How to choose a button badge


~Let’s make our own Ita-Bag! Introduction~

How to choose a button badge



Mafuyu(^q^) “Hi, our friends. It’s Mafuyu from Otaku Republic!



Aoi( ´_ゝ`) “Hi, our friends. It’s Aoi from Otaku Republic!



Mafuyu(^q^) “Here’s a question! We always use button badges for the Ita-Bag but...

What kind of badge do we have?



Aoi( ´_ゝ`) “What are you talking about all the sudden...? His face is scary too( ̄_ ̄ i)



Mafuyu(^q^) “You know, Agasa Hakase appearing in anime, Meitantei Conan (Case Closed), often gives Conan and his friends quiz, right? I just copied him♪



Aoi( ´_ゝ`) “Seriously...? I’m confused if you start copying somebody all the sudden. Then? What’s the answer of the quiz?



Mafuyu(^q^) “I’ll give you the answer in the article...☆



So today, I’ll share some information about how to choose the button badges, which are the main goods when we make the Ita-Bag!




◆◆Types of Badges◆◆




★Normal Round Button badge

★Square-Shape Button badge

★Heart-Shape Button badge

★Felt-Material Badge

★Acrylic Badge





There are this many kinds of badges actually!!!!



Even though there aren’t any of these in the pictures above,



we also have button badges whose corners are a little round,



or long-round-square-shape button badges too.



They are all lovely with so many types...





To make the Ita-Bag...


“Which part of the bag can I put on?”



“It doesn’t look well-balanced if we put different-shaped button badges ...”



We always have these kinds of concerns. (*'へ'*)


So, here’s how I line up.




◆◆How to line up button badges




★Point1:Line up the same-sized button badges close to each other!



Look at this picture!



Ita-Bag, which I lined up with different size or shape of button badges





Ita-Bag, which I lined up with the same size or shape of button badges





They totally look different even though I use the same button badges, right?


If you line up the same shape and size of the button badges as much as possible, you are able to make prettier Ita-Bag





★Point2:Arrange the button badges with well-balanced.



Ita-Bag whose button badges are left-right symmetry





Even if we put the different size of shape of button badges, the Ita-Bag will look very pretty as long as it is left and right symmetry



Also, look at this Ita-Bag! I put the button badges of Cecil Aijima, Natsuki Shinomiya, Otoya Ittoki, Masato Hijirikawa and other four characters, appearing in Uta no Prince-Sama.



Like this, if you put different characters’ goods on one bag, try to put the same kind of button badges as you can, which looks prettier with a sense of unity☆



Even though I used two characters’ goods when I shared the one with you guys in Vol.02 on Aoi & Mafuyu TIMES, they were many button badges with the same kinds, which makes it unity♪






Let me compare...



Ita-Bag with the different kinds of goods.





Ita-Bag with the same kinds of goods.




We can see the unity if it has the same kinds of goods, can’t we? ☆





★Point3:Line up the button badges so that the pattern’s side will face the same direction!



Take a look at this Ita-Bag.





Ita-Bag has some Ichimatsu’s button badges but the direction that the pattern’s facing is almost the same, isn’t it?



Even though it might be hard to do, depending on what kind of patterns the button badge has but try to arrange it well-balanced and make it prettier(з゚∀゚)з



※About the direction of the pattern of the button badges, just try to arrange it to the same direction as much as possible!★ But if you really want to put your favorite button badge, you can just put them no matter what! That’s how I think.




Aoi( ´_ゝ`) “I  see... We can just put the button badge! That’s what I was thinking but we need some devises regarding the direction of the patterns or the sizes...


Mafuyu(^q^) “That’s right. But it’s the best for you to put your favorite button badges, okay?

Here’s how it looks♪





Aoi( ´_ゝ`) “Ahhh.... well, Ahhh..




Mafuyu(^q^) “_l⌒l0 Don’t make that kind of face.... Next time, Aoi will share some of the information, which can make our friends smile with you guys...!!!!

So please look forward to the next week as well~♪



M&A*・ω・)ノ*・ω・)ノ “Sayonara~





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