Let’s go to Akihabara GUNDAM Café !


(´_ゝ`) The place that we must go in Akihabara is…Yes, it is GUNDAM Café! Just next to the Denkigai exit of Akihabara station!





With the one who is not interested in GUNDAM, Saori-senpai(゜∇゜), and Mafuyu(^q^), I went there together (´_ゝ`)ノ





(゜∇゜) (^q^) GUNDAM


(´_ゝ`)ノ There are so many people although it is a daytime of a weekday! People from many countries are lining up!

Of course, you can enjoy alone, but there are various foods and drinks so you can force someone to come like I did…You can enjoy more if you come with someone because you can order and try more!





The glass of the café has many famous lyrics of GUNDAM series! We can enjoy even in a line up!





As GUNDAM Café is open all year, when we went there, Iron-Blooded Orphans Fair, or “Tekkadan, again Fair”, was held! It said, “We are back!!”.






In the café, you can eat the foods that appeared in the story, foods and drinks made with an impression of the work and the characters, and other various Iron-Blooded Orphans foods!


During the fair, the first half and the second half as well as each café has a different menu. The menu on the second half at Akihabara shop that we went was like this!





This is the menu of foods and desserts such as Tekkadan’s foods, Tekketsu-meshi.





There are drinks made with an impression of the story, coffee late with characters’ decorations. They sell alcohol drinks too.





You can order a combo, by ordering a petit glass which is randomly selected.

If you order a special fair drink, you will get an original coaster! This is also randomly selected, so we feel like challenging more and more until our favorite characters are selected!







If we go to the café…Amuro Ray’s voice narration and theme songs which have been used in GUNDAM series so far were played!

The female staff  was wonderful in the costume of The Earth Federation Force! Very exciting. +゚(o(。・д・。) o). +゚





In the shop, Iron-Blooded Orphans’ panel and goods, as well as GUNPLA, were exhibited!





(^q^) Orphans latte came! There are Orga, Mikazuki, and Eugene!

(´_ゝ`) Good looking!





(´_ゝ`)Who are on our coasters….nervous…




You are…Vi…Vidar-san!!!



Yay! \(^o^)/

Actually, I am a fan of Gae…no, Vidar! I want him to work harder!



Well, foods were delivered next!


Saori-senpai(゜∇゜) ordered Atra’s special supper soup for maintenance crew”! I want Mikazuki to eat this. (´_ゝ`)



This soup contains animal meat (chicken) which Mikazuki and Yamagi don’t like.





Next, what Saori-senpai (゜∇゜) ordered is “with kindness and longing”.





Mikazuki’s kindness and Mars palms (dates) came together.






(゜∇゜) What is this yellow one?

(´_ゝ`) It is a food called Polenta made from corns. In Mars, we grow corns, Is it tasty?

(゜∇゜) I can taste the flavor of the ingredient…




Aoi(´_ゝ`) ordered “the Uno family’s foods”!




(´_ゝ`) Gentle taste… Takaki, please go along and live with Fuuka…






Mafuyu(^q^) ordered “Lupus Burger” with an impression of Gundam Barbatos Lupus!





It is still Lupus…the food looks strong…! The bread is red and looks nice!

I think the right fried one (fried shrimp) was made with an impression of a weapon that Barbatos is smashing and attacking!






(´_ゝ`) Do you like it?

(^q^) Yes, it is tasty! Such a big amount to make me full! I want to try more until my favorite characters’ petit glasses and coasters are selected, but ‘food fight’ and ‘drink fight’ will be tough… 




We got full and said goodbye to GUNDAM Café!


The normal foods are also good, so please try to come to GUNDAM Café when you are in Akihabara!





The next place we are heading to is GUNPLAEXPO world tour Japan 2016 Winter! We moved individually from here!





This is an event venue to exhibit new items of “Iron-Blooded Orphans”, “THE ORIGIN” and “BUILD FIGHTERS” series etc., sold items such as HG, RG, RE/100, MG, PG, BB warriors, Figure-Rise Bust!


What is this…(´_ゝ`)





This is Barbatos’s sword, Sword Mace!!!! (Bastard Sword-formed Mace)





It is too big and cannot fit in a photo...(´_ゝ`)





The venue is fully decorated into the GUNPLA world! So many GUNPLA figures were exhibited.





As “GUNPLA BUILDERS WORLD CUP 2016” was held then, there was a public voting for the final review of Japan Contest too!





There are many kinds of GUNPLA. GUNPLA is free and infinite! (´_ゝ`)ノ




In Akihabara, besides GUNDAM, there are various works’ exhibitions and ‘only shops’ so you better check with details and enjoy more!


I have not studied anything else other than GUNDAM, but I happened to meet this unexpectedly! Yay!





Well, if you are going to Akihabara, please do not forget to check GUNDAM Café!


See you again!(´_ゝ`)ノ




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