☆Ayami Times Vol.03☆ The new stage is on for the Touken Ranbu!



The new stage is on for the Touken Ranbu!  What is it all about....?



Hello everybody!  It’s Ayami from Otaku Republic~~(。・∀・)ノ゙



It’s been a little long time since the last Vol.2, hasn’t it? 

It’s already May as we realize! 

We see all the cherry blossoms fall and the green leaves are so bright here in Japan. (・ωー) ・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆



Oh, you know what? 

I just remember that I have a photo that I wanted to show you guys. ( ゚∀゚ )っ 

Let me see....  It should be right here...  (fumbling...)





Wh.....Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! Σ(゜□゜;)





No!!  This is not it!!  I showed you the wrong one!!  

This is what I wanted to show you guys.... ( ;∀;)





Let me start it up again!  Tadaaaa!!




Yep!  This is a picture taken when I was celebrated for my birthday by all the staff of Otaku Republic! 

The chocolate cake on the left is the one they got from the famous cake shop near our office.  The chocolate cream and a fluffy sponge were so delicious. ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚


And guess what!!  Mikazuki Munechika from Touken Ranbu is drawn on the roll cake on the right....!  It was too beautiful to eat. (´∀`。)





(`・ω・) I ate it after all though.

(Our Boss cut it nice as above.)



(  'ω') I did cut it❤



Now I did eat Mikazuki’s cake.... let me share news about Touken Ranbu with you on Ayami Times this week! ( ‘∇‘ )




◎The new stage is on for the Touken Ranbu!  What is it all about....?




1 . What is Touken Ranbu?





Touken Ranbu is the browser game where the swords’ characters that became humans’ figures appear. 

Since January 2015 when the service began, it has hit a huge boom especially among girls and women in Japan! (゚▽゚*) 


I showed more details about this game on Vol.1 of Ayami Times, so please check it out if you haven’t read it yet!







And guess what!  The new stage appeared on this Touken Ranbu updated at the end of April. (・ω・)  What in the world is this stage like....??




2. The new stage “Memory of Ikedaya”



According to the information from the Touken Ranbu’s operating team, in the new stage.....



Since the battle takes place in the night map, the status of the characters such as Tantou or Wakizashi get improved a lot, and they succeed even more.



You are able to avoid the arrows, guns and stones from the enemies.



You no longer have the effect of the ‘horse’ (the item that can increase the swiftness of the characters)




etc....!  Now, let me check them one by one. (・д・)





First, I’ll talk about Tantou or Wakizashi’s success! 

Even though we knew that the swords, which have low attacking power, such as Tantou or Wakizashi, get stronger in the night map.... due to this update, they get even more powerful only on the stage where the night battles take place! 



As Tantou and Wakizashi have low abilities of attack and defense, they get big damage right away, if we take them to the last stage of the game. (´・ω・`) 

But as you know, they are all charming, so I’m so glad that they have another chance to succeed!



And next, how about avoiding the arrows and stuff from the enemies? 


So far in Touken Ranbu, we are not able to avoid something like the arrows or stones that are thrown at us, and we get damaged, no matter if they’re the allies or the enemies. 


(If we want the best evaluation from the battle, we are supposed to have no damage. Since the enemies at the end of the game always give us damage as a preemptive attack, we were not able to get the highest evaluation on the high level’s stage.) 



But after this update, the higher the character’s ability of ‘Camouflage’ is, the higher possibility they are able to avoid the attack. L(゚□゚)」! 

The status of Camouflage are higher on characters such as Tantou or Wakizashi, you might want them in your team, right?






And lastly, It’s about the horse (the item you can get in the game) having no effect! 

The new stage, Memory of Ikedaya, is Kyoto, which is famous for sightseeing in Japan. 



Just like the real Kyoto, you can see the same towns and cities of Kyoto in the game too. 

That means, unlike the spacious stage which has fields and mountains, there are so many buildings and narrow roads!  

That makes horses unable to speed in such an environment, which leads you to lose the effect.... (・ω・;))






By the way, this is what Kyoto is like!







Kyoto seen from above.









“Ikedaya” which is a stage of the game is based on the accident that actually occurred in Japan in 1864. 

The accident that the “Shinsengumi” (like the present police) was involved with! 

There are many swords in Touken Ranbu, which used to be owned by those members of Shinsengumi. ( ゚▽゚)  For instance.....





沖田総司 Okita Souji

-☆Kashuu Kiyomitsu

-☆Yamato no Kami Yasusada


土方歳三 Hijikata Toshizou

-☆Horikawa Kunihiro

-☆Izumi no Kami Kanesada


近藤勇 Kondo Isami

-☆Nagasone Kotetsu 






These characters were made after the swords that the members of Shinsengumi used to have!





I gave you so much information but “Seeing is better than hearing”!  So, just give it a try on the new stage, Memory of Ikedaya! (★ゝω・)b






This is what the map is like.  It sure looks like Kyoto with all the straight streets.






Even though I had heard that Tantou and Wakizashi would get stronger... 

I wasn’t that confident so I decided to take Otegine (Yari) at the first battle. (He is high in status and is able to give damage to the enemy with 100%, so it’s reassuring.) 

And here is the result of the battle at the first square of the map!





(`・ω) Tantou・Wakizashi are super strong.



Even though Namazuo (the left bottom on the picture) is getting damage.... still, the result of the party only with Tantou and Wakizashi is amazing! 

They completely destroyed their enemy!







Yagen Toushirou (at the bottom of the picture) got the MVP. (*・ω・) 

He looks small but what he does and says are full of manly spirits, and he is my favorite character! 

You’re cool, brother!  He’s been getting a lot of experience points too!  Way to go!






The second square where they were elated at the victory.






Otegine kun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Σ(゜□゜;)



Do you know what happened....?  Otegine kun, who is the second one from the top in the picture, already got damaged at the second battle and he could no longer fight with the enemy. 

If we keep going to the next square, we will surely be destroyed and lose him.... 

Maybe we should just withdraw this time. (´・ω・´・ω・´・ω・`)








After that, I tried to challenge Memory of Ikedaya a couple times, making my team only with Tantou and Wakizashi’s types of characters.





( 。’ω’) I can never get to the goal.





The colored squares are where I’ve been so far. 

If we defeat a boss who appears on the square of the top left corner, we can clear this stage..... but like the first battle, the character got damaged so bad in the middle of the battle and had to withdraw... and that happens again and again. 

I ended up not being able to see the boss yet. (´-ω-`) 


It’s been already a week since the new stage appeared, I wonder if I can clear the Memory of Ikedaya.....?

I’ll let you guys know if I can make it, okay? ( ^-^)ノ








↓The arrow that the enemy shot.... 

Members of my team could avoid it perfectly. 

That was so cool!  I can’t wait to take Tantou or Wakizashi into battle!





Well now, it’s time to say good bye to you guys! 

I’ll see you at the next Ayami Times~~!



See you! (●・ω・)ノ★。、::。.::・’゜

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