How many images do you know? Troll images Japanese Otaku often use.


How many images, which Japanese Otaku often use, do you know?

A special article for the troll images that you can casually use as stamps!



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How many images, which Japanese Otaku often use, do you know? A special article for the troll images that you can casually use as stamps!



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★Details are omitted but in short, you’ll die.


Original Source: Movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith





This is the image when people who have already watched something tell people who haven’t watched it yet about how wonderful it was. It’s the image meaning it will be so moving that they will die without being given any spoilers.




★Hearing there is a bash, Andrew W.K couldn’t wait to go from excitement

(祭りと聞いて 我慢できずに駆け付けた アンドリューW.K)

Original Source: This is the image when he hurriedly showed up even though he hadn’t been invited to the music show, “ROCK FUJIYAMA” as a guest.





This can be used when there is a bash online and they join it with high spirits. You see how he smiles and how blurry the image is? We can clearly see his excitement from this image. This image is used when there are bashes and they rush over there with excitement.




★Just kidding, right?


Original Source: Cromartie High School





This image can be used when your partner’s suggestion so reckless that you would want to ask if it was just a kidding. But most of the time, the partner is serious about the suggestion when this image is used. Yes, the more reckless the suggestion is, the better this image will work.




★You really jumped off the deep end, huh?


Original Source: Various Theories





This image can be used when you conducted a reckless and risky act (and even died) toward the powerful enemy. You give a salute and praise his/her courage, imagining his/her face in the night sky. (Note that it can only be used as a joke.) It’s the image, given to people who will do a suicide attack. For instance, in Pokemon, it can be used when they become unable to fight anymore, involving enemies (it’s called ‘Jibaku’).








★Then I’ll kill you


Original Source: It was said by Jeremy Lee Renner. A scene of the making of an action horror movie “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters” directed by Tommy Wirkola.





No matter what genre, it can be used in any situation as a punch line. It’s the image, in which they are forced to try to solve the problem by killing the enemy at the end, no matter how they acted. It’s such a useful expression that the atmosphere in the conversation changes to rather mild only by using this image at the end.



【Application Example: How to pass the entrance exam】

・Study hard everyday

・Go to an exam hall

・Meet someone who is going to take the entrance exam of the same college as you

・Then I’ll kill you.




★I’m gonna f**king kill you! (ぶっ殺してやるからな!)

Original Source: When Ishibashi Takaaki (石橋貴明a Japanese comedian of Tunnels) played a tennis match with a professional tennis player, Matsuoka Shuzou (松岡修造), he said these words with a clear murderous intention.





While the one above “Then I’ll kill you” is often used in the end of the context, this image can be used only by the words themselves or at the beginning of the context. Don’t hesitate to use this expression when something hateful happened to you and it was full of murderous intention.



【Application Example】

“Woohoo! I got ☆5’s character from Gacha!”

I’m gonna f**king kill you!




★To me, who has neither excellent nature nor talent, this is the only way.


Original Source: Manga “Tsukiji Uogashi Sandaime(築地魚河岸三代目)”



This is manga, in which a business man (a main character), one day, took over his parents’ restaurant in Tsukiji and struggle his life. These images are often used in this situation.





“To me, who has neither excellent nature nor talent, this is the only way.” The true meaning of these words is “I have been covering something missing with my efforts or skills.” But if the second picture with a knife is used, it can mean “To me, who has neither excellent nature nor talent, this (killing you) is the only way, (in order to beat you).”






Here is a scene from Tsukiji Uogashi Sandaime as well. This serious face holding a kinfe is well-known but actually, this is a photo collage.





As mentioned above, Tsukiji Uogashi Sandaime tends to be misunderstood but it’s actually a serious cooking manga in the stage of Tsukiji market. Those who like Oishibo should read this one in this opportunity.



★I’ve been forced!!


Original Source: A character from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, who has been forced to live in poverty in a slum area due to the influence of the war, said this line.





Literally, this can be used when you are forced to do something by external factor, not by your will. The reason why this became so well-known is because of how this scene was directed: a closed-up face shot and a concentrated line work. This scene with such a strong impact definitely unexpectedly attracted so many people.



Mmm...! From this context, I ...!




am forced...!!!

(to put this image with a concentrated line work for the photo collage...!)




★I’ve been waiting!! For this moment, you know?!


Original Source: A scene from Episode 42 of “Kazedensetsu BukkominoTaku” This is a line which the enemy of the main character said when it was waiting for the moment of the battle.





Literally, it can be used when you are waiting for this moment or when you want to say “Yes”. When you just cannot wait, you can use it. How bad you can’t wait? When you bring picks to the battle because you cannot control yourself against the enemy.



Please do not swing the picks about since it’s dangerous. (By the way, this character was carried to the hospital, defeated by the main character.)





★No result!!! was acquired!!!


Original Source: Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)





This is a scene from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), which is familiar to you all. As this line shows, they gave a regrettable report without any good result after they searched for Titan (attack on titan), with many victims. The man on the right is a leader and the woman on the left is a mother of one of the members who became a victim.



“Was the death of my son not in vain?!! Did it become a benchmark for counterattack of human-beings?!!!



“No result!!! was acquired!!!”



Even though this scene is supposed to be the one that makes us realize that human-beings are helpless in front of overwhelming Titan, it is being recognized as an image “to be used when we ended up not being able to acquire any good results after we had spent time or money” since it was a scene with such a strong impact.



【Application Example】


After I spent \20,000 (≒$200) on free-to-play (item charging) games!!! It was FGO!!! I wasn’t able to get!!! Enkidu!!!! No result!!! was acquired!!! (by Saori)






★“Maintenance is over in a few minutes.”  「あと数分でメンテナンスが明ける(終わる)」

“What’s gonna happen after it’s over?”  「メンテが明けるとどうなる?」

“You don’t know?”  「知らんのか」

“Another maintenance will start.”  「メンテが始まる」





Original Source: One scene from manga, “COBRA THE SPACE PIRATE”. The images shown above are the photo collage. The ones shown below are the real images.



 “The day breaks in two hours.” 「後2時間で夜が明ける」

 “What’s gonna happen when it does?” 「夜が明けるとどうなる?」

 “You don’t know?” 「知らんのか」

 “The sun will rise.” 「日が昇る」









These images are used when the negative spiral repeatedly happens: in social games, a (temporary) maintenance starts and ends but ends up starting it over since they’re not fixed yet... Actually, Saori has experienced this repetitious maintenance at now-popular Fate/Grand Order too and these images were often put up.



FYI, manga “COBRA” always has cool characters in any scene, so their images are often used for the original source of photo collage.




“Hello~~!! (In a middle of a raid)”



「だ、だれだっ お前はっ!!」「あててみろ ハワイへご招待するぜ」

“Who... who are you!!” “Guess who. I’ll invite you to Hawaii if you get it right.”





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「 計 画 通 り 」

“As I’ve planned”





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