【18TRIP】Let's Boost Future Yokohama as a Tourist Destination! The Highly Anticipated New App 18TRIP to be Released on 5/23 is...... a Tourism Production Simulation!?

Hello everyone. Today, I heard that an interesting simulation app is coming out this summer, so I want to feature it right away. I'm Boss from Otaku Republic.
Hello everyone~! I heard that the setting of the story is Yokohama, a place familiar to both me and Boss......! What kind of app is it? I can't wait to see~! I'm Saori from Otaku Republic!

[18TRIP] Let's Boost Future Yokohama as a Tourist Destination! The Highly Anticipated New App 18TRIP to be Released in Summer 2024 is...... a Tourism Production Simulation!?

Let's produce the future Yokohama “HAMA18 Ward” with the members of a tourism company!
Enjoy and fully promote the attractions of the tourist spots with your friends!

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It seems that this app called 18TRIP is a tourism production simulation! In the near future, Yokohama, which is currently famous as a tourist destination, has become a place with hardly any people and no excitement at all! The protagonist (player) is born in this future Yokohama, also known as “HAMA18 Ward”. The goal is to join a tourism production company specialized in “HAMA18 Ward” and make Yokohama a wonderful tourist destination again!

Morning, noon, evening, and night! Divided into four teams, develop and produce tourist spots that bring out the most charm of “HAMA18 Ward” in each time slot!

It seems that the characters appearing...... fellow travel company employees, will visit other real tourist destinations in Japan to get hints, and help develop and promote tourist spots that allow you to fully experience the charm of “HAMA18 Ward” in each time slot.
The planned SSR cards also depict scenes of Yokohama tourist spots such as Minato Mirai and Chinatown! It seems that the members of each team will also perform as promoters themselves, working to become part of Yokohama's charm!
The members are quite unique. I'm quite familiar with Yokohama as a tourist destination, but are there really that many spots to feature?
It might be good to learn that from 18TRIP! 18TRIP will not only feature Yokohama but also visit various tourist spots in Japan to get production hints, so just by playing, you might become well-versed in Japanese tourist destinations~!? Everyone, please be sure to check out 18TRIP, which will be released soon!

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