[Yuri on Ice ep11] It’s so good and must be adapted to the long movie.


[Yuri on Ice ep11] It’s so good and must be adapted to the long movie.





Mafuyu(^q^): Hi, our friends. It’s Mafuyu from Otaku Republic!


Again, the broadcasting day of Yuri!!! on Ice is coming this week too! Did you watch it?



This week, Grand Prix Final finally started.




I was very looking forward to this day because I had not seen the hero of Kazakhstan, Otabek Altin’s skating, who became a friend of Yurio last week.


Also, in this episode, a Japanese figure skater, Oda Noburanari, was appearing as his own character’s voice actor.





This episode 11 has a lot of fun.

What was Short Program? Let’s take a look together!




Yuri!!! on Ice Ep11 Look-back~Grand Prix Final’s Short Program~




The first skater was Katsuki Yuuri.




He challenged his performance with the paired ring to wish for winning.


Was he able to do the skating that he likes most?




His performance started, with such a big applause.




The song was, of course, “About Love ~Eros~”.

Yuuri challenged the components of jumps to aim for a higher score.


He decided to add quadruple flip again in Short Program, which is rarely successful.

Where did the mentally weak Yuuri go?




We can tell how much Yuuri tried hard for this competition.




Although jumps in the first half were all successful and Yuuri showed us his perfect performance, he touched his hand during the quadruple flip.

He obtained high score but it did not reach to 100 points.


Yuuri did not succeed quadruple flip and looked very frustrated.

I haven’t seen him who go frustrated this much.


Let’s hope that he will show us a wonderful performance in Free Program, driven by frustration!






The next person is my recommended, Phichit Chulanont.





Oh…. the little Phichit-kun.

You are sooooo cutttteeeeeeee!



Before Phichit-kun’s performance started, Mafuyu already felt like hugging him so much.


My feeling aside, he is a big star in performance.


The song he was using is, of course, “Shall We Skate?” from the movie “The King and the Skater”.


“Although a Thai people was the main character of the movie, there were no Thai skaters who have used this song. So, I will skate to this song in a big stage some time!”, Phichit-kun said to Yuuri.   




His dream came true and Phichit-kun completed his performance without any mistakes.

The score did not reach to Yuuri’s score, but he showed us such a very joyful performance which is very him.


I cannot stop smiling if I see his satisfying facial expression after the performance.


Can I hug you? (Shut myself up.)





The next person is Yuri Plisetsky, also known as Yurio.




The song was, of course, “About Love ~Agape~”. He performed the program that Viktor choreographed.


Yuri was looking for what the love for him is from various meetings.






Yuri, who has been improving himself in performance as well as mentally, completed jumps perfectly. His tremendous performance made the audience get more excited.





score was the world highest record. He became top 1, going over Viktor’s points.


I am excited to see Yuri’s unstoppable progress in the future.

I am also so happy that Yuri’s effort was finally rewarded, who knew his actual skill and tied practicing very hard.



His innocent smile is so cute!





The next person is Christophe Giacometti.



Although he came to Grand Prix Final every year, he did not win it even once.

What was this competition without Viktor going to be? His performance finally started.


The song is, of course, “Intoxicated”. Christophe Giacometti was showing off the adult Eros.



Very erotic! Too sexy!



His bottom! Bottom! Bottom!




His last jump was not successful but he showed us his quality performance.

He obtained a higher score than Yuuri’s score, and became top 2.






The next person is Otabek Altin, the hero of Kazakhstan.


Yurio, who became his friend last week, also cheered him. 




Otabek answering the cheering is very cute!




The song is “Samarkand Overture”.


His talent did not blossom when he was little.

So, he has been trying hard with his own idea that he cannot win without finding what only he can do.




His jumps were successful.

He showed a very straight and honest performance which is very him.






And he also got a high score and became top 2 by defeating Christophe Giacometti.

I just think that he is cool and admire him because he keeps moving on whatever the other people say.





The next person is Jean Jack Leroy, also known as JJ.


He is still JJ. He looked very confident this time too.




The song is, of course, “Theme of King JJ”. His supporting group’s JJ calling boiled up in the whole venue





I thought he would show us his perfect performance with full of self-confidence that is very JJ…


JJ was caught up in Grand Prix Final and kept mistaking jumps.





Although he was trying to recover himself and challenged the most difficult quadruple loop , unfortunately he was not able to succeed the jump.  


He had a crazy facial expression that we would not be able to imagine from the normal JJ.




JJ scored the lowest points since among senior-level competitions that he attended and got disappointed at himself. However, he acknowledged supporters’ applause and showed the JJ pause as always.


I expect that JJ will show us his special and perfect performance in Free Program for sure.


It’s J.J. style!





All the skaters completed their performance in Short Program.



The current ranking is as shown below:


1. Yuri Plisetsky

2. Otabek Altin

3. Christophe Giacometti

4. Katsuki Yuuri

5. Phichit Chulanont

6. Jean Jack Leroy



I am already excited to see the next week’s Free Program.



Mafuyu(^q^): Ahhh, I really enjoyed this week’s episode too! Phichit-kun is too cute and just perfect…




When I thought so…



Yuuri said to Viktor, “Let’s finish all at Final”.







Don’t finish like this, which gets me worried until the next episode...


Next week is the last episode finally. I can’t sleep well because my favorite anime which is too enjoyable will finish and it feels me so sad….







Let’s follow Yuri!!! on Ice together next week too☆




That’s it for this time! See you again★





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