The world of Otome-game is deep! A feature of aggressive games!


The world of Otome-game is deep! A feature of aggressive games!




Mafuyu(^q^): Hi, our friends. It’s Mafuyu from Otaku Republic!


The season in Japan is now winter! From December, it is getting colder and colder so gaming in a warm room is becoming my daily task to do.


Recently, I am into DYNAMIC CHORD, sold in the beginning of November.






Going to see cherry blossoms with a good-looking guy,


and getting a guy to send me home…



This is Otome game who can make all my wish come true! lol

Not only when you want your heart to skip a beat of course, but also when you need someone to warm you up in cold fall and winter, it is strongly recommended★



However! Although there are many Otome games to get your heart throbing, there are also crazy Otome games that may get you trauma once you play them.

Twitter has a hash tag of “#Omaerano Otome game no trauma wo ageteke (mention your traumas of Otome game)”.




This time, I would like to introduce Otome game with excitement and fun, different from ‘Mune-Kyun (Heartthrob)’★


※ Please note that the below Otome games are introduced on the basis of Mafuyu’s personal preference. Also, they contain spoilers.





First of all, I will introduce 3 aggressive elements that I think Otome games often have!




1. Death such as suicide and killing people etc. is contained



Whaaaatttt!? You may think that “Suicide? Killing people? This is just Otome game”.


Otome games always have as many endings as the number of the boys to conquer, and basically the main character (player) and a character will be in love with each other. 

However, depending on the game, several different endings may be ready.


One of the endings is BAD END.

BAD END literally means a not happy ending

The contents may vary such as the guy you are trying to conquer is not in love, the main character (player) and the guy sometimes die…


Otome game is not just a game for heartthrob! It is very deep!



2. Extreme love


Otome games sometimes have a boy with strong jealousy and obsession.

And, if the obsession is too extreme, sometimes he may get someone under house arrest or force someone to take sleeping pills…


However! This is because of love. Those boys with strong obsession can even have happy endings so don’t worry★



3. Jealousy from other girls around you


In Otome games, the boys who appear are all good ones.

So, the boys are popular to the girls around them.


If the popular boy is going along with the main character (player), other girls around you won’t be quiet.


Because of jealousy, you may often get bullied or cursed…

How many times was I said “Busu (Ugly)” … lol


Ladies are so scary!!!


When you feel scared, there is a boy who always saves you.

The kindness will make you feel all tingly inside!


In most cases, the girls who bully you at first will understand the relationship between you and the boy and the issue will be solved so you don’t worry!




Lastly…I will introduce Otome games which contain one of the 3 elements!


This is my recommended game for those who want to experience an exciting love affair!








AMNESIA is a work about the main character (player) who was possessed by a spirit of a dead person and lost her memory, but tries to get her memory back with a boy (boyfriend).

Other than the world where you are alive, another world exists in its fantasy setting.

Each world has a boyfriend of the main character (player) to appear, and with the boyfriend, she is getting her memory back.


They do not fall in love with each other by knowing each other, but the setting is “they are still in a relationship although the main character does not have her memory”, which is unique and interesting.


Getting locked in a cage,


and almost being killed by Ukyo (precisely, Ukyo created another vicious personality Ukyo in order to escape from the fear of the death) …



The progress is very extreme like these, but I am sure that you will get excited about the unpredictable story.

I would like to recommend this for those who love games with serious progress.








DIABOLIK LOVERS is a work about the extreme love affair with a very sadistic vampire.

As brothers are trying to kill each other and the main character (player) is also trying to kill them, such an extreme progress is waiting.


I was excited every time at the extreme progress, but I can sometimes see a cute part of the very sadistic vampire, and other parts that you love.

The boys who appear are all very sadistic but they are kind anyway…


The new work of DIABOLIK LOVERS series “LOST EDEN” will be sold in February 2017.

I am very looking forward to the next work!






DYNAMIC CHORD is a work about a love affair with a band man that I have introduced before. (For details, see this★)



In the scenario of Tokiharu from DYNAMIC CHORD, Tokiharu commits a suicide as BAD END.

Moreover, he is a composer so he passes away leaving a song instead of his will.


Although suicide is very sad ending, the other endings are not like this and the main character is in love mutually and live happily, so don’t worry.


Besides Tokiharu, there are a lot of unique boys who was killed in an accident and try to lock under house arrest as BAD END. However, the scenarios vary such as pure love, love with an old friend, a story to make the first love come true etc., so I recommend this for those who want to enjoy some kinds of love affairs.



Gekka Ryouran ROMANCE


Gekka Ryouran ROMANCE is a work about a forbidden love with a boy who belongs to a secretly existing club “Forbidden Date Club” in the high school that the main character is moving in.

“Forbidden Date Club” is a club activity that rich boys gather in order to rip off a lot of money from girls who are admiring and looking for romance and love.


Mmm. We can guess that there are a lot of unique boys to appear, by just hearing this...


You may know the content if you see the picture… but there is some extreme progress relatively.


I got surprised at Wabisuke (the boy in the below picture) who is kind and always saves the main character (player) in a pinch, suddenly changed to someone with a different personality.


I would like to recommend this for those who love ‘Yandere*’ boys.

(*Yandere: This is a world derived from Tsundere, which means that someone is mentally sick by considering someone else too much.)





As I introduced several games, how was it?

I introduced some games where you can enjoy exciting love, but there are many Otome games.


For example, stories in school, in history, in suspense, in fantasy… etc.


Sometimes their shoulders are so broad,


and a unique game to be in love with Egyptian god appear…



They sometimes act without restraint lol


Heartthrob, impression, relaxing, laughing…The attractiveness of Otome games is that they can let you have many emotions!



Everyone, please play them★



Mafuyu(^q^): Well!! I made a blog! I am going to keep listening to DYNAMIC CHORD!


That’s it for this time! See you again



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