【JUNE BRIDE FES 2024】Scheduled for 6/30! Only the Popular Pairings that Won the Coupling Vote will Appear! A Special Exclusive Event is Coming!

Hello everyone~! This is Saori from Otaku Republic!
This time, I have an announcement about a new Doujinshi event! It's still a while away, but we've created an event page where you can make advance reservations, so let me explain what kind of Doujinshi event it is!

【JUNE BRIDE FES 2024】Scheduled for 6/30! Only the popular pairings that won the coupling vote will appear! A special exclusive event is coming!

Participating circles will only release Doujinshi for the decided pairings! This year's special JUNE BRIDE FES 2024 is happening again!

This newly launched Doujinshi event is a bit special!
Most large-scale Doujinshi events are all-genre Doujinshi events! When the event is held, you can apply with your favorite genre and pairing and distribute your Doujinshi.
But! The upcoming JUNE BRIDE FES is the 'opposite'! We will collect and decide the popularity of various pairings from various works through pre-voting, and then recruit circles that will distribute Doujinshi of those pairings!
Here are the pairings that won the popularity vote for the upcoming JUNE BRIDE FES 2024!
Gojou Satoru x Fushiguro Megumi
Rengoku Kyoujurou x Kamado Tanjirou
Koito Otonoshin x Tsukishima (Golden Kamuy)
Kuroo Tetsurou x Tsukishima Kei
Alhaitham x Kaveh
The event is still more than a month away, so there are few Doujinshi available for advance reservation, but more and more Doujinshi for various pairings are expected to be added in the future! Since it's an annual event, many circles are expected to participate this year as well, so be sure to check back once or twice a week!

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