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Mafuyu(^q^): Hi, our friends. It’s Mafuyu from Otaku Republic!



Aoi( ´_ゝ`): Hi, our friends. It’s Aoi from Otaku Republic!



Mafuyu(^q^): It’s summer in Japan! Speaking of summer... it’s Natsu-Fes (summer festival)!!






Aoi( ´_ゝ`): Fireworks!!






Mafuyu(^q^)(^q^)(^q^): Aaaand♡

Paaaaaaasionate love which is just as hot as summer!





Aoi ( ◠‿◠ ):……………。





Mafuyu ( ゚Å゚;): Gyaaaaa!!!! Aoi’s attacking me without saying anything~~~~~~~~ But it’s okay! We have an item that can make our (girls) dreams come true!!!!



Today, I’ll share such a dream-like item in Otome Game, DYNAMIC CHORD which I’ve been into now with you guys☆







It’s a game that Mafuyu loves.... loves so much that she bought the 18 same games just to get the purchase bonus at the store!!!





Oops, that’s not an explanation at all, huh?... Sorry.... (。>д<。)



In short!!!

It’s a game where you get in love with a band member, who belongs to DYNAMIC CHORD ( ´∀` )



There are four band groups in total, which belong to DYNAMIC CHORD!


You can buy each band group’s game separately☆


Here’s my first recommendation!



・High School Student Band “rêve parfait







Love Game, where you get in love with high school band members who aim at making their major debut☆



The main character (player) used to be a childhood friend and a girlfriend of the vocal of rêve parfait, Kashii Reon. But one day, they stopped liking each other, never even talking with each other at all, due to one incident...



But when they went on to the second grade of high school, they happened to be in the same class. They started recovering their relationship through the band, aiming at making their major debut by the main character’s support as a manager.



Of course, not only Kashii Reon,


you can also get in love with the other three members: Reon’s older brother, Kashii Aki, who cannot love girls due to his parents’ divorce, Aki’s best friend, Tsukinohara Kuon, who cannot break off the relationship with his ex-girlfriend and one year younger member, Momose Tsumugi, who cannot love one girl steadily due to betrayal from his friend☆



Since each member has a dark side in himself, it’s kind of hard for them to fall in love with you. You feel a sense of accomplishment when you finally make it though ( ๑`・ω・´)



One of the points here is to be able to experience love in campus since they are not professional band yet and spend more time at school than at studio as band members!



Plus, the main character and Reon and Aki are childhood friends and the main character and Kuon are friends since junior high school♪

It’s one of the attractions in which you can be in love with your childhood friend, which is one of the ideal for girls. (〃ω〃)



To me though, I love Reon becoming too honest and shy to be kind to the main character even though he has actually loved the main character for a long time. He’s so cute!!! You should try this too!!!



Tsundere is Justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


※"tsundere" is a term used to describe girls that are cold and strict at first or in public, but becomes all lovey-dovey when they are alone together.



※You can do fireworks with these boys in this game, by the way☆



Here comes the next band.



・College Student Band “Liar-S









This is a band group that Hinoyama Sakura that I recommend belongs to. ε('-'*)з



The main character (player) is a well-off girl who has never loved anybody and doesn’t know much of the world.

She decided to go on to a college that she wanted to go, instead of the sister-college that her parents wanted her to go, hating herself having a pre-arranged life by her parents.


One day, she was attracted by the performance by the band, S-leeper, which was the former name of Liar-S in the concert hall which her college student brought her to.



But! The singing voice was totally different than before...



This is a story where the main character who felt the difference in their singing, supports the members, solving members’ troubles, so that they can perform wonderful singing!



Hinoyama Sakura is a vocal who cannot enjoy singing like before.


Suzuno Chiya is a guitarist and a composer, who never tries to be involved with her, saying “I’d never listen to amateur’s ideas”.


Yuisaki Seri is a drummer who she has known before and is kind... but has another side in himeslef.


Haruna Soutarou is a bassist who loves both men and women due to his background.



This is an illustration that is shown in the story of Yuisaki Seri...

Look! This lascivious smile as if he is conspiring something...



※Since Seri’s story is quite shocking, I recommend that you should play it in the end.





Liar-S is the one where so many boys, who seem to be hard to deal with, are appeared!

But I bet most of you will be attracted by the gap since they are actually so kind once they open the mind. (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ω˂̣̣̥)੭ु⁾⁾



Especially, I love the vocal, Hinoyama Sakura


Sakura, whose habit is to say “woozy”, has so many kinds of expressions that he shows only to the main character: He looks so happy about going on a date with the main character or he looks so happy eating food that the main character makes. That’s Sakura’s attraction!!!



That will definitely stimulate your maternal instinct!!!!!!!







※You can go to “Natsu-Fes” that I mentioned at the beginning in this game! ☆



This is the next band group.



・10-Year-Career Adult Band “KYOHSO







The main character entered the music office (Record Production Company), “DYNAMIC CHORD” right after she graduated from college since she wanted to work on something related with music.



One day, when she was casually looking at KYOHSO’s members who came out from the president room, the vocal of KYOHSO, Kisaka Yorito, talked to her and asked her if she wanted to be a manager of KYOHSO all the sudden. Then she ended up becoming the manager!!!



This is a story where she’s falling love with the member as she spends time with them as a manager. (*´ω`*)



Here are the four members.



The vocal, Kisaka Yorito is lazy and a moody person.


The guitarist, Hanabusa Tokiharu is talented and optimist but has a tough experience before.


The bassist, Kuroya Yu is a hard-working man who is stubborn and never slacks off his practice.


The drummer, Sumiya Shinomune is compassionate unlike his unapproachable looks.



Shinomune was the character who wasn’t available for working with but he finally became available from the game sold today (July 29th)!!!!



Shinomune used to have a girlfriend as a setting-up in the former game.

That means.... it’s a stolen love?????



I just cannot wait for this since I have no idea what it’s gonna be like...!!!



Unlike rêve parfait and Liar-S, this is the one where we can enjoy loving the professional band members. It’s the big point of recommendation. (*∩ω∩)



They treat delicious alcohol and they take us cruising...!!!

We can be comfortable playing this game since they lead us not only for work but also for private life...!!





This is the last group.



・Student-Adult Members Band “apple-polisher








For this band group, only the drama CD was released and the game will be released in October.



This is going to be a love story where the main character, who has been working on music, and the band members, who have also been aiming at music career, love each other. ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶



Amagi Narumi (NaL) is a vocal who loves the girl who is his first love steadily.


Otoishi Yusei (Toi) is a drummer who loves girls who are honest and can say anything that they think in their mind.


Aoi Yuki (UK) is a little ironic but devotes himself into composing with his passionate mind toward music.


Kurosawa Shinobu (Kuro) is a bassist, who is a leader of this band and has leadership and always stays calm.



What are their unique members’ love going to be like???





Aoi( ´_ゝ`): I see... it’s an awesome game! We can be in love with them in various situations since each member is different in different ways like their age or career.



Mafuyu(^q^): That’s true. There will be 16 members from four band groups so we can enjoy many kinds of love in the game.

They also released their drama CDs too. If you want to see their relationship beyond the band group, you should check them out too!!



For instance, the songs made with each member mixed from each group are also being sold too.






Aoi( ´_ゝ`): I thought the hottest thing right now is the idol since we have many idol summer anime such as B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious or Tsukiuta. But look at these here! Love Game looks so hot too!



  http://www.animatetimes.com/                     http://www.movic.jp/shop/g/g02672-00602-00006/


Mafuyu(^q^): I’m glad you seem to understand it now!!! Fireworks, Natsu-Fes and cruising!!! DYNMIC CHORD is a game full of fun stuff!

Why don’t you play it this summer?☆

Alright now, this is all for today. It’s going to be Aoi’s turn next week. Look forward to it~



M&A*・ω・)ノ*・ω・)ノ: Sayonara~



Congrats!!! 10th updated Anniversary of Aoi & Mafuyu TIMES




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