The attractiveness of the 2.5-demension theater/musical!


Let’s approach the attractiveness of the 2.5-demension theater/musical!




Mafuyu(^q^): Hi, our friends. It’s Mafuyu from Otaku Republic!


Have you been to a theater to see the performance based on the manga, anime and games?

Recently, many kinds of works are made into plays which are getting very popular.



As I introduced it in the article about Akihabara,

the musical is popular enough for Animate, which was newly made in Akihabara as “the anime shop for ladies”, to have a special floor about 2.5-demension theater and musical!   


If you go up on stairs, you can see theaters’ posters on all the walls.





I was also suggested to see one by my friend and have seen Yowamushi Pedal. The power of the theater attracted me and I was not able to stop going to the collaborated café later!

The power of the theater is just incredible!




So, this time I would like to introduce about “2.5-dimention theater” and “2.5-dimention musical”.




・The history of “2.5-dimention theater” and “2.5-dimention musical”



If you look back the history of “2.5-dimention theater” and “2.5-dimention musical”…it started in 1956! They started when Takarazuka Revue started in 1956 by making a work of manga into the play.


After Takarazuka Revue made a very popular girls’ manga, La Rose de Versailles, into the play in1974, plays made from manga have been performed at the other places than Takarazuka Revue.



(Takarazuka Revue is an operetta troupe only by popular single ladies, which is very famous in Japan.)




Below representative works which were made into plays were performed at the other theaters than Takarazuka Revue:


・In 1991 Saint Seiya


・The first play in 1993 Sailor Moon


The stream of adoption from manga works for the plays was changed the musical Prince Of Tennis, which first show was in 2003.

Adoption works related to sports where most of the scenes consist of matches was unique and became out conversation topic.


Since the musical Prince Of Tennis was performed for the first time, this is 14th year as of March 2016 and the number of the visitors surpassed 2.1 million people in total. And, the number of the performances are reaching to more than 1,300 times including the performances outside of Japan for 3 times.


Also, after the musical Prince Of Tennis , adoption of works based on manga and anime for plays started being called as “2.5-dimention musical” and was established and known as a genre. 




・The attractiveness “2.5-dimention theater” and “2.5-dimention musical”



Now, not only in Japan but also in the world, “2.5-dimention theater” and “2.5-dimention musical” are super popular!

What on the earth is the secret that they are popular? To answer this, I gathered the attractiveness of “2.5-dimention theater” and “2.5-dimention musical”.



1.The world of manga, anime and games are faithfully replicated


Recently, not just adoption of manga, anime and games for plays but also virtualization have been done.

You may think like “what is the difference between adoption for plays and virtualization?”, but virtualization and “2.5-dimention theater” and “2.5-dimention musical” are completely different!


Virtualization contains elements where the original works are modified, while 2.5-dimention strictly prohibits modification of the original works!

The progression of the stories and lyrics which are faithfully replicated are “2.5-dimention theater” and “2.5-dimention musical”!


For example, all the casts are determined by audition in the musical Prince Of Tennis  in order to replicate the original work faithfully.

Also, although any balls are not used during the actual musical because the balls are expressed with lighting, casts get a thorough training during their tennis training camp.   





Since they think that even the details are important, I think this musical can successfully attract the audience!  




2. The special power exists in the theater


As I mentioned that the works are thoroughly replicated in the musical, there are many merits for the theater!

One of them is the power of the direction (lighting and music) and the casts’ performances. 


For example, the casts use handle bars only in the musical Yowamushi Pedal! Also, there are only ‘steps’, ‘slopes’ and ‘hanging bicycles”.

However, it looks like they are cycling thanks to the direction and the casts’ performances.


Everything is expressed with the casts’ voices, expressions, actions and bodies. That’s why we can feel the passion of the Road Races.


At first, I was surprised to see that they are holding handle bars and stepping with knees down but we can tell that the special power exists as if they are really racing with bicycles.




It’s very impressive to create their world just with the direction and their performances, isn’t it?!




3. The actors are handsome



All the actors appearing in “2.5-dimention theater” and “2.5-dimention musical” are handsome!


When I heard that my friend who loves “2.5-dimention theater” and “2.5-dimention musical” answered the attractiveness of the theater saying “the actors are handsome”, I was about to punch her …lol


But I understand it with photos!!


Toooooo handsomeeeeeeeee!!!!




If these good-looking actors perform your favorite characters, you will be excited…


Also, these handsome actors are perfectly becoming the characters on the stage! This is one of the attractive points!



I can see him as Arakita-san only!!!! The powerful performance can give us goosebumps…


“You must do well! You idiot!” It sounds like Arakita-san is coming out now.



I believe that replicating characters depends on the efforts of the theater creators!

I really want everyone to see at theaters and feel the power.





This time, I was able to introduce only 3 points, but there are many attractive points of

“2.5-dimention theater” and “2.5-dimention musical”.






Everyone, please make sure the attractiveness of “2.5-dimention theater” and “2.5-dimention musical” by yourself★



I am sure you will be impressed at the high completion. (。>v<。)



That’s it for this time! See you again★





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