【Coupling Column】 Vol.66 Biohazard (Resident Evil)


●Chris Redfield x Piers Nivans

The relationship between these two could be described as an extremely competent superior and subordinate. Their strong relationship is depicted in Biohazard 6!
Chris Redfield is often the protagonist or a major character in the Biohazard (Resident Evil) series! He has been a part of various organizations, but essentially aims to resolve incidents caused by mutants (B.O.W. / Bio Organic Weapon). He has a very strong physique and a sense of justice, but sometimes takes hasty actions to prevent situations from becoming disasters......

●Chris Redfield

And Piers Nivans is the excellent subordinate who supports Chris! He is a master sniper and joined the current unit at Chris's invitation, placing great trust in Chris. He also has a strong sense of justice and can be inflexible, but he has a very straightforward personality.

●Piers Nivans

The reason for the popularity of these two is all depicted in Biohazard 6. And what fate awaits them......

●Jack Krauser x Leon S Kennedy

These two were once comrades in the same unit, but now...... they are adversaries battling over a virus.

●Jack Krauser


●Leon S Kennedy

Many people know about their relationship as enemies clashing in Biohazard 4. However, it is revealed in the side story, RESIDENT EVIL THE DARKSIDE CHRONICLES, that they were once in the same unit.
According to Leon, Krauser was once a respected superior, a proud warrior, and the person who taught him the basics of combat. On the other hand, Krauser still treats Leon, who was once his subordinate, as a rookie and points out that he is not up to his level...... but they both recognize that things have changed and that they each have considerable skills.

●Albert Wesker x Chris Redfield

Albert Wesker is, in a word, the biggest enemy in the Biohazard series. He is always working behind the scenes of incidents and rarely appears on the main stage, but......

●Albert Wesker

And these two were comrades in the same unit in Biohazard 1, infiltrating a mansion to investigate a shocking incident. In this setting, they had a superior-subordinate relationship, and Chris trusted Wesker. Wesker, too, for better or worse, highly valued Chris's abilities and believed 'Chris could make it this far.' The Biohazard series often features Chris thwarting Wesker's schemes. And although their conflict reached a resolution once......
Biohazard (Resident Evil)

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