss(  'ω')  “Seriously? Aren’t they a horror game or the one that you can play gacha with, no?”


Saori∩(´∀`)∩  “Of course I like them but I don’t think I’m good at them, you know...?”



★The latest image of the movie-version of Pokemon, “Pokemon the Movie 20: I Choose You!(キミにきめた!)”, will be released!! A story about a person and an animal will be re-made!!



Saori∩(´∀`)∩  “The Pokemon’s movie for this year will be remade from the first episode of anime aired in April, 1997, and its Promotion video was come out in public!”





Boss(  'ω')  “What? These two (one person and one animal) weren’t getting along a long time ago?”


Saori∩(´∀`)∩  “That’s right! Satoshi(Ash Ketchum) overslept on the day he would leave and ended up making Pikachu, which was left until the last moment, as a partner. But Pikachu didn’t listen to Satoshi so he had to leave the town, kind of dragging Pikachu!”


Boss(  'ω')  “Wow... I might be a little interested in that since I thought they’ve already trusted with each other 100%! Can’t wait!”



★Soucerous Stabber Orphen will be made into a movie again! “WHY NOW?” Even the original author said!



Saori∩(´∀`)∩  “They announced that the original of light novels, ‘Soucerous Stabber Orphen’ will be made into a movie again!”


Boss(  'ω')  “Is it the original of light novels?”


Saori∩(´∀`)∩  “Yep! If you want to read an interesting fantasy novel with a refined world view, this is the one!!! I was so addicted that I could describe this novel as this!”


Boss(  'ω')  “YOU were addicted? What kind of story is it, by the way?”


Saori(´)  “It’s a fantasy in which they keep performing the killing techniques, screaming those cool names of techniques at the same time!”


Boss(  'ω')  “You are introducing a different story, no?”



Saori∩(´∀`)∩  “So! How did you like the six news that I shared? Did you like any of them? The actual Must Check! Weekly Otaku News is updated every Thursday so don’t miss out checking it every week!”



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Boss(  'ω')  “Alright then, we’ll see you all again some time again except Thursday~!”



Preliminary report!!!! A movie version of Free!! will be released in 2017 Spring!





Bye now~!



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