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~Full of anime advertisements in town!~




Mafuyu(^q^): Hi, our friends. It’s Mafuyu from Otaku Republic!



Aoi( ´_ゝ`): Hi, our friends. It’s Aoi from Otaku Republic!



Mafuyu(^q^): Today is the very first day of  Comiket 90 on August 12th! Mafuyu is heading for the venue right now!★



Aoi( ´_ゝ`): Mafuyu, good luck~






Mafuyu ( ◠‿◠ ): I’m just gonna ignore Aoi, who’s sneaking out and playing the game. And I’ll try hard on sending so much information so that all our friends who always visit Otaku Republic can enjoy them!



★★Today is the first day of Comiket! Speaking of Comiket...★★




Trucks with illustrations of anime!!!!






Mm? I bet some of you might be wondering why there are trucks in Comiket...



This is a truck owned by Cellphone Company, which provide us with electric wave!



In Comiket there are some problems, in which some people cannot use their cellphones since there are too many people together in a small space. This truck prevents us from having those problems.



So today, thinking about those trucks!


We will feature on some trucks or trains which have anime’s advertisement, seen in town of Japan٩( 'ω' )و



Walking in town of Japan...









We sometimes see trucks running, which have anime’s illustrations on the side, like the picture above.

We can see them especially in the center of Tokyo such as Shinjuku, Shibuya or Yokohama.



These are called the advertisement trucks (Ad-Truck) and not only the ones with illustrations but some of them also play anime’s main theme songs or character songs too.



I got so excited when I happened to see a Love Live! Sunshine!!’s truck the other day!





They are all so cuuuuuute~(*´﹃`*)

Even though Mafuyu (I) never exercises, she ran towards the train just to take a picture!



◆◇Here’s comes next one◇◆



It’s a building advertisement of the store or some buildings.






Some stores sell anime goods, collaborating with anime works, and the displays of such stores are illustrations of anime★



Also, in some stores selling anime related items, we can see elevators or stairs with illustrations of anime too!









I get excited about the anime store itself but its elevator or stairs have some anime illustrations???

It’s a dream-like store, huh?!!!!!



◆◇Here comes the next one◇◆



The advertisement in the station.

We sometimes see some anime advertisements in the platform or in the area of the station.









Look at this advertisement of IDOLiSH7! It looks normal in the first sight but...






Take a close look at it...






They’ve got something!? (*゚O)ノ



Guess what?!!! These are button badges!!

They distribute button badges for free through the advertisement.



After everybody took those button badges...






The picture drawn in the back will show up! Awesome!!


Yep, we have such a playful advertisement like this too!



And, speaking of the station, how about the train?! We sometimes see the train with anime illustrations.









Ahhhh... they are kneeling down on the ground... \(゜□゜*)/



This Love Live!’s train was also seen in Shanghai, China too.

Yes, μ's is the idols that are flapping in the whole world, huh? ☆



Now, the girls’ youth anime, Love Live! Sunshine!!, in which some girls, adoring μ's, became idols, is now on air!


\Don’t miss it out! ♡/





Like this, we can see anime advertisement in so many places in town such as stores or stations in Japan~

We get excited just by watching them, huh?!



Of course, I go see my favorite anime advertisement on stores or trains too!











So, you guys, when you have a chance to come to Japan, try to find the anime advertisements too!!



Aoi( ´_ゝ`): We get excited just by watching the anime advertisements, right? I was so happy when I saw the advertisement of Fafner in the Azure too~






Mafuyu(^q^): Whoa! It’s my first time to see the advertisement of Fafner in the Azure but it’s so huge and cool!★



Aoi( ´_ゝ`): I happened to see it in Ikebukuro Station♪

But I was so surprised to see the button badges’ advertisement of IDOLiSH7, which you shared with us~.


I’ve seen the one in which passers-by smash 100,000 slimes, which were put on the advertisement. That kind of experience-type advertisement is so novel and interesting, isn’t it?






Mafuyu(^q^): Yeahhhh~ I know that one! It became so popular, didn’t it? I was so amazed that there were such interesting advertisements at that time!



Aoi( ´_ゝ`): I get excited to see the regular advertisement, so the experience-type ones are dream-like ones, you know?!



Mafuyu(^q^): That’s right~ I’ve never saw those kind of advertisement yet, so I really want to see it sometime~.

For instance, I want the one, in which Tokiya will jump out♡♡




Aoi( ´_ゝ`): I don’t think it’s possible...



Mafuyuヽ(゚`Д´゚)ノ゚。: Ehhh.... Aoi is a little cold to me~~~~...






I’m okay though! That’s Mafuyu, you know?! We’ll try to share fun information with you guys, so don’t miss out anything, okay?★

It’s Aoi’s turn next week~ Look forward to it!



M&A*・ω・)ノ*・ω・)ノ: Sayonara~



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