【SUPER COMIC CITY 31】Nearly 5,000 New Items Have Appeared! Are the Post-Event Highlights Coming!? The Lineup is still being Updated Today!

Hello everyone. It's all over now!! I guess the next event of this scale will be the summer Comiket, don't you think? That's what I feel, Boss from Otaku Republic.
Hello everyone~! Oh! That's a bit premature! SUPER COMIC CITY 31 has ended, but now is when the lineup increases the most! Nearly 5,000 new items have been released, so let's do a final check!

【SUPER COMIC CITY 31】Nearly 5,000 new items have appeared! Are the post-event highlights coming!? The number of items will increase the most! The lineup is still being updated today!

After the event, the doujinshi lineup has expanded more than before the event! At the large-scale doujinshi event just before summer, SUPER COMIC CITY 31, about 5,000 new items appeared!

About 5,000 is quite a lot. In our sense, if there are more than 3,000 new doujinshi items, it feels quite large-scale.
That's true! I have that impression too! In Japan, SUPER COMIC CITY 31 was held during a major holiday, and it seems that not only many circles but also many visitors came! Let's check which genres of doujinshi were particularly numerous~!
Check out the featured doujinshi genres released at SUPER COMIC CITY 31 here!
Gegege no Kitarou
Blue Lock
Failure Ninja Rantarou
Ensemble Stars!
Gundam series
Indeed, even after it ended, Gegege no Kitarou seems to have been exceptionally popular!
Yes, indeed! In Japan, the movie version has started streaming, and people who haven't seen it before are continuously checking out the movie, getting hooked on Gegege no Kitarou again...... a second wave is coming, so the summer is sure to be exciting!
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The reason why the lineup has increased so much is because the new books that were left over a bit at the event are rapidly becoming available for purchase! However, unlike before the event, it's not on a reservation basis, so they may sell out quickly...... In such cases, please try to make a request using one of the two methods to see if you can buy the sold-out doujinshi!
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We will continue to introduce more doujinshi events like this, so please check them out!

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