【This Week's New BL Manga】The Silent Concubine, Kyuuai Releaser, Please Say Love Me!, and MORE!


【This Week's New BL Manga】The Silent Concubine, Kyuuai Releaser, Please Say Love Me!, and MORE!

●The Silent Concubine (愛も憎しみも沈黙の中で(1)) / BailiJunxi

A mute and beautiful slave, Shen Yu, is married off as a concubine to the notorious “tyrant,” the Prince of the North Commander, Jun Xuanxiao.
To protect his mother, Shen Yu hides his identity as a man and takes the place of the daughter of his mother's master. The innocent and sincere Shen Yu serves Jun Xuanxiao diligently, and Jun Xuanxiao begins to be drawn to Shen Yu's earnestness. However, the queen will not sit idly by and starts plotting to reveal Shen Yu's true identity......!
From overseas! A beautiful Chinese fantasy set in an ancient Chinese royal palace, full of love, obsession, and jealousy!

●Kyuuai Releaser (求愛リリーサー) / Setsu

In a world where humans and beastmen coexist. Toroi, a white tiger beastman, is an assistant professor in the beastman research lab. Homare, a human youth who came to help in the lab through a professor's acquaintance, is bright and cheerful, quickly getting along with the lab members. Toroi keeps a bit of distance while watching over Homare, being somewhat overprotective.
By chance or fate. In reality, Toroi has a past of hurting Homare, making their interactions awkward. However, Homare doesn't mind at all and keeps getting closer......!?

●Please Say Love Me! (プリーズ セイ ラブミー!) / Noda Nonda

Determined to make the man who won’t say he loves him turn around!
Mizuki Takasaki, a miraculous high school student loved by everyone he meets since birth. However, his childhood friend Reo not only showed indifference when they first met but also shows no signs of familiarity or affection. Determined to make Reo say “I love you,” Mizuki finally takes drastic measures......!

●Chiguhagu Happiness (ちぐはぐハピネス) / Nanashima Natsu

Nao Kiriya was set to meet an older man he met on a social app after work. Heading to the meeting spot, he finds a man with the tote bag he was told to look for and calls out to him. They enter a café, and as Nao reintroduces himself, Ryota Yoshino reveals that he's actually a 20-year-old college student—......?
They weren't supposed to meet? A mismatched love story begins from this misunderstanding between the two.

●Koi wo Shiru Ookami-sama (恋を知る狼様) / Umitomoshibi

A boy named You, whose eyes that can see mysterious things, has been raised as if he doesn't exist in society. Even as he grows, the influence of his eyes persists, and he ends up working as an attendant for Misazuki, a half-wolf descended from the wolf god, after being cast out from where he grew up. Despite Misazuki's aloof demeanor, You is grateful for being treated and allowed to live like a human for the first time and offers to provide further 'care'......
A pure love fantasy between a lonely boy and a god-like being of a different kind!

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